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Best-in-class Business Cloud Storage

Headed for the cloud? Experience the robustness of our secure cloud storage solutions.

Go4hosting, a leading cloud storage provider, offers splendid durability with cost-effectiveness whereby we guarantee consistent integration within public as well as private cloud environments. We enable our customers to achieve higher organizational success with our business cloud storage services for a secure and customer-focused data backup.


Why is business cloud storage ideally apt for profit-driven needs?

Cloud storage for business is basically a public storage which is usually provided at very affordable pricing plans for client-specific requirements. Migrating their storage on to the Cloud will save their time as well as money, thus it becomes highly simple for accessing data along with our technical support to secure their business from risks and cyber-attacks. Go4hosting business cloud storage is well backed by the security, flexibility, reliability and network interchangeability.

Various use cases for business cloud storage are archiving, backup, content distribution, primary storage of application data and disaster recovery.

Features of Business Cloud Storage

File Versioning


File versioning is an amazing feature which allows for several file versions to be provided within a system at the given instant of time. In numerous cases, this happens once a file is getting modified under the system. The feature in fact allows clients to return to older files at the time of any corruption or even deletion. It even provides a simple way to estimate file versions and it is helpful if customers are ever required to be fully confident about retrieving their recent backup file in case something goes wrong with a critical file.

Automatic Syncing


Automatic syncing is one more feature which basically loads various files into their digital cloud storage solution on its own. This might appear as a simple feature, however it is that feature which is aimed at providing clients and their users with more than just a handful of advantages. Moreover, it allows customers to collaborate continuously with their team.

Top-Notch Security


Security is one of most significant features which clients are highly concerned about, however the idea is quite difficult to understand. As far as security is concerned in terms of business cloud storage, we promise our customers to secure all their files entailing website backups from any kind of damage, attacks, hacking as well as loss.

Reliable Storage Capacity


All the backup files will occupy quite a space across their in house server if they maintain one, due to the volume of data they entail. Blissfully, Go4hosting cloud storage services are presently providing reliable storage space as an express service. This offers customers the capability to select the most suited capacity based plan which is ideal for them with the features proving helpful in the coming years.

Why is Go4hosting the ultimate solution for your business?

Go4hosting provides extremely reliable cloud services around the globe, with simple ways to expand their free storage. It is driven by the smartest technologies, customized solutions and is widely known for some of the cheapest cloud storage services. We own and operate our own server infrastructure, thus ensuring that the client’s data is available to them every time. Our cloud solutions are designed to fulfill all the requirements of our customers and help them excel in their business.

What makes us stand apart from others?

  • We offer enriched scalable Cloud infrastructure
  • Customers will receive detailed stats for their links
  • Customers can even brand their Download links
  • They are offered with TLS/SSL channel protection
  • We offer anti DDoS for an additional robust layer of encryption
  • We provide Collaboration, Access and Synchronization
  • HDD extension is also provided
  • Selective offline access
  • Automatic sync for numerous devices
  • Unlimited file size as well as speed
  • Features like File Management, File Versioning and Data Recovery are provided
  • Backups from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • We provide tailored solutions for ultimate performance and availability
  • We provide 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring, Maintenance and Management of servers
  • Top-Notch anti-virus & anti-spam applications for security purpose
  • Free servers configuration

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