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Go4hosting India offers you a high-performing fully managed MongoDB server to boost the speed of your website. Go with our turbo boost VPS that gets you up to 20X faster page loading as compared to competing MongoDB hosting providers. Each web hosting solution is finely tuned to meet your expectations in the best possible way. 

MongoDB hosting service with advanced security and easy to use data browser

We allow durable MongoDB servers with guaranteed availability and cloud automation. All plans include SSL without any additional cost to ensure the optimized security of the website. You will also get unlimited backups and easy backup restores. For resolving your issues, our in-house team of experts is available round the clock.

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    Advanced Security

    Our dedicated plans include SSL without any additional cost and allow custom firewalls. We also provide VPC peering for improving the security of the server.

    Cloud Automation

    We offer on-demand provisioning on all major clouds. You will get seamless, zero downtime scaling and high performance via auto-failover on all the plans.

    Easy to Use Data Browser

    Get an integrated web graphical user interface for editing documents, running queries, and searching results in tabular format.

    Backup and Recovery

    Our dedicated plan comes with unlimited backups and free daily backup on other plans. Easily backup and restore data at your convenience.

    Analytics and Monitoring Tools

    Get continuous, round-the-clock monitoring with performance graphs and personalised alerting. Index and performance suggestions by Go4hosting query analyzer.

    Best in Class Relentless Support

    We offer thoughtful, timely advice to our clients via chat, email, and call. Our continuous support ensures improved server performance for maximum uptime.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Mongodb Hosting

    MongoDB is a nonrelational database structure (NoSQL) form of storing data that relies on Binary JSON (BSON) for storing and accessing information. It is one of the most popular database structures in the world that takes a more object-oriented view towards data storage than SQL, enabling faster indexing and data retrieval.

    MongoDB is a highly versatile and efficient database structure thus can be used in situations like:


    • MongoDB can replace MySQL or similar databases to allow you the expansion of databases in the future.
    • MongoDB is useful in big data applications where you have to manage a large amount of data and draw conclusions.
    • MongoDB allows seamless data migration, using which you can easily shift to a new suitable environment.
    • MongoDB is easy to scale and allows fast indexing speed thus making an ideal setup for CMSs, CDNs, and big data applications.
    • MongoDB is seamlessly scalable thus it can be used by companies planning to expand and migrate data in the future.

    MongoDB server is scalable, offers fast indexing speeds, and a few more features like:


    • Complex Index Support: Enhanced your query performance.
    • Document Oriented Database: Ideal for saving hierarchical data.
    • MapReduce: Suitable for mass data processing and aggregation operations.
    • Dynamic Queries: Find the information using any MongoDB criteria.
    • Auto Sharding: Automatically balances and manages nodes failure without changing the application’s original code.


    If you are new to MongoDB then you have to set up a test environment. After setting a test environment you can start making queries similar to the SQL system. This time queries will be more readable and flexible than bulky SQL commands. Using queries that fit right in the Javascript programming, you can run the MongoDB server without any delay.

    Using highly efficient MongoDB servers offered by go4hosting, you can boost the speed of your website. Our MongoDB hosting allows you 99.9% uptime assurance with extended technical support. All our plans include free SSL and a custom firewall for enhanced data security. Moreover, you will get unlimited backups and easy backup restores. Our turbo boost VPS gets you up to twenty times faster page loading as compared to traditional servers. You will also get continuous monitoring with performance graphs and customized alerts. Grow your website with the index and performance suggestions by go4hosting query analyzer.

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