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Implement agile apps to boost your competitive advantage with Windows Azure.

In this era of technology, less is not sufficient. Businesses need to utilize cutting-edge next generation technologies to stand out amidst competitions. Windows Azure is one such tool that can help you transform innovations into ideas and ideas into forays with windows azure!

With Windows Azure, you can lead technological fronts and drive business transformation. Go4hosting can help you manage your preferred Azure cloud. Applications developed for Windows Azure scale better and are more reliable, requiring less administration than applications developed using the traditional Windows programming model.

With Go4hosting you don’t need to maintain a massive set of servers, pay only for the computing and storage use! Get started with the most customizable, user-friendly, and life-simplifying Azure Cloud platform today.

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    Why Choose Windows Azure?

    Windows Azure provides a wide range of capabilities in the form of computing services for running applications, storage services, and a framework that supports multiple applications as well as host services and centrally manages them all. The main advantage of using Windows Azure is that it provides a distributed operating system where you can build, deploy, and test applications without worrying about the front-end interface. Besides, It lets you have a lower cost of IT management and eliminate the need to build on-premises resources with Windows Azure. It lets you quickly develop, modify, test, and deploy web-based applications. It lets you create, debug, test, and distribute web services. It lets you eliminate the need to buy or configure a security solution in Windows Azure. It lets you avoid installing and configuring a database cluster. It lets you perform costly off-premises services such as large data processing, high volume computation, and batch processing.

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    Windows Azure is a cloud-based operating system that allows business applications, services, and workloads to run in the cloud. This operates in a manner similar to traditional operating system functionality on any hardware platform, allowing applications to run in a virtual environment by providing them with essential physical hardware components and a set of services.

    Develop ASP.NET websites, XML, and WCF web services without putting much effort with Windows Azure!

    AppFabric, a cloud-based infrastructure service for cloud-running applications that enables the creation of combined access and distributes messaging across clouds and enterprises.

    It brings together massive amounts of distributed processing power in a unified fashion. AppFabric is an interoperability component that includes services such as Access Control, Workflow, and Service Bus.

    SQL Azure provides the core RDBMS as a service in the cloud environment. SQL Servers’ features can be used to create tables, indexes, and views, and Stored Procedures and triggers.

    Application software can access SQL Azure data via Entity Framework, ADO.NET, and other Windows data access interfaces. Governance requirements are greatly reduced with SQL Azure.

    Azure Virtual Machines (VM) provides virtualization flexibility for a wide range of computing solutions, including Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and others.

    Load balancing and auto-scaling are included at no extra charge in all current generation Virtual Machines. We recommend pairing your Virtual Machines with Managed Disks for optimal performance.

    Well, there are different Windows Azure pricing options that you can choose from. However, we recommend you to go with the one that suits your needs the best. Go4hosting offers customizable windows azure pricing options. You can contact us for more details on Windows Azure pricing.

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