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Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers for those who need performance and stability in a budget-friendly package.

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Cheap Dedicated Server Benefits

Cost-Effective Servers for Your Business Applications

Dedicated servers aren’t the cheapest but they are worth every penny invested. These robust servers have enough power to support all your business applications at once. You know your business requirements better than anybody, which is why we allow our clients to customize and run business-specific solutions to maximize productivity. You would notice a sudden surge in performance when you move your website to Go4hosting’s data center. We offer the cheapest dedicated servers that deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Bring In Feasibility with our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Cheap Dedicated server hosting is now a ton more reasonable. With several data centers entering operations, Go4hosting has significantly cut down on cost. This has enabled us to provide the same level of service engagement but at a fraction of the cost. We operate multiple data centers in India and the USA. This results in high performance environs for our customers, and low operations cost for us.

Cheap just got cheapest!

Explore our range of low-cost dedicated hosting plans

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Dedicated Hosting Plans in all ranges

  • Xeon Quad Core x3430


    2.4 GHZ/8MB CHACHE

    4 THREAD

    4 GB RAM



    INR 8995

  • Quad Core Xeon E3-1230v3


    3.3 GHZ/8MB CHACHE

    8 THREAD

    8 GB RAM



    INR 10995

  • Hexa Core Xeon E5 2620


    2.0 GHZ/15MB CHACHE

    12 THREAD

    8 GB RAM



    INR 22995

  • 2 X Octa Core Xeon E5 2630 v3


    2.0 GHZ/20MB CHACHE

    16 X 2 THREAD

    32 GB RAM



    INR 34995

Build cheap dedicated servers from scratch

Kick-Start Your Transformation Journey With Private Servers

Private servers are unlike shared hosting or VPS and are capable of revolutionizing your business. Private servers, as the name suggests, are committed to serve a single client or business and can be virtual, physical or both.

A physical private server is what we term as “dedicated server”. This hosting platform provides an extensive control and flexibility that isn’t achievable otherwise.

The entire hardware is provisioned to proffer resources to one website, making it an expensive hosting solution for some. However, procuring servers in bulk might allow the provider to offer the same for a feeble price.

Revolutionize your business without overshooting your expenses. Unleash affordable power with Go4hosting’s cheap dedicated servers.

Offering Cost-Effective Dedicated Hosting In Numerous Locations

We not only provide cheap dedicated servers in India but also US and Europe. We have built state-of-the-art data centers at multiple places. So, you can easily choose where you want to get hosted.

Tip – always choose servers that are closest to your target location.

  • Closer the data center to the end-user, better is the latency.
  • Your website is more likely to rank in local search results.
  • Visitors get better on-site experience
  • Webpages load faster

Besides, we also operate Content Delivery Network (CDN) along with our dedicated plans to further enhance your visitor’s on-site experience.

Proven Ways to Save on Dedicated Server Costs

You can save extra on our cheap dedicated hosting if you deploy the below tricks –

Consider buying an unmanaged server –

You can save at least 15% if you buy unmanaged servers instead. Cheap servers are almost always unmanaged.

Relocate your server –

You can choose to relocate your website to a country where hosting services are more affordable. For example hosting companies offer cheaper dedicated hosting in India than they offer in the US, due to the difference in wage rates.

Host physical-virtual hybrid platform –

Instead of hosting on dedicated servers alone, you can host a platform combining dedicated and cloud servers. The heavier applications can be run on the physical server, while the lighter ones on the cloud.

This way the lighter applications will continue to remain hosted in cheaper, flexible environment, thus helping you to save cost.

Outshine Peers with the Cheapest Dedicated Servers Ever

Go4Hosting is an award-winning company delivering cheap dedicated server hosting to millions of clients through its ultra-modern Tier III compliant data centers located at the different geographical locations. Its impeccable reputation comes from its ability to deliver services that immensely enhance hosting experience. We thrive to serve our valued customers adhering to the state-of-the-art technologies. For this, we have tied-up with market leaders - VMware and OnApp.

Our Memoirs of Excellence in Dedicated Server Hosting

We began as inexpensive cloud and hosting provider in 2000

Around 2 decades ago, Go4hosting was materialized. We explored the market, analyzed bottlenecks and came up with the cheapest dedicated hosting solution as one of our first services. It was an immediate hit.

