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The foundation of your IT infrastructure is dedicated servers. Any IT solution would be incomplete without them. Take advantage of an environment dedicated only to your company’s software and applications. With our huge assortment of resources, you may completely configure the hardware on your server. Only a mouse click separates you from performance, power, and flexibility.

Nimble, friendly, and affordable MySQL dedicate hosting

Managed MySQL Dedicated Hosting provides an unrivalled level of service quality, technical experience, and unique solutions, allowing you to focus on your company while we take care of your server. MySQL is a relational database management system (DBMS) based on the Structured Query Language that is the most popular and widely used (SQL). Our skilled support staff will take care of all server-related tasks, including initial setup, maintenance, and proactive monitoring, and will provide you with the services you require.

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    Hosting Services That Are Managed

    Let Go4hosting handle your hosting infrastructure, so you can focus on expanding your business. We handle anything from managed high-performance hosting to bespoke application clusters. We’ll work with you, design your solution, move your data, maintain your infrastructure, and assist you in expanding your company.

    Server Clusters with High Availability

    With our high availability server cluster, you can quickly scale your business while maintaining 100 percent uptime. Our Server Clusters range in size from 2 to 100 servers and are custom-built to meet your application’s requirements.

    We can provide a fully managed High-Availability Cluster with Load-Balancing for the most demanding mission-critical applications thanks to our ten global locations.

    Controlling MySQL Backups

    We can assist you with MySQL backup management that isn’t working properly. In our dedicated hosting plan, you’ll have access to free backups. Backups can be scheduled or performed on-demand at any time. With a single click, you can restore MySQL backups and automate the procedures necessary to get your server back up and running. For further protection, you may make backups that are entirely encrypted.

    MySQL Servers with Powerful Specialized Functions

    Our dedicated MySQL server hosting offers high-performance and efficient MySQL servers with a lot of features. They’re made to help you create a powerful MySQL platform for your organization that takes use of all the database’s capabilities while also improving speed. These servers are strong and powerful, and they will automatically fail over to the most recent standby, allowing database operations to resume quickly and without administrative intervention.

    MySQL’s maintenance assistance is available for free.

    With our managed hosting, we provide free MySQL optimization help. We optimize MySQL performance by combining hardware and software. The four primary hardware resources are balanced and scalable. MySQL is continually updated. We employ automated performance enhancement techniques and regularly tweak our database. We may also assist with query and index optimization.

    Cost Savings on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

    Are you worried about your cloud hosting provider’s unpredictably large bills? We specialize in lowering cloud hosting costs by up to 80% and increasing performance by up to 200 percent. We’ll provide you with a free architectural consultation, build a bespoke solution, assist you with data migration, and manage your apps, so you can concentrate on developing your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Managed MySQL Dedicated Server Hosting

    Along with the management of hardware and network concerns, we handle all areas of server administration with Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. It offers technical knowledge and sophisticated support for security, updates, optimization, and proactive monitoring, allowing you to concentrate on your application and developing your business.

    We continue to maintain the hardware and network components of your server with a Self-managed Dedicated Server, while the rest is handled by your in-house IT professionals.

    SQL is a database query language, while MySQL is an open-source database. SQL is used to access, update, and manage data in a database, whereas MySQL allows users to organize the data in a database.

    MySQL is widely used in social networks, retail websites, SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications, and government applications because of its outstanding specialty in OLTP (online transaction processing) transactions. MySQL is used by the vast majority of website servers today.


    To avoid latency issues between your database and your application, it’s best to host MySQL through the same cloud service provider you use for your website or application hosting, and to set up your master MySQL server in the same region. It is the go-to cloud provider for organizations running on a Microsoft infrastructure, and is commonly used by organizations leveraging Amazon products. Go4hosting MySQL hosting is compatible with both AWS and Azure. In addition to Azure and AWS, Go4hosting MySQL may be hosted on Google Cloud Platform and DigitalOcean if you prefer those hosting providers.

    Databases are needed to store, retrieve, and gather data from websites and apps that provide dynamic content or collect information from users. Your database must be hosted on a server in order for this information to be available. MySQL hosting is an excellent choice since it is a free open source database that can be readily hosted in the cloud on high-performance dedicated servers.

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