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Highly Scalable, Reliable, and Robust Cloud CDN Solutions to Extend Your Global Reach

Content Distribution Network AKA Content Delivery Network is a powerful medium to distribute content over a network of data centers and proxy servers. The goal of deploying a CDN Server is to ensure high performance services are readily available as well as spatially relative to the end-users across different locations of the globe.

CDNs today, serves a major portion of the content available on the Internet, including the following:

  • Downloadable Objects - Software, Documents, and Media Files
  • Web Objects - Text, Scripts and Graphics
  • Applications - Web Portals and E-commerce Sites
  • On-Demand Streaming Media
  • Live Streaming Media
  • Social Media Platforms

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    On CDN site, Anycast DNS promptly fulfills the visitor’s request.
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    Edge servers transfer visitor's request expeditiously to OnApp CDN.
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    Our caching server templates are secure and easy-to-use that set-up CDN of your own cloud infrastructure.
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    We offer self-managed Portal along with API Support to configure Cloud CDN set-up via Dashboards and CPs.
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    The monitoring & reporting of CDN infrastructure is comprehensive and is accomplished with the aid of monitoring systems Munin and Nagios.
cloud cdn offers

Video Pull Technology
To instantly deliver video files that are hosted at the main server, on request.
HTTP Push Technology
To deliver cached files that are greater than 10MB in size.
Video Push Technology
To swiftly upload video content to stream storage server.

How Cloud CDN works

How CDN Works?

The layers of the Internet ecosystem, which we call CDNs are deployed by businesses across the media and retail businesses to seamlessly deliver the content to the end-users. They hire operators or Content Delivery Network Companies, who specialize in such services and can collaborate with the carriers, network operators, and ISPs (Internet Service Providers) for hosting the associated data centers as well as the servers.

Cloud CDN offers quick load time along with improved performance and a better user experience; thereby smoothening the overall operations. This naturally leads to seamless distribution of services across various channels and end-users.

cloud cdn working




Cloud CDN Pricing

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Cloud CDN Features

Go4Hosting is here to deliver a fusion with all the right ingredients to facilitate seamless content delivery to the end-users. We pick the right elements to customize your service experience and deliver nothing but the best CDN Services.

Developers and enterprises can deploy it for distribution of content across a wide network of systems via passages that are powered by high-speed data transfers. Apart from this, we also offer leverages like optimal usage commitments along with low latency.

We ensure that the CDN servers that are in the closest proximity to the end-user, respond to the data request. This leads to expeditious data transfer and seamless support, which of course, makes our services remunerative for your enterprise.

What Do We Offer?

  • Increased Conversions

    Our services can rapidly increase the conversion rate of your site because seamless flow of data reduces the loading time. In fact, our optimized variations can help bring your website’s page load time down to just a few seconds. This can be quite beneficial for your business, considering the fact that it will boost the download conversion rate.

  • More Revenue

    When a user opens a site, his average time of staying on a page and possibly reading the content immensely depends on the load time. Slow websites can cost your business a lot but worry not, we fix the same to help your business grow by leaps and bounds. Our CDN Solutions can immensely jack up both your website’s speed and your business’s profits.

  • Happier Customers

    When your site is responsive and the loading time is less, your customers our happier. Running in a routine to earn bread and butter, customers don’t have time to view an irresponsive and slow website. We, one amongst the reckoned CDN Providers, ensure that your website is highly responsive and your customers have a seamless viewing experience.

  • Better SEO

    Do you know that your website’s ranking depends on the responsiveness of the pages? Yes, it does which is why you need our CDN Solutions, considering that search engine optimization matters a lot amidst the ever increasing competition online. Our solutions will surely help your website rank better on search engines and your business bang for the bucks.

Cloud CDN Technology

What CDN offers is seamless data streaming, video streaming, software download, and mobile as well as web content acceleration. Few more functions included are transparent caching, licensing/managing CDN, services to analyze the CDN performance, Multi-CDN (switching, analytics, and cloud intelligence), and load balancing.

Apart from media and retail, CDN also finds application in the security realm that includes WAF (web application firewall), DDoS (distributed denial of services), and WAN (wide area network) optimization.

Push refers to the file transfer that exceeds the limit of 50MB, for example, game patches and application installers. Content is proactively distributed across the selected CDN locations to the end-users.

Live Streaming

The live streaming capability of our Cloud CDNs are powered by one amongst the leading media servers in the world, Wowza Media Server 3.

Pull is deployed mainly for smaller files like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and website images. Our servers support numerous pull locations and a copy of the file is extracted and delivered to the edge server that is in proximity to the user’s location, as and when required.

Video on Demand

Our CDN solutions facilitate streaming of video along with the attributes that are similar to features like fast forward and rewind embedded in popular sites like YouTube.

Video on Demand

Location Availability :Our CDN POPs have a global presence. We have 3rd party providers to distribute our services across multiple locations. Get in touch with our sales team to know more. POPs are as enlisted below:

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