Induced flexibility and versatility

We realized that “cheap” alone would not get any of our client’s tasks done. Our clients coveted control and flexibility, and they demanded all this in a cost-friendly suit. We began introspecting and decided to allow our clients customize a server themselves, right from scratch.

Multi-dimensional approach

Having clients across sectors such as IT, banking, aviation, manufacturing, education and supply chain has helped us to understand the intricacies and needs of diverse businesses. This precise insight has immensely enabled us to deliver consumer-centric server solutions.

Pan India to International

We were once the cheapest dedicated hosting provider in India. We continue to remain so, however, going international is what we are looking forward to, these days.

Reasonably-priced Dedicated Servers with Windows & Linux

When hosting a website, you are presented with two options –

a. To choose “difficult to manage” but relatively cheaper Linux dedicated servers.

b. Or, “slightly more expensive” but “easy to use” Windows dedicated server

window dedicated hosting

Go4hosting is a Microsoft’s gold partner. We have the right knowledge, expertise and Windows certified professionals to host and manage your complex business environment. We support all the versions of Windows operating system.

Learn More Details

window dedicated hosting

Go4hosting is a Microsoft’s gold partner. We have the right knowledge, expertise and Windows certified professionals to host and manage your complex business environment. We support all the versions of Windows operating system.

Learn More Details

Linux dedicated hosting

Go4hosting’s years of experience and technology prowess help businesses to stay ahead of competition. We support all the versions of Linux operating system such as Red Hat, Fedora Core, SuSE, Debian, and CentOS.

Learn More Details

Linux dedicated hosting

Go4hosting’s years of experience and technology prowess help businesses to stay ahead of competition. We support all the versions of Linux operating system such as Red Hat, Fedora Core, SuSE, Debian, and CentOS.

Learn More Details

Windows Dedicated Hosting

Windows is one of the leading and globally recognized operating systems used by clients all across the globe. It offers variety of features including user-friendly interface, supports SharePoint and ASP/ASP .NET-based applications, and SQL Server or Access databases.

Who should choose Windows hosting?

Administrators that aren’t as proficient in using Linux should go with Windows. Windows is a lot more intuitive and user-friendly in nature as compared to Linux server.

Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux is one of the leading open-source operating systems that is available free of cost, under the GNU General Public License. It is for this reason that Linux dedicated servers are cheaper than their Windows counterparts. It offers a plethora of rich-features, supports PHP or MySQL server, and is easy to customize.

Why should you choose Linux dedicated hosting?

Administrators that have years of experience and are comfortable using Linux should be the ones hosting websites on Linux servers. However, these servers are equally advantageous for those who need cheaper dedicated server solutions and can trade off extra work for the sake of cost savings.

Go4hosting Dedicated Servers. Tuned for Performance

Customized Storage

High compute performance coupled with customized storage & network capacity

Rapid setup

Rapid deployment and setup of customized dedicated servers by expert engineers

High Speed CPU

Dual/Quad/Hexa/Octa Core
Xeon CPU Servers


Scalable computing capacity to support growing IT demands

Original Server

Original HP/ IBM Server Hardware & other IT equipment

High uptime

99.95% SLA powered network uptime

High latency

Latency optimized data centers in Noida & Jaipur

Regular backup

Regular data backups & 24*7 ticket based support

Easy Control Panel

Easy to use control panels.

Cut-Down Cost, Maximize Earnings with Our Cost-Effective Hosting

Rock-solid Data Centers

Our ultra-modern Tier-III complaint data center are powered by enterprise level HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, dual power supplies, DG set, robust backup and recovery systems.

High Bandwidth Servers

Our high bandwidth dedicated servers accommodate huge volume of traffic, multimedia contents (video streaming, audio files etc.), gigantic volume of data transfer, game servers, file hosting, and other web applications.

Robust SLA

Our service level agreement (SLA) is more comprehensive that guarantees rigorous monitoring of quality of services, with a view to bring quality of services to meet clients’ expectations.

Network Neutral

We are a network-neutral data center service provider offering our clients a flexibility to choose best performing network service provider with guaranteed 99.95% uptime.

Free-Of-Cost Servers Set Up & Upgradation

We help you expand your IT infrastructure through coherent and speedy approach of server deployment and upgradation.

