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Altering the future with Private Cloud For E-Learning

Through digital methods, eLearning has established itself as a significant instrument for imparting learning to people of all origins, requirements, and locations. It appears to be much more critical now, given Covid-19’s devastating impact. Switch to the private cloud hosting for a more technologically sophisticated infrastructure for your eLearning platform.


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    Go4hosting provides eLearning private cloud solutions that provide a scalable, adaptable, and on-demand computing infrastructure. To construct an effective eLearning system, our cloud solution makes use of the most up-to-date technologies and methodologies. We ensure that your end customers receive education and training without any problems thanks to our highly secure cloud interface.



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    Adapt your business to the new pace with Private Cloud 

    Mission-critical workloads on the cloud now make up less than 17 percent of all workloads, and that number is only predicted to grow to 20 percent by 2022*, indicating that some company executives are still hesitant to move sensitive and crucial workloads to the cloud.

    The strength of the private cloud is balanced with your own IT environment’s predictability, control, visibility, and peace of mind.

    Go4Hosting offer Next-generation Private Cloud in India. For highly regulated businesses like financial services, insurance, healthcare, and not-for-profit, it is extremely secure and designed specifically for them.

    We provide you with comprehensive control of your IT environment, including structure, security, cost, and compliance when IT performance and data protection are crucial.

    Where security meets performance.

    With robust cloud technology that lowers risk and gives you complete control over your IT environment, including security, compliance, cost, and performance customization, you can quicken the digital transition.

    Get secure Private Cloud Access for growth, innovation, and success

    Integrated data security.

    With built-in data confidentiality, integrity, and availability features like data encryption at rest, 24/7 biometric security and data center integrity, IDS/IPS, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability, pen testing, and DDoS protection, you can get complete data security and privacy right away on the safe Go4hosting platform.

    99.999 % availability for assured business continuity.

    With active clustering over two physical locations and data housed in various Indian data centers, you can end operational disruptions and enjoy one of the market’s greatest uptimes. You can also increase workload availability with real-time data.

    Top-notch level data integrity 

    To satisfy the demands for recoverable data, safeguard backups from fresh ransomware outbreaks, and ensure recovery after an attack, immutable storage for fixed, unchangeable data that can never be removed is essential.

    Premium hybrid connection.

    Complex solutions are needed to address the rapidly changing consumer environments since apps frequently operate across on-premise infrastructure, several clouds, and the edge. Globally distribute your apps by using Azure as an extension of your current network. Without sacrificing on security, create quick-to-market innovative solutions for clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Private Cloud For ELearning

    Flexibility, cost savings, security, and control are all advantages of using a private cloud. Enterprises with stable workloads or customization requirements, as well as businesses in regulated industries, will profit from these advantages.


    Highly regulated companies and government organizations are ideal candidates for the private cloud. Data with a high level of sensitivity. Companies need a high level of control and security over their IT workloads and infrastructure.

    It effectively lowers a company’s capital cost of owning a server and, more critically, its operational and support costs. To access data on the cloud computing platform, all a user has to do is pay a usage-based subscription.

    A private cloud is a single-tenant environment, which means that the tenant does not share resources with other users. Those resources can be handled and hosted in several ways.


    If all else is equal, your private cloud is more secure since fewer individuals are aware of its existence. However, the more business your firm does, the more likely it is that someone will gain access to your cloud platform. The flexibility to implement unique security mechanisms is what sets a private cloud apart.

    A private cloud is a specialized environment that is only available to a particular company or organization. The enterprise or a third-party cloud service provider can manage the cloud infrastructure, which can be on-premise or off-premise.

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