Minecraft Server HostingUnleash Your Minecraft Adventure with Premium Server Hosting

Embark on Minecraft Adventure with Premium Server Hosting

A Seamless Minecraft Experience Now Under Your Budget

Step into the premier haven for Minecraft enthusiasts – your portal to an immersive, seamless, and tailored gaming experience. Bid farewell to server disruptions and welcome uninterrupted block-building bliss with go4hosting’s Minecraft Server Hosting. We believe everyone should have access to the Minecraft experience they’ve envisioned, and our commitment to quality doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. With us,  you can avail of top-tier hosting without straining your budget. 

Opt for excellence, embrace creativity, and choose us. Let’s collaborate to craft your ideal Minecraft world.

Hassle-Free Minecraft Hosting – Just a Tap Away!

    Upgrade your gaming experience with go4hosting Cutting-edge Minecraft Hosting.

    Experience a gaming transformation like never before.

    Minecraft Servers - Features

    • Minecraft Hosting Services

      Plugins & Mods


      Find Optifine Mod too fascinating? Our zero interference policy allows you to run as many plugins or mods as you want.

    • Best Minecraft Server Hosting

      DDoS Protection


      Your game, our priority. Our Minecraft Servers are DDoS protected.

    • Indian Minecraft Server Hosting

      Automated Backups


      Revert back from a fiasco, automated backups let you restore game contents.

    • Minecraft Server Hosting India



      Easily scale RAM, CPU, and storage as and when required.

    • Minecraft Server

      Hassle-Free Setups


      Our servers deploy instantly; you can start playing Minecraft right away.

    • Minecraft Server

      Host Unlimited Games


      Play as much as you want. Invite players to compete/ team up on your server.

    • Minecraft Server

      Community Reach


      An enormous community of gamers, all hyped up about Minecraft, makes it easier to collaborate with players.

    • Minecraft Hosting Services

      Multiple Data Centers


      for increased performance and reduced latency, choose from multiple data centers.

    • Minecraft Server

      Complimentary Subdomain


      no more noting down lengthy IPs. Get a subdomain and map it to your Minecraft console.

    • Indian Minecraft Server Hosting

      Zero Restrictions


      Run mods and plugins. Compete in multiplayer or survival mode.

    • Minecraft Server

      24/7 Dedicated Support


      help is a few clicks away. Our support is always at its toes and you will hear no later than 30 minutes from us.

    • Minecraft Hosting Services

      High Network Uptime


      The server seldom undergoes downtime. You might be resting but your avatar is not.

    Connect with a Thriving Community

    Minecraft is more than just a game; it’s a thriving global community of enthusiastic gamers. You’ll have access to a vast network of like-minded folks by dabbling in India’s best Minecraft server hosting. Join multiplayer servers, collaborate on massive building projects, engage in thrilling competitions, or simply make new friends. The possibilities for socializing, learning, and growing as a gamer are boundless with Minecraft Server Hosting.

    Embrace the Future of Minecraft with go4hosting

    Brace yourself for a transformative experience that transcends mere gaming and transports you to a new dimension of exhilaration. go4hosting’s Minecraft server hosting is the key to unlocking untapped potential, whether you consider yourself a casual enthusiast pursuing unparalleled performance or a passionate architect yearning to showcase your magnificent creations to a global audience. Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where the boundaries of imagination dissolve, where your creativity knows no limits. Engage in seamless interactions with fellow adventurers, unite your strengths, and embark on thrilling quests that will redefine your perception of what Minecraft truly offers.

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    Why Go4hosting Minecraft Servers?

    • Zero Hidden ChargesNo hidden charges. No annoying marketing calls.

    • MySQL Configuredour servers come configured with MySQL, should you require it for adding new Plugins.

    • 24/7 Monitored NetworkWe monitor network 24/7. Any surge in traffic is met with effective load balancing.

    • Built-in cPaneleasy-to-use control panel makes it easier to manage servers. We can setup both Plesk and cPanel for you.

    • VPS/Dedicated Serversour premium customers get to choose between Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers.

    Customer Testimonials: Hear It Direct from Our Clients

    At go4hosting, we’re proud to offer premium Indian Minecraft server hosting. But don’t just take our word for it – let our happy customers share their experiences with go4hosting’s Minecraft server hosting in India:

    Rahul Sharma

    go4hosting has genuinely elevated the Minecraft server hosting experience in India. The server setup was a breeze, and their constant updates kept things fresh and exciting. I’m a loyal customer because they genuinely understand the needs of gamers.

