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Private Cloud Hosting

Ensure maximum flexibility, enhanced security, greater agility, and faster time to market with custom private cloud hosting solutions.

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Leverage the power of vast computing resources with enterprise-grade firewall and control

Private cloud hosting is a befitting solution for organizations that seek to secure their confidential data while fulfilling their flexible computing needs. Private cloud solutions get executed within the firewall of the organization and, therefore, offer an unmatchable level of security and compliance.

We at Go4hosting offer state-of-the-art private cloud services that equip your business with an extensive pool of resources to help you innovate easily and scale seamlessly. Our technical experts work in your close association to deploy a private cloud solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Take a quick glance at the various key skins of a private cloud

  • Self-Service Portal

    A self-service portal helps you access virtual machines with the click of a mouse. You can provision and monitor virtual machines easily through a web-browser or a mobile application.

  • Robust Infrastructure

    We boast of multi-redundant tier-III data centers that help create a robust infrastructure and provision resources as required.

  • High Security

    With rigorous internal compliance policies and security measures in place, we make sure your critical data remains shielded from vulnerabilities such as data loss, unauthorized access and natural calamities.

  • Easy to Customize

    Our private cloud servers are flexible and allow you to customize security, storage types, bandwidth and network connectivity options in response to the changing demands of your business.

  • Auto-Scaling

    Our private cloud solutions let you scale with the utmost convenience. You can easily scale up to 20% from the base configuration whenever your business demands.

Various Advantages of Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud

A private cloud has computing resources dedicated for use by a single organization. A private cloud may be located on-premises or operated by a third-party vendor off-site. The computing resources of a private cloud are delivered to the client through a secure private network and not shared with other clients.

Private cloud servers are highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique business needs of the organization. A private cloud solution offers an enormous amount of control over the infrastructure that helps organizations run sensitive applications without compromising on security or performance.

As one of the leading private cloud providers, we at Go4hosting offer reliable, scalable and economical private cloud services for businesses of all types and sizes. With more than 18+ years of experience, we boast of an unmatchable track-record in delivering best-in-class private cloud hosting solutions to industry conglomerates, flourishing start-ups and government agencies across the globe.

Our top-of-the-line private cloud solutions help organizations achieve their most ambitious business goals seamlessly. Using our private cloud servers, organizations can secure mission-critical data, analyze this data to gain eye-opening insights, develop, test and deploy innovative applications for web and mobile and provide their customers with the latest version of on-demand software.

We work in close co-operation with all our clients and offer them round-the-clock technical support to resolve issues within the stipulated time-frame. We have a robust service level agreement that guarantees our adherence to the highest level of quality standards.

Our multi-redundant tier-III compliant data centers equip us with the highest quality cloud infrastructure needed to deliver an impeccable service. We use first-rate servers from HP, IBM, Dell and Super Micro to ensure a seamless performance. Processors from Intel Xeon E5 and E7 series provide our customers with an unmatchable processing speed. Our SAN devices automatically save all the business-critical data. Add to this fault tolerant VMs that ensure round-the-clock availability of Virtual Machines.

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