A Lowdown on Google Cloud, AWS & Microsoft Azure Cloud

Apr 03,2021 by Nishant Nath

In this article, we are measuring 3 famous cloud interfaces Amazon Web Service, Azure, as well as Google Cloud, and all these three have their specific strengths along with weaknesses which build them suitable for various use cases.

Under the age of cloud, currently 3 vendors are prevailing the IT marketplace. These happen to be Amazon, Microsoft, and also Google. For service models such as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-service), these 3 are the highest ranking models in comparison to the remaining fields. Amazon is positively the ruling leader and it’s assumed to prevail the cloud business for several upcoming years.

How precisely do Amazon Web Service, Azure, and even Google Cloud distinguish from one another? It is often described in terms of varied options and complete advantages and disadvantages of all 3 interfaces. So, let’s take this significant discussion further.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google – What are the merits and demerits?

According to specialists, we can’t conclude clearly that solely one is the best and remaining are simply some helpful alternatives however success of any interface basically relies on how perfectly it fits their organization necessities. It matches various projects supported by its strengths as well as weaknesses.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – Advantages and Disadvantages

This is the dominating cloud interface within the IT sphere however it shouldn’t be appropriate for all the projects. Although, for various IaaS services, Amazon can consistently dominate the market for several years. One of the largest reasons for the recognition of Amazon Web Service is the large scope of functions.

Amazon Web Service encompasses a large array of services accessible till now and it’s taken in the form of greatest network of data centers as well. According to industry reports, AWS has the widest features of monitoring a huge range of customers and various resources along.

The major drawback with Amazon Web Service is the cost issue. Although, the corporation is minimizing its prices consistently yet it’s troublesome for organization scrutinizing its price framework and handling prices once executing a huge amount of services. Such demerits are rapidly compensated by an ideal series of advantages and firms of many sizes are utilizing Amazon Web Service for a range of workloads.

Microsoft Azure – Advantages and Disadvantages

Microsoft began with the cloud market a bit late however it achieved great success with its efficient series of services along with cloud. The chief reason for the reputation of the Azure interface is such that several organizations deploy Windows software these days.

It will be rapidly incorporated with several other applications and basically stands up for huge enterprises. It is considered as reliable connection for various Microsoft customers. Furthermore to this, if customers are an existing Microsoft customer then they might attain catchy discounts over Azure cloud services.

According to experts, Azure isn’t as ideal as it has to be. The users are confronting several problems with documentation, technical assistance, training materials and many more. In addition to this, it does not offer ideal assistance to DevOps approaches due to the chosen automation options and much of handling work is finished by the staff itself.

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Google Cloud Platform – Advantages and Disadvantages

Google is also a powerful candidate under the cloud race as it began the Kubernetes while comparing to the Amazon Web Service as well as the Azure. Various supreme services of Google Cloud Platform consists of machine learning along with big data analytics and many more like ideal load balancing, or even considerable scaling.

GCP has a remarkable response time and data centers are well-known. Google is the third-ranking IT marketplace since it never offers services as compared to Amazon Web Service or Azure. Thus, it is going to extend as required.

According to professionals, GCP does not happen to be a strategic partner however it is considered as the second partner solely. If their business race with Amazon then they might freely select GCP in such situation. This is technically an open source interface which is basically DevOps centric and precisely arrayed to Microsoft Azure.

AWS vs Azure vs Google – Compute & Storage

Compute is nothing although a basic role which describes several things regarding to the system workloads. For an efficient cloud service provider, it is mostly simple for connecting numerous nodes altogether. Let’s examine various computing features of these 3 frameworks one by one –

  • Primary is Amazon EC2 which provides remarkable computing services to set up various virtual machines with the assistance of customized already defined AMIs.
  • Secondary is Microsoft Azure which provides a virtual hard disk that functions similar to AMI in Amazon and assists in setting up virtual machines.
  • Last one is Google Cloud Platform or GCP which uses a compute engine to set up the virtual machines.

