Remote Desktop VPS Hosting

You can connect from any location via RDP vps hosting

RDP allows you to access your Windows cloud hosting from any PC, Mac, or smartphone.

  • From any device, you may quickly connect to an RDP VPS.
  • Use Remote Desktop Connection, TeamViewer, or any other RDP client on your computer.


RDP (Distant Desktop Protocol) is a Microsoft technology that connects a remote Windows server on the internet or a local network using a graphical interface. Windows is the operating system on this server.

The user admin has access to the server’s tools and applications over this connection. Whether you’re running Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, or any other Windows server, we’ve got you covered.

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    Key Features

    • It's Simple To Use And Manage

      It's Simple To Use And Manage


      You may use a remote desktop connection to login to your Windows VPS machine or any other computer from afar and take total control of it. You can easily access and handle tasks on the distant system with our VPS for RDP. All of our hosting options provide your admin personnel complete control over your remote desktop connections and servers, allowing them to install any software and utilize the server anyway they see fit.

    • User Access is Unrestricted

      User Access is Unrestricted


      The number of users that may use remote desktop applications through our server is unrestricted with our RDP VPS hosting. Your administration and technical employees, as well as end-users, may require RDP access. With only a few clicks, you may provide several users access to a remote desktop host. To properly support many simultaneous RDP sessions, you must install the remote desktop services session host role on your server.

    • There are no bandwidth restrictions.

      There are no bandwidth restrictions.


      Our RDP VPS hosting plans feature unlimited site traffic and bandwidth to ensure that our clients have constant connectivity and that data transfer activities are not hampered. We make certain that no interruptions prohibit you from accessing or transmitting the data or information you require. You won't have to worry about surpassing your plan restrictions with our VPS's unlimited bandwidth option.

    • Stay Connected Without Being Disrupted

      Stay Connected Without Being Disrupted


      Reliable network access is critical while working from a remote workstation. When a remote working service is hampered by network or latency difficulties, it can be aggravating. Our RDP VPS hosting, on the other hand, ensures constant connectivity and makes accessing and managing PCs hosted remotely a breeze. Even during peak demand periods, our network is powered by high-end Intel CPUs and fast connections. You'll always have quick access to your desktop.

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    When you buy RDP from us, whether you’re using Windows Server 2016 or another server, our Virtual Private Server makes it simple. We assist you in selecting the best Windows build for your needs and ensuring that it includes the software solutions you require to finish your tasks.

    With our customizable RDP solutions, you’ll have no trouble getting set up no matter where you want to work or how many members on your team require access to a remote desktop build.

    100% SSD STORAGE

    Buy inexpensive RDP plans from us and get fast internet, fast ports, 99 percent uptime, admin access, plenty of RAM, and other cool features. In addition, we provide you with limitless bandwidth and SSD storage, far more than you could ever want.


    Nothing is more aggravating than a remote working solution that is plagued by slowness or network concerns. To improve the functionality of your RDP, we provide a 40Gbit Mellanox network powered by high-end Intel E5 CPUs. When you utilize RDP with our VPS, you’ll enjoy the same seamless and effective performance as when you use dedicated servers.


    Remote desktop(RDP) VPS Hosting provides an effective and pleasant way for your IT staff to connect to a computer interface, setup and install any necessary software, and debug any service downtime issues.

    One of the benefits of our RDP servers and admin RDP services is that your employees may connect to a computer or network from afar while still supporting home networks. Simply said, with our RDP servers, you no longer need to be physically there to access your business computers.


    Many workers are increasingly working on their own devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, rather than utilising business gear. Admin RDP allows you to troubleshoot and monitor problems on staff devices.

    Buy RDP online at a low price and use it on our dedicated servers to get the desired port speed, RAM size, user interface, network connection, and 24/7 customer assistance.


    Here are some of the advantages of purchasing a low-cost RDP plan from us:

    1. RDP can connect to any Windows server, whether you’re using Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, or any of the more current versions.
    2. All files on servers, associated devices, and networks are accessible.
    3. Server uptime/service uptime is guaranteed since your VPS is backed up while it is in use.
    4. Configuration and rule adding are simple.
    5. Choose from hundreds of pre-installed templates.
    6. IPV6 compatibility
    7. Controlling the linked devices is simple.

    You’ll get a dedicated server with admin access, unrivalled port speed, the largest RAM size, and easy upgradeability, among other features. Get complete admin control by purchasing RDP from VPSserver (rights reserved).

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Remote desktop VPS Hosting

    ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ allows you to connect to your Remote desktop (RDP) VPS Hosting  from a Windows device. To connect to this on a Mac, you’ll need to install a programme.

    We have a 40gbe Mellanox network, which means we can always guarantee high-speed connections, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If this is the case, we provide live chat assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in resolving any issues.

    No, our servers are run on a non-contract basis, which means they can be deleted at any time if you no longer want our services. Before the following month begins, your payment will be cancelled.

    Yes! If you only have a tiny quantity of data to transmit (less than 1GB), you can do so by using remote desktop shared drives. You might want to utilise a USB drive if you have a lot of data.

    Yes! We recognise the importance of this, and our systems are built to detect any potential threats. They’ll also take the required steps to prevent the network from failing again.

    When you buy RDP from us, you’ll get RDP servers with limitless bandwidth and SSD storage, ensuring that your projects are very safe. We also duplicate everything, so you’ll never notice if you ever need to use the backup.

    Start with the lowest private RDP plan if you operate a small business. Our RDP server is entirely expandable, so as your company expands, your low-cost RDP server may expand as well. If you are not happy with our service, we will refund your money.


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