Tips for Buying Dedicated Servers at Cheap Prices

Feb 17,2021 by Nishant Nath
Buying Dedicated Servers

Posted by Priyanka Singh

While searching for an affordable dedicated server, one should never compromise on some of the most vital features of dedicated hosting. There are myriad of dedicated server providers, who will try to cut corners and compromise with essential specifications of dedicated servers to lure customers by offering cheap rates of dedicated hosting solutions. 

Factors that necessitate a dedicated server

One should never make compromises with three most important attributes of dedicated hosting including security, performance and control. In a shared hosting environment there is a perpetual risk to security of your website due to availability of multiple accounts on the same server. Multiplicity of server access can result in security breaches that are due to actions of neighboring sites. +

Dedicated server is an essentially private affair because it allows access to a single user. This also underlines the reason why dedicated server hosting is regarded to be the most secure option among all other types of hosting. It enables you to configure the server entirely as per individual requirements and protects your website from being vulnerable to actions of other accounts.

There are two significant objectives that make performance as the key driver to procurement of dedicated servers. If you need to host a mission critical application which must be backed by a high performance hosting platform, then a dedicated hosting is the way to go. Secondly, if the present environment of shared hosting is restricting performance of your website due to limited resources, then a dedicated server will provide optimum resource availability for your website’s seamless performance. 

If you are looking for a hosting environment that allows administrative level access to server, then a dedicated server is your obvious choice. Root access to server is never possible in a shared hosting setup. Ideally, shared hosting can be a right choice for users who wish to allow the hosting provider to manage entire administration of server. 

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Hardware considerations

If you are buying a dedicated server hosting then you need to carefully assess the hardware specifications of your server. Decision to choose hardware for your dedicated server can have significant impact on your website’s performance. 

If you wish to keep the cost of your hardware updates to a bare minimum, then the hardware specifications must be carefully looked into. The most ideal hardware must be able to cater to your hosting requirements for the minimum period of one year. 

CPU – 

If you wish to upgrade the CPU component, then it is recommended to plan a downtime of minimum fifteen minutes and the change has no effect on the operating system of server. 

Power supply –

 One needs to understand that choosing a right option between a single or dual power supply can reduce hassles of chassis change in future. If you are going to use Linux operating system, then upgrading to dual power supply feature will not necessitate reinstallation of the kernel. However, in case of Windows operating system a total reinstallation of OS is compulsory. 

Hard disk – 

Capacity upgrading of hard disk is closely associated with the type of chassis. There are generally two to eight drive bays. If the hard disk is in RAID configuration, then it must be able to accommodate the total number of drives. If you wish to secure your data during crisis period, then a minimum RAID1 configuration is essential 

You should not compromise on quality of hardware even if you are searching for affordable dedicated server. HP, Del, and IBM are the brands to look for while selecting hardware components for your sever. 

Quality of support

Cheap dedicated server should not result in poor technical support by the service provider. While assessing technical support, you should also pay attention to the quality of hardware components as described above. Secondly, the entire environment of data center and its support services should be analyzed for its efficiency to keep your applications up and running with an uptime exceeding 99.99 percent. 

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Value of technical support can be gauged by the responsiveness and proficiency of tech support team. You should also confirm that the support includes important parameters such as security and application updates, server monitoring, firewall and other security aspects.

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