    Rahul sharma

    Sanjay Kumar

    I’ve tried several Minecraft server hosting providers in India, but go4hosting stands out. Their servers are fast, the mod support is excellent, and I appreciate the automated backups. My friends and I enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions.

    Sanjay kumar

    Priya Khandelwal

    As a novice in Minecraft hosting, go4hosting made it easy for me. The user-friendly control panel and their prompt customer support gave me the confidence to host my server in India. It’s a fantastic service!

    Priya Khandelwal

    Manish Singh

    I am blown away by the quality of go4hosting’s Indian Minecraft server hosting. The affordability combined with their powerful hardware ensures that my gaming experience is always top-notch. I highly recommend their services.

    Manish Singh

    Sarah Brkovic

    Reliability is the key, and go4hosting delivers. Our Minecraft community has flourished with seamless server performance and rapid technical support. go4hosting is the go-to for Minecraft server hosting in India.

    Sarah Brkovic

    John Murray

    go4hosting’s Minecraft server hosting in India has been a game-changer for my friends and me. The low-latency servers and dedicated support have made our gaming sessions a joy. We wouldn’t trust anyone else for our hosting needs.

    John Murray

    Join the growing community of satisfied gamers who have chosen go4hosting for their Indian Minecraft server hosting needs. Experience the difference yourself and discover why we’re the preferred choice for Minecraft server hosting in India.

    Minecraft Server FAQs

    Like most other games, Minecraft is commercially licensed so you cannot play it for free. Depending upon which version you are buying and the country where you are buying, Minecraft can cost you anywhere between $ 20-30.

    Absolutely. The game is simple in design, fosters creativity and intellect, and is hence perfect for kids above 7 or 13 (depending upon the version of the game you are running).

    Minecraft has very little violence. It is unlike any other action video game and has too little violence to require viewer’s discretion.

    The cost not only depends upon the version of game you are running, but also the country where you are buying it. For the exact price we recommend you to check the official website of Minecraft.

    Though originally developed by Swedish developer Markus Perrson, Minecraft was eventually bought by Microsoft in the year 2014. To date, it is the best-selling video game ever, having sold around 180 million copies worldwide and features 112 million active players every month.

    Setting up a Minecraft Server is easy, you only need to follow these pre-defined steps and type in the command given.


    Yes. We do not place any Plugin or Mod-based restriction. You can run any custom, modded release as long as it does not violate End User License Agreement (EULA).

    Yes. As you start building and growing your world, your computer might not be able to keep up with the processing. A hosted server will help you achieve faster data processing, which, in turn, will provide you a seamless gaming experience. With Minecraft Server, there is not only reduced latency, but also better opportunity to collaborate with other players.

    There are several ways you can make money playing Minecraft –

    • Stream on YouTube

    Perhaps an easy way to make some cash is to stream your skills on YouTube. Many gamers have started to make living out of it. You can earn from YouTube in two ways –

    1. YouTube ads and affiliations
    2. Donation from viewers
    1. Compete In TournamentsOnce you have spent some time playing a game, start competing in professional gaming contests. The reward may vary depending upon the level in which you are competing – some global tournaments have rewards in millions.
    2. Organize A Tournament Yourself
    3. Sell Your Server SpaceOne of the most profound ways in which gamers make money is by inviting other players to their server and collecting a small fee for every game. However, you need some sharp point and your server should be compelling enough for ‘pay n’ play’.

    Minecraft requires significant memory to handle the game’s mechanics, world generation, and player interactions.  1 GB RAM is sufficient for a Minecraft server. However, at least 4 GB or more of RAM for a Minecraft server is recommended for optimal performance and accommodating multiple players.

    Setting up your Minecraft server hosting and running might take a few minutes or a couple of hours.

    To start with your Minecraft Server hosting, choose a plan that suits your needs. Then configure the server settings and upload Minecraft files. Customize your server’s gameplay settings to create your ideal Minecraft gaming experience. For any further assistance, contact our customer support team. 

    Yes, you can easily upgrade your game hosting plan. Reach out to our dedicated support team, and they will assist you with the necessary upgrades or plan changes.

    Dedicated IP for the Minecraft server is not required but is recommended.  It provides a stable and exclusive address for your server, allowing players to connect easily without the risk of IP conflicts.


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