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    MediaWiki is an open-source software used by businesses to power their wiki websites, including Wikipedia, MediaWiki Commons, and Wiktionary. The package is written in PHP programming language and is used in various projects running on multiple websites. The philosophy underlying MediaWiki hosting is not protecting the data but to keep it as open as possible. This will especially benefit websites that are planning to open community resource, or educational website that will grant access to millions of users without capping access. Almost any hosting can support MediaWiki, but not many of them offer quality performance desired from a server. If you run a business with a need to setup a wiki project, MediaWiki should be your go-to. Built on PHP, many stick to MediaWiki Hosting because it is easy to use and the design is minimalist. That the data is open to be viewed does not at all mean the website is unsafe. Go4hosting’s MediaWiki hosting ensures the same level of security that we provide to any other hosting.

    MediaWiki Website Hosting – Key Features

    Easy Deployment, trouble-free set-up and Configuration
    Free Backups
    Offered as top up with Dedicated Hosting
    Immense Bandwidth
    Uncapped Data Transfer
    99.95% Guaranteed Uptime
    Updated Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

    Why Your Business Needs MediaWiki Website Hosting?

    The software is deployed by organizations as an internal knowledge management tool to facilitate fast and safe running of their websites. Some of the educational institutions use MediaWiki hosting to collaboratively work for their group projects.

    This enables businesses of all sizes to easily and efficiently manage their tasks while managing website content. It has an API that provides high level of direct control to the database. The API is intuitive and the underpinning applications run without hassles. The application further allows you to achieve scalability via caching and database replication.

    Mediawiki Hosting has been deployed by enterprises as internal knowledge management tool to allow facilitate smooth and safe running of business website. Some multinational corporations and educational institutions have utilized Mediawiki Hosting to collaborate on group projects.

    Mediawiki enables dissent businesses to effectively manage tasks while managing website contents. The API is intuitive and the underpinning applications run without hassles. Database caching and replication further allows the administrators to achieve scalability that no other application hosting can achieve. With additional plugins you can also link your MediaWiki to load database from a cloud server.

    It endorses a powerful markup syntax that is comprehensible to both humans and the program running it.

    The software is deployed by organizations as an internal knowledge management tool to facilitate fast and safe running of their websites. Some of the educational institutions use MediaWiki package to collaboratively work for their group projects.

    MediaWiki Hosting – Benefits

    Automatic Resizing

    MediaWiki hosting allows automatic resizing of pictures in almost all formats. It achieves so using libgd or ImageMagick. A simple syntax runs for captions and allows for easy alignment of images.

    Editing Interface

    MediaWiki application helps you edit only sub-sections and sections of a webpage, without having to load the entire article over and over again. Changes are much easier to make; you can run spellcheck and correct spelling, or grammar while adding content to your website.


    MediaWiki hosting supports the software that maintains the watchlists to track what changes have been made to various interesting articles. A notifier instantly notifies as soon as a change is made, enabling instant feedback from site visitors, easing tracking consumer behavioural pattern.


    MediaWiki performs navigation through internal wikilinks, also simultaneously detecting page existence. Links that appear blue are those for which the target page exists already, and red when the target page does not exist at all. This colour-coding intrigues users to take actions and create pages that are not already created.


    The users can custom-make text blocks using MediaWiki website software. The blocks can then be loaded elsewhere by following certain syntax function, which can be later moved to its own Template namespace. Different MediaWiki hosts offer different templates with their MediaWiki hosting plan – the expensive ones will feature more template design.

    MediaWiki Hosting Services FAQ

    MediaWiki is an open-source application that powers Wikipedia. It is supported in almost every hosting. Built in PHP, it is one of the most robust tools that exist for collaborations. This wiki engine remains in use on Wikipedia and almost every other wiki site.

    Originally developed by Magnus Manske and later improved by Lee D. Crocker, its development since has been synchronized by the MediaWiki foundation. Like any other PHP programming language, it stores all its content into a database. Because the tool is light, easy-to-use and minimalist, it is efficient for handling large projects of size in terabytes, MediaWiki hosting is the preferred hosting type for the majority.

    Content management system – that is extraneous with most hosts – is intrinsic to MediaWiki hosting. Besides its use on collaborative sites, its most revered use is as CMS (content management system) and knowledge management platform.

    First off, MediaWiki is light-weight and open-source platform and offers enough control to do a majority of tasks with ease. The plethora of extensions available for MediaWiki eases task complexities by providing an easy-to-use platform. For websites who want a community forum or a knowledge base, MediaWiki hosting is imperative. The Watchlist it offers – to track changes on an article – is just the right tool needed to monitor the quality of content. Ever since its development, it has had an active volunteer community for its development and maintenance. The community runs every new release of the application and subsequently test & eliminate bugs before releasing it for the public. Thus, all technical glitches have been long removed from MediaWiki. Every update is almost 100% bug-free.

    Additionally, with host like go4hosting, you get the benefits of easy deployment and configuration, along with free server backups and high bandwidth.

    The ideology behind the creation of MediaWiki was to facilitate knowledge distribution, and not to protect data or create a CMS. The knowledge-base or the forum configured with your MediaWiki is open to be viewed, and if the option is enabled, can also be edited by the visitors. MediaWiki hosting can be the most useful when you want to run a collaborative assignment with two or more people. If security is a prime concern, MediaWiki hosting will not provide integration as tight as any other hosting. But a certain level of read/write access can be granted or denied from the page. Also, the list of security flaws prevailing in MediaWiki is available. Developers can test-run extensions and gauge how their programs stack against known security threats. There are other providers, like go4hosting, who integrate every basic and some advanced tools with their MediaWiki hosting plans.

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