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Your Search for A Problem Solver Ends at Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is not an easy technology. As much as it is useful, it needs expertise to run effectively. Go4hosting makes that possible. We have specialized teams to guide and assist our clients in adopting such ultra-modern service. It supports Microsoft as well as products and services by other companies and is compatible with many programming languages. Microsoft calls it the ‘cloud for all’ as old and new, big and small, all kinds of businesses can

What is Microsoft Azure?

It is a cloud computing service by Microsoft. Microsoft has its data centers that let you make, test, deploy and manage services and applications. It offers all three cloud computing services: PaaS, SaaS and SaaS.

Why Azure?

Efficient- With Azure, you get as many as 100 services to help you deliver features quicker and reduce your marketing cycles.

Hybrid- It is the only consistent hybrid cloud available. You can use it to build and deploy wherever you want.

Smart- Azure provides artificial intelligence to enable you to make brilliant applications.

Trusted- Almost all of the Fortune 500 businesses, many government organizations and various types of startups rely on Azure.


Azure Cloud Management

A portal to manage the amount of usage and money spent in Azure is provided as a part of the Azure cloud management. This has a user-friendly interface on the web. Azure Cloud Management has been put together with Office 365 and a dashboard with relevant features is given that makes it super easy for the user to get the complete idea of their expenses on the Azure platform and the health of Office 365.

This enhances the experience of the native Azure portal. Tags on Azure plus the resource groups are brought together in the Cloud Management Portal for custom reporting. Azure implements rightsizing to make sure the resources are being fully utilized without compromising on performance.

Dashboards: Spreadsheets are boring. CMP dashboards are easy and exciting and they offer great functionality. You can manage costs effectively and avoid confusion and surprises. You get sensible insights on the trend for budgeting needs and capacity organization.

Transparency: One single simple interface is used to manage all the Azure subscriptions which are an amazing thing when you have several subscriptions.

Azure Virtual Machines: These are on-demand computing resources offered to customers who need flexible power and admin control. Azure also lets customers right-size their VMs.

Share Your Wisdom: Dashboard enables self-service and provides granular access so that the expenditure reports from the Azure dashboard can be shared with anyone in the company.

Go4hosting provides to its clients managed services for Microsoft Azure. We help them consume Azure services with convenience. Our efforts are directed at making our clients realize the full operational and financial advantages of Azure. We advise them in circling out workloads best fitted for migrating to the cloud and in the management of the risks involved in migrating intricate enterprise workloads. We are one of those dedicated Azure managed service providers who work relentlessly to deliver.

Many plans are on the offer. We understand the demands of our clients. You may be looking for an entire suite of services or just want a brush with them because of some constraint, say cost, we scale and match your goals. We are specially positioned to support Azure. Our team of experts, tools, and services guarantee your business profitability and growth.

It points to the job of maintaining business applications and subsequent resources. Azure has not one but several tools and services that work in tandem to give proper management. These can be utilized not just by Azure but other clouds and on-premise services as well. When the clients need to develop a comprehensive environment in management, the first thing they need to do is learn how the different tools work. Different services will be needed for different management area, no one service serves all. Application Insights is used for monitoring functionality. Azure Monitor Logs allows an analysis of data collected by different services.

Azure offers a free account for twelve months. This allows the testing and deployment of business applications. Customers can use SQL databases, Virtual Machines and Managed Disks for the same. Customized mobile applications can be built as per the customers’ interests using Azure Cosmos DB, Hockey App, and Traffic Manager Etc. The Azure management console helps customers make informed choices by providing facilities like Data Lake Analytics, Machine Learning, and HDInsight.

Azure is ready with Azure support services when the users develop, test and trial their applications. Its developer plan offers boundless technical guidance during working hours. Assistance under the standard plan is 24*7 available when you run a workload on Azure and require a speedy response. For even faster response time, Professional Direct Support can be taken. For the users that seek support across the Azure and other Microsoft technologies, they can go for Premier Support.

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