Managed Firewall

We run customized firewall applications and employ client’s access control policy seamlessly.

Protection against Spams & Viruses

Our stringent anti-spam and anti-virus applications help you keep awful malwares and viruses away. We make sure they never enter your mailbox.

Complete Peace-Of-Mind With 24 X 7 Support

We have constituted a team of technicians, managers and engineers who have deep understanding of the industry in order to meet the comprehensive demands of our clients round-the-clock, keeping them away from maintaining servers.

How do I host a website on dedicated server?

  • Configure a dedicated machine with a host
  • Install an operating system
  • Deploy a control panel
  • Upload files to the web host

Dedicated Server Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dedicated Server and VPS Server hosting?

A dedicated server hosting is a reliable hosting framework wherein a physical server is committed to serve the needs of an individual client only. In contrast, a physical server is sliced into multiple virtual pieces in VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting; however, each of the virtual instances act as a dedicated server for a single client, but actually they share a server with some other clients.

Although, VPS servers are very much similar to dedicated servers, but their performance may be compromised due to heavy workload on other VPS instances as they share physical resources internally.

What is the difference between Managed Dedicated Server and Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting?

In Managed Dedicated Server hosting, the host has onus to install the operating system, control panel, scripts and software as per the client’s requirement. The host also takes the responsibilities of managing and monitoring server, troubleshooting configuration issues and other such tasks.

On the other hand, in Unmanaged Dedicated Server hosting arrangement, the client chooses to perform all these tasks by their own in-house IT professionals.

Can I upgrade my Dedicated Server to a Cloud?

Unfortunately no, you can’t upgrade your dedicated server to a Cloud, you can migrate though.

Upgradation can be performed only from shared to VPS or dedicated, and from VPS to dedicated server hosting.

Migration of server is an intricate process which includes removing of current server account and accomplishment of domain to new server.

Who will have the control of a Dedicated Server?

The client gets full control of the Dedicated Server. However, a client may choose to get his dedicated server managed by the host under the Managed Dedicated Server hosting arrangement. The host can perform upgradation, OS and script installation and other such tasks as per the instructions received from the client.

How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?

It totally depends on the resources the websites need. Number of websites on a dedicated server depends on the volume of traffic and how much CPU usage do these websites utilize?

How often do you monitor the Data Center and Dedicated servers?

Our highly resilient data centers and dedicated servers are monitored round-the-clock by in-house IT staff for ensuring seamless hosting experience.

Can I upgrade my Dedicated Servers?

Yes, you can upgrade your Dedicated Server, but up to certain extent only. You can upgrade or use additional RAM, CPU or hard drives in dedicated server.

Will I get root access to my dedicated server?

Root access into your dedicated server can be easily requested and is more easily granted in no time. The whole point of dedicated hosting is to provide full control of a dedicated server.

What operating systems (OS) can I run on a dedicated server?

You can run both Windows and Linux OS on a dedicated server. If you have your own data center, you are free to install whichever OS you want on your server. If you have a host, you need to get in touch with the same regarding the OS you want to install.

What happens if my dedicated server goes down?

Chances of your dedicated server hosting going down is negligible but if it does we offer 24/7 support which is dedicated to solve your queries in the minimum time possible.

How much time it takes to set up a dedicated server?

We configure your dedicated server as soon as we receive your request. Although it might take an hour or so from the point of order. Some especially customized servers take 10-11 days as hardware have to be supplied from external sources.

Looking for cheapest dedicated server hosting plan? You have reached the right place.
Call us at 1-888-288-3570 (toll-free) to know which of our dedicated servers hosting plans can work best for you.

Service Name - Need a Customized Solution?

At Go4hosting, customer satisfaction comes first. We are always at our toes to help our clients find the right solution for their business. Go4hosting offers a wide range of solutions including dedicated, VPS, Shared and Cloud Hosting. Backed by 99.95% uptime assurance and complimentary SSL, we are the no. 1 provider of Colocation & Email Hosting Services.

Couldn’t find a service relevant to your business? No worries, we’ll make one for you. Our representatives are 24/7/365 available for your help. You can reach out to us regarding anything in the domain of Hosting, Cloud, Email & Colocation.

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