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Ensure reliable video streaming even during busy times by avoiding bandwidth congestion. You can scale Intel CPUs, bandwidth, storage, and RAM resources as needed with the workload-optimized gear from Go4hosting. Take a look at our solutions for video encoding and transcoding, which can handle the most demanding workloads.

Dedicated Streaming Servers at Their Finest

Dedicated servers are a must-have for today’s businesses, big or small. Almost everything in the world is being transformed into a digital format. Don’t you think it’s critical to protect data that’s critical to a company’s success? Making the appropriate choice is critical whether it comes to hosting a business website, a mail server, or a unique online application. However, shared hosting is the most common alternative.

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    Why should you go with Go4hosting?

    Go4hosting offers a truckload of wonderful servers from well-known server manufacturers, all of which are enhanced with high graphics power and performance to support your dynamic operations. Our dedicated streaming servers are very genuine, secure, and adaptable. They’re all very reasonably priced, and they’re all guaranteed to work perfectly. Contact us to learn more about our fantastic streaming dedicated servers, which include free data migration, remote technical support, an iron-clad guarantee, and on-time delivery.

    Budget friendly solution for nonlinear workflows

    Stream as much as you want with our low-cost dedicated streaming servers. These servers are ideal for customers that need to work with dynamic workflows while staying within their budget. To provide consumers with great streaming servers, Go4hosting tags all of its servers with cheap costs compared to any other server merchant in the industry.

    Amplification of Illustrations Built-In

    If you want to exceed your consumers’ expectations with higher video and audio resolution, you’ll need a server with plenty of graphics horsepower. Our streaming dedicated servers include built-in graphics acceleration to provide the best possible results for consumers. These servers let you attain your goals more easily, thanks to improved visual performance and expanded streaming capabilities.

    Casting Connectivity with Minimal Bandwidth

    The shorter the wait, the better the experience. A little latency in your video or audio may degrade the whole streaming experience, resulting in negative consequences. Do not allow this to happen to you. Go4hosting’s dedicated streaming servers are primarily intended to construct a low-latency network. This raises the quality of your streaming operations by eliminating any potential delays.

    With Stackable Processors, you get the greatest result.

    Do you intend to enhance the quality and performance of your streaming workflows? Our dedicated servers are specifically designed to meet your streaming requirements. They are designed with scalable CPUs that allow you to ascend or drop depending on your job requirements. Using these dedicated streaming servers, you may get the highest speed and stream with the most capacity while experiencing no downtime.

    Servers that are dependable and have a 100% reliability

    Go4hosting never jeopardizes the trustworthiness of its servers. Each dedicated streaming server you purchase from us is incredibly dependable, with a guarantee of 100 percent uptime at all times. This reduces the possibility of lagging and throttling while also giving continual visibility to your sites, resulting in a pleasant and seamless experience for your visitors with quicker loading times.

    Complete Relocation Assistance with No Security Breaches

    Want to switch to our dedicated streaming servers but are concerned about data migration? Go4hosting will handle your data migration, guaranteeing that no data is lost. Our technical professionals will move your data during off-hours so that your processes are not disrupted. For a successful migration, we examine your whole data set and carefully transmit it over a secure connection.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A: Our streaming dedicated servers have no bandwidth restrictions. Each package has a completely dedicated network speed limit, within which you may transmit as much data as you want. We do not disclose your assigned speed with anybody else. For example, if you purchase a package with a 10Gbps network, that 10Gbps bandwidth is totally devoted to you and will not be shared with anybody else. This implies that, regardless of the time of day, your server may use the complete 10Gbps port and transfer as much data as it wants without experiencing any changes in connection speed.

    A: Dedicated servers are real server machines that are hosted for you at the top data centre facilities around the world. As the name “Dedicated” implies, all resources reside on that server and are only yours. Nobody is going to share your CPU, RAM, or network like a Cloud Server. Dedicated servers are far more dependable and powerful than the Cloud since they lack virtualization and have 100 percent dedicated resources.

    A: All Streaming Dedicated Server orders are manually deployed within 2-3 hours of payment approval on average. However, the time it takes to create a streaming dedicated server varies depending on the setup load, stock, modifications, and other factors.

    A: We specialize in custom-built dedicated streaming servers. If one of our pre-configured plans does not meet your hosting requirements, please contact our sales department for a custom order price. Custom orders are welcome, and we can set up specialized streaming servers with up to 1TB of RAM and 80 CPU cores.

    A: For our streaming dedicated servers, we don’t normally charge a setup cost. All of our pre-configured Streaming dedicated servers are completely free of charge to set up. If you acquire a completely tailored Streaming dedicated server, the setup price may be $0 or modest, depending on the availability of hardware components.

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