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Minecraft Servers
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Minecraft – Overview

Minecraft is a sandbox game i.e. it allows players to tinker with the game environment and includes game creation system of some form.

Minecraft lets you explore a pixelated 3-dimensional world and tools required to change the world you play in. Not too long into the game, you are handed a shovel you can then use to create magnificent structures from your imagination.

Why should I play Minecraft?

  • No Unnecessary Violence


    A game should not necessarily have too much violence to be interesting. Minecraft lets you compete the way you want. Or if hostility is your obsession, compete in the survival mode and have a mob attack you.

  • It Involves Creativity


    If you loved building Lego’s, you would love Minecraft as well. Given the creativity it involves, Minecraft is a rather cool thing to do for a video game.

  • Needs Coding


    Playing Minecraft needs you to be proficient with several server commands. Many gamers while playing Minecraft, also learn setting up dedicated servers.

  • Adaptive Gaming


    The game is adaptive and follows no particular storyline. From a gamer’s viewpoint, there is nothing cooler than choosing your own enemies.

Minecraft Servers - Features

  • Go4hosting

    Plugins & Mods

    Find Optifine Mod too fascinating? Our zero interference policy allows you to run as many plugins or mods as you want.

  • Go4hosting

    DDoS Protection

    Your game, our priority. Our Minecraft Servers are DDoS protected.

  • Go4hosting

    Automated Backups

    Revert back from a fiasco, automated backups let you restore game contents.

  • Go4hosting


    Easily scale RAM, CPU, and storage as and when required.

  • Go4hosting

    Hassle-Free Setups

    Our servers deploy instantly; you can start playing Minecraft right away.

  • Go4hosting

    Host Unlimited Games

    Play as much as you want. Invite players to compete/ team up on your server.

  • Go4hosting

    Community Reach

    An enormous community of gamers, all hyped up about Minecraft, makes it easier to collaborate with players.


Multiple Data Centers

for increased performance and reduced latency, choose from multiple data centers.


Complimentary Subdomain

no more noting down lengthy IPs. Get a subdomain and map it to your Minecraft console.


Zero Restrictions

Run mods and plugins. Compete in multiplayer or survival mode.


24/7 Dedicated Support

help is a few clicks away. Our support is always at its toes and you will hear no later than 30 minutes from us.


High Network Uptime

The server seldom undergoes downtime. You might be resting but your avatar is not.

Why Go4hosting Minecraft Servers?

Convinced… I am in.


Zero Hidden Charges

No hidden charges. No annoying marketing calls.


MySQL Configured

our servers come configured with MySQL, should you require it for adding new Plugins.


24/7 Monitored Network

We monitor network 24/7. Any surge in traffic is met with effective load balancing.


Built-in cPanel

easy-to-use control panel makes it easier to manage servers. We can setup both Plesk and cPanel for you.


VPS/Dedicated Servers

our premium customers get to choose between Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers.

Minecraft Mods We Support

  • Go4hosting

    Optifine / Fastcraft

    Two graphic-based Minecraft Mods to change the way your game looks. Optifine adds HD textures and a lot more graphical options. Fastcraft improves gaming on low-end machines.

  • Go4hosting


    Track where you have headed, mark points that interest you, and additionally know when mobs sneak up. JOURNEY MAP diversifies things you can do with your current map.

  • Go4hosting

    Not enough items (NEI)

    The perfect mod to view the recipe for any item through Minecraft Inventory Screen.

  • Go4hosting


    “What AM I Looking At” or WAILA helps you know what item you are looking at and the Mod it comes from.

  • Go4hosting


    For a variety of items to decorate your world, you need DECOCRAFT. This mod will add craftable bottles, chairs, tables, toys, and other items.

We allow a lot more mods. You can simply install them using Database Management System provided.

Minecraft Servers FAQ

Is Minecraft for free?

Like most other games, Minecraft is commercially licenced so you cannot play it for free. Depending upon which version you are buying and the country where you are buying, Minecraft can cost you anywhere between $ 20-30.

Is Minecraft good for kids?

Absolutely. The game is simple in design, fosters creativity and intellect, and is hence perfect for kids above 7 or 13 (depending upon the version of the game you are running).

Is Minecraft Violent?

Minecraft has very little violence. It is unlike any other action video game and has too little violence to require viewer’s discretion.

How much does Minecraft cost?

The cost not only depends upon the version of game you are running, but also the country where you are buying it. For the exact price we recommend you to check the official website of Minecraft.

Who owns Minecraft?

Though originally developed by Swedish developer Markus Perrson, Minecraft was eventually bought by Microsoft in the year 2014. To date, it is the best-selling video game ever, having sold around 180 million copies worldwide and features 112 million active players every month.

How to setup a Minecraft Server?

Setting up a Minecraft Server is easy, you only need to follow these pre-defined steps and type in the command given.

Here’s how to setup a Minecraft server.

Can I play modded games on your server?

Yes. We do not place any Plugin or Mod-based restriction. You can run any custom, modded release as long as it does not violate End User License Agreement (EULA).

Is Minecraft server worth buying? Why should I play Minecraft on a server rather than my own computer?

Yes. As you start building and growing your world, your computer might not be able to keep up with the processing. A hosted server will help you achieve faster data processing, which, in turn, will provide you a seamless gaming experience. With Minecraft Server, there is not only reduced latency, but also better opportunity to collaborate with other players.

How do people make money playing Minecraft?

There are several ways you can make money playing Minecraft –

  1. Stream on YouTube

    Perhaps an easy way to make some cash is to stream your skills on YouTube. Many gamers have started to make living out of it. You can earn from YouTube in two ways –

    1. YouTube ads and affiliations
    2. Donation from viewers
  2. Compete In Tournaments

    Once you have spent some time playing a game, start competing in professional gaming contests. The reward may vary depending upon the level in which you are competing - some global tournaments have rewards in millions.

  3. Organize A Tournament Yourself

  4. Sell Your Server Space

    One of the most profound ways in which gamers make money is by inviting other players to their server and collecting a small fee for every game. However, you need some sharp point and your server should be compelling enough for ‘pay n’ play’.

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