Storage is one more prime facet in the field of cloud computing and the services delivered by the storage domain are mostly regarding the data storage. Amazon Web Service provides storage execution which are beneficial within the long duration whereas the Azure, as well as Google, might also be considered as reliable and flexible storage features. According to experts, Microsoft along with Amazon Web Service happen to be the prevailing leaders within the cloud market at present. Simultaneously, IBM and Google might be the upcoming cloud leaders very soon.

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google – Databases

A Database is required to keep or maintain the data in a pretty much arranged manner. Customers must remember that Azure facilitates the big data, relational databases, No SQL and so on so forth. Amazon Web Service assists Dynamo DB as well as Google braces the Cloud data store based services. All these are ideal for various projects and customers have the liberty to opt any of them according to their suitability and the outline of the project. Amazon never provides any kind of backup service however it carries the Glacier for long time archival storage at pretty much reasonable costs.

On the contrary, Azure databases are even comprehensive with the option of Cosmo DB and a data warehouse service as well. There exist one more Redis Cache which is specifically required for the hybrid storage and especially created for organizations utilizing Microsoft SQL server within their own data centers. In contrast with Amazon Web Service, Azure provides the backup services along with the archive storage.

Last is our Google Cloud interface which is specifically famous for integrated storage and a consistent disk too. As far as databases are concerned, GCP carries a relational database and the cloud spanner to handle crucial workloads.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google – Pricing framework

While doing comparison of these three, costing might get complicated to analyze however this is usually possible to popularize the price framework if required. Let’s verify the costing framework for all these 3 interfaces step by step.

  1. Amazon Web Service pricing is one complex strategy where an individual calculator is provided by the organization to measure the eventual prices however because of the lack of some variables incorporated, this isn’t possible to discover the correct prices every time. Thus, customer must utilize a third-party price management based tools.
  2. Next is Microsoft Azure which is again complex due to its difficult software licensing features. Once again, customers must utilize a third-party pricing management based tools.
  3. Google pricing is very simple to analyze in comparison to those two frameworks. The user– friendly pricing of the organization wins against other service providers here. According to experts, the discounts provided by the industry are very catchy and reasonable too. With durable contracts, this becomes simple for the enterprise to influence customers in comparison to various cloud vendors.
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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google – What fits customers the most?

As we have already discussed, the choice of most suitable cloud vendor generally relies on various project requirements as well as the workloads. For an instance, if a single vendor appeals an individual project then it isn’t sure that it is going to function best for their project as well. Thus, verify the cloud methodology and fit various workloads to lock the most suitable vendor for their upcoming cloud project.

  • Why Amazon Web Service?

Customers can’t go wrong with Amazon Web Service as it possess a series of several tools along with services. One and only reason for not utilizing amazon web service is once they desire more than an informal relationship. Due to the huge size of an organization, this isn’t possible for Amazon to configure various customized relationships. However there exist various technicians who will assist customers in most desirable manner.

  • Why Azure?

For numerous Microsoft customers, nothing is much better as compared to the Azure cloud platform. Their existing dotnet code can execute over the Azure interface and they might attain extra discounts being a pre-existing Microsoft customer. If they require the Linux platform or work pertaining to DevOps, Azure might not be an ideal option.

  • Why Google Cloud?

Google has become a strong player within the cloud market and is enhancing gradually. In easy words, GCP is not having any legacy background in managing cloud services yet it is entirely dedicated. Google is concentrating more in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning features for leveraging it with the Google Cloud Platform. Certainly, GCP would be a preferred option in the upcoming future.

  • Conclusion

Several corporations would be concentrated on various cloud frameworks. Yet, if their Corporation depends more over Windows as well as Microsoft software program then customers might need to enquire the Microsoft Azure here. For some average business, who needs to measure rapidly may have hopes with Google Cloud Platform. On the contrary, if customers are seeking a cloud seller with a broader inventory of services along with international reach then Amazon Web Service is just the suitable match for customers.

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