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The widespread adoption of digital may have opened avenues for large-scale transformation, but has also redefined the cybersecurity landscape, necessitating the demand for advanced cloud security solutions. Cybercriminals are deploying high-level algorithms to break into your cloud and wreak havoc on your business. Unfortunately, traditional security technologies do not work as effectively in the cloud. Besides, most of the organisations simply don’t have an enterpise-wide cloud security strategy that keeps everything together. 

At Go4hosting, we devise security solutions aligned closely with your business objectives. Our cloud specialists carefully assess the technical needs of your business, identify which defences you have in place, and which ones are lacking. Accordingly, they devise solutions that not only bulwark your entire ecosystem but also ensure compliance with your requirements for data locality, protection, as well as confidentiality.  

Powered with AI-ML algorithms, our cloud security services automate many manual tasks, letting you focus on what matters the most-growing your business. By partnering with Go4hosting, you benefit immensely from our networks fine-tuned to protect your applications and data. Choose our vetted solutions to secure your critical workloads and make the most of your cloud investment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Cloud Security

    The key driving force behind the emphasis on cloud security is the increasing threat from cybercriminals, in terms of both volume and sophistication. As a result of cyberattacks, incidents of data loss and breaches have soared. Any such event is likely to have financial and legal repercussions on your business. As per a recent report by IBM, the estimated cost of a data breach hovers around US$ 3.92 million. Also, breaches lead to unplanned downtime that affects your bottom line. By keeping your cloud environment secure, you can not only run operations in a smooth manner, but also avoid the risk of compliance violation. 

    When we speak of cloud security, we refer to the complex interaction of technologies, processes, controls, and policies that protect an organisation’s unique environment. As a result, you cannot really explain how cloud security works. There are tons of tools and strategies you can put in place to achieve your cloud security goals- access and identity management, encryption, monitoring, intrusion detection, penetration testing, and firewalls.  

    Regardless of whether you operate on the cloud or not, security has to be a top priority for your business. Denial of service (DoS) or malware can significantly impact your operations, resulting in diminished bottom line and profitability. 

    Here are the common security risks you need to stay vigilant about:

    Improper Visibility: Most businesses access cloud services through a range of devices and locations. Without a proper strategy in place, you may lose visibility of who is accessing your cloud, and what kind of data they are uploading or downloading. This puts you at the risk of a breach or loss. 

    Compliance Violation: With the increase in regulatory controls, businesses are required to adhere to a wide range of compliance regulations. If not careful, you may expose yourself to the risk of violation. 

    Insider Threats: People working within your organisation (e.g. employees or vendors) pose grave threats to your security. Many times, these entities don’t even need to have malicious intent. They inadvertently put your data to risk on account of negligence or lack of knowledge. 

    Insecure APIs: When hosting an application on the cloud, you may use external APIs to make a feature accessible to the end-users. This opens avenues to cybercriminals aiming to steal your precious data. 

    Misconfiguration: Misconfiguration of cloud services can cause your data to be exposed or manipulated, causing irreversible damage to your business.

    Network security focusses on protecting data, applications, and resources at the network level. Its aim is to prevent unauthorised access into the network infrastructure. Cloud security, on the other hand, covers the overall cloud infrastructure and not merely the network. Cloud security tools protect not only the network but also servers, containers, and applications. 

    Many users tend to perceive the cloud as insecure on account of the lack of visibility inherent in a cloud setup. In actuality, the security of the cloud depends entirely on the strategies, tools, policies, and processes your service provider has in place and how rigorously they have been implemented. 

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