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Dedicated server hosting in USA

Dedicated hosting is the most robust solution for businesses that need uncompromised website performance. According to a survey by Netcraft in Jan 2019, there are around 1.5 billion websites in the world. Out of these websites, the US houses as many as 876.8 million.

  • Xeon Quad Core x3430


    2.4 GHZ/8MB CHACHE

    4 THREAD

    4 GB RAM



    USD 99

  • Quad Core Xeon E3-1230v3


    3.3 GHZ/8MB CHACHE

    8 THREAD

    8 GB RAM



    USD 129

  • Hexa Core Xeon E5 2620


    2.0 GHZ/15MB CHACHE

    12 THREAD

    8 GB RAM



    USD 349

  • 2 X Octa Core Xeon E5 2630 v3


    2.0 GHZ/20MB CHACHE

    16 X 2 THREAD

    32 GB RAM



    USD 549

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Bragging figures

58.53 % of websites in the world are hosted in the USAThat makes more than 5 out of every 10 google search results.
Of top 1 million websites in the world, 4,31,214 are again from the United States An astonishing 43.12 % of total top 1 million websites.
Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Wikipedia, Instagram, Reddit, are all hosted in the United States. US stands third in the number of internet users; only behind China and India.


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United States Internet Users


Smartphones are more common than broadband in United States, as it is with every other nation.

US internet users

By 2000, half of all adults were already online.

internet users

9 in 10 adults use internet.

broadband users

65 % in US are home broadband users.

How internet made its way to the US

The US is the harbinger of internet that was conceptualized after its defence network called ARPANET. ARPANET was developed under the directions of ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency).
The country holds a record of being #1 in the number of active Internet Service Providers, with figure as high as approx. 7,000. Out of the world’s top 3 telecom companies (based on total revenue), 2 are from the US. AT&T holds the honour of being world no. 1.
Most residential access during the infancy of 21st century was dial-up based. Dial-up converts digital to analog for transmission. Dial-up connections are the slowest methods of accessing internet.
  • It took 75 years for telephones to reach 50 million users.
  • Internet achieved this pinnacle in just 4 years.
  • And Pokémon Go in just 19 days.
Broadband connections come with a wider range of speed and technology, and are a faster means of connectivity than dial-up. Broadband and optical fiber are the fastest mode of connectivity at present.
The most widely used broadband provider has 26 million subscriptions with cable internet access at speeds up to 1 GBPS, which in some areas goes as fast as 2 GBPS. Despite such lighting fast internet, the US stands nowhere in top 10.
Average internet speed in the US is close to 11.5 Mbps; almost 2.5 times more than world’s overall average speed. South Korea has the fastest (average) internet in the world.
The Unites States’ defence, civil, public, private organizations have a strong reliance on the internet. In fact ARPANET was once used by the US military.

How useful are servers for a company?

Every website you can think of, or any application, or a software with the capability to connect to the internet has an underpinning server. Servers are more common than you think. Even now, when you are reading this, there is a server somewhere on earth providing this content for your reading pleasure.

Web hosting facts

  • The dedicated server market was valued at USD 3.05 billion in 2010.
  • The figure rose to 6.53 billion USD in 2019; more than twice in just 9 years.
  • Asia has the maximum number of internet users. The majority of internet providers in the world are from North America, though.
  • The US economy bears a loss of around $ 500 million every year because of downtime, slow internet or crashed website.
  • 58% of overall traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.
  • There are more than 33,000 web hosting providers in the world.

Types of web hosting in the USA

The United States houses some of the biggest IT giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft with a plethora of hosting solutions that cater to every individual’s need. It is possible to avail hosting service a thousand miles away from your location. The type of servers offered is more or less the same everywhere.

Colocation services are also prevalent in the country. In colocation the vendor only provides the space that the server takes up. Internet facility, power supply, and air conditioned environment is provided by the colocation provider.

Though most companies in the country have almost always preferred unmanaged hosting, the newer ones are seen more inclined towards the managed type.

  • Dedicated hosting – the ‘Big Boss’ of all hosting types, and even better than VPS. Dedicated servers are for big businesses, or for those that demand ‘extra’ from their online business.
  • VPS hosting – runs on a shared machine with virtually distributed resource. It boasts of better performance, better security, better control and better ‘everything’.
  • Shared hosting – is the most basic and, thus, the cheapest hosting; best for small business or individuals with meager site traffic.
  • Cloud hosting – a virtualized server hosting with no fixed physical disk. The storage is pooled from a collection of servers to act like a single virtual disk space.

Technical know-how before buying a server hosting

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What you want from your server is central to choosing the ideal hosting. A small company with little site traffic could do with a shared plan. Those in search for accessibility might need a cloud server.

Administrators who do not wish to leave any ends loose only should only rely on dedicated server hosting.



How often would you need to upgrade your server configuration is important. As business hits popularity, the server space may no longer cater to the traffic. Scaling up the server becomes inevitable at one point, provided your business is burgeoning. If you are expecting an imminent boon, it is better to start directly with dedicated hosting.

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The benefits you can reap from your hosting is proportionate to the sum you pay.

Shared hosting is indispensable for smaller firms that run on shoe-string budget. If benefits reign supreme, and cost is not a concern as such, a dedicated hosting plan should be your go-to.

VPS is a compromise between shared and dedicated hosting, and depending upon the configuration the cost can vary anywhere in between the two extremes - shared and dedicated servers.

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Security is paramount to safeguard data stored on your server.

All servers are equally stringent towards security, and almost every hosting type can provide your website with a secure environment. Still, dedicated servers are touted as more secure than their peers because they maintain complete physical isolation.

Servers running a shared environment can often jeopardize security, and, thus, shared hosting is often booed for breaching privacy.


Reliability & uptime availability

There is nothing that beats cloud servers when it comes to reliability. These servers seldom run into crashes or data outage.

Shared servers are infamous for running into downtime. Dedicated and VPS hosting, when properly managed, can be as reliable as cloud servers; however, a single glitch in these servers can stir up an entire set of problems that can culminate in a complete outage.

Dedicated server hosting USA plans

A dedicated server is a framework dedicated to the use of a single consumer. The entire hardware with its RAM, bandwidth, disk space, etc. are at the disposal of the user. This allows for better control, improved performance, enhanced security, and a robust implementation of hosting solutions.

The biggest and the most successful ventures in the country have been running dedicated servers ever since their inception. Gamers use it too. We run a number of plans for varied business-sizes and different server configurations.

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