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Virtualizing SAP Hana on the cloud VMware vSphere platform, enhancing productivity and maximising business SAP outputs for clients with our managed SAP hana cloud hosting services on certified SAP/HANA Cloud data centre, and cut costs with our SAP hana offerings.

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    Is your SAP architecture appropriate for the cloud?

    SAP systems that are hosted in the cloud can bring a slew of advantages to users at all levels of the company. However, before, during, and after transferring mission-critical SAP systems to the cloud, many hidden, unanticipated, and costly issues might occur. Go4hosting’s Cloud Actions are a game changer. With a single solution, we can oversee AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as all of our clients’ SAP infrastructures. It automatically allocates cloud resources depending on system performance, saving our clients a substantial amount of money.

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    Boost productivity and maximise company outputs by hosting SAP HANA on cloud in less time with Go4hosting at a lower cost. You’ll get a 15-day risk-free SAP HANA cloud trial, safe management, fully managed application services, and more. On our highly available SAP HANA enterprise data centre with disaster recovery options, we build SAP HANA applications on cloud to provide end-to-end solutions on cloud infrastructure with managed services for our in memory applications, core platform services can build and extend business applications in the cloud, and core platform services can build and extend business applications in the cloud.

    SAP Cloud for the Next Generation:

    With our SAP HANA cloud hosting, we firmly establish SAP HANA on cloud as the next generation ERP business suite to serve digital organizations, giving our clients the power to analyse, report, and predict in real time, allowing them to make faster, better business choices. With our free SAP Cloud platform cockpit tool, we can manage your SAP Cloud account and apps.

    Cheap SAP HANA Cloud Platform Is Ready for Host:

    For digital organizations, we provide enterprise SAP Hana cloud platform services that make it easier to host SAP HANA on the cloud in less time. We modify or construct resources such as real-time integration and data integration on SAP cloud applications using the SAP HANA cloud integration platform, and we supply SAP HANA cloud hosting in accordance with the client’s budget.

    VMware’s SAP Cloud:

    VMware vSphere virtualization solutions allow you to manage and monitor your SAP HANA on cloud server. Running SAP Hana on the VMware vSphere platform provides customers with the simplicity, power, and lightness they need for their most basic operational circumstances, allowing them to unify hardware infrastructure, apps, and disc space in minutes without compromising performance.

    OS for SAP Certified Server:

    Our SAP hosted server supports various operating systems depending on the configuration and SAP HANA application usage, such as SUSE Linux enterprise for SAP applications, Red Hat enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, and so on. For SAP HANA servers hosted in the cloud, the minimum memory requirement is 128GB.

    Certified SAP Support: 

    If a user encounters any issues or becomes stuck in the middle of a SAP HANA application, our certified technicians will provide assistance and guide your technicians to resolve the damages. 

    In other circumstances, we just offer support and point your specialists in the right direction to repair the damage.

    SAP Hana On Cloud (FAQs) on Colocation Cage

    VMware can manage SAP HANA databases up to the size of a four-socketed wide virtual machine on 8-socket Intel standard architecture / non-glued server hosts with a maximum capacity of 224 vCPUs and 6 TB of memory (DRAM or Intel Optane PMEM).

    SAP clients may benefit from an industry-standard data centre infrastructure that is designed for agility, high availability, cost savings, and quick provisioning by operating the SAP HANA platform virtualized on VMware vSphere.

    SAP on VMware’s Hybrid and Multi-Cloud infrastructure. Virtualize, automate, and standardise your software-defined data centres to transform your SAP landscape. By operating SAP environments on VMware, you can increase the efficiency and flexibility of your environment.

    With the combined capabilities of HANA and VMware, we’re enabling clients to quickly implement SAP HANA in their settings. This mix of SAP, VMware, and HP technologies was created with the goal of assisting clients in doing quicker analytics across all aspects of their SAP company.

    No, it will not run on a Windows computer. SAP HANA is only compatible with Linux-based systems. It may be installed or operated on Intel x86 and IBM power systems (both RedHat Linux and SUSE Linux).

    SAP HANA Cloud is a cloud database as a service that is entirely managed in memory (DBaaS). It connects data from throughout the company as the cloud-based data basis for SAP Business Technology Platform, allowing for speedier choices based on real-time data.


    SAP S/4HANA is only available on the SAP HANA database, which is only available on the Linux® operating system (OS).

    ERP stands for enterprise resource planning, and it is a type of software that aids firms in managing their business operations. SAP is a global corporation that offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to businesses. 2. It’s a centralized system that streamlines everything.

    The biggest differences between Oracle and SAP may be seen in the financial management aspects of both systems. Oracle’s finance package is just more complete, with stronger budgeting, pricing, and fundamental accounting functions.

    Oracle Database In-Memory works with Oracle Database 12c on any platform. Only SAP-certified X86-based HANA appliances from partners are compatible with HANA. Customers can’t use HANA on non-certified hardware that they already have. Makes use of current IT resources (DBAs, developers).

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