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Go4hosting offers you a free VPS server trial for 7 days. You can start with our Free VPS trial immediately. It can be converted at any time to a paid plan as per your business needs. Free trial plans include a quick initial configuration of your Virtual Private Server. 

In this setup, you will find the operating system as well as several applications, including PHP with FastCGI, a MySQL database server, MailEnable server, one-click installers, and other software you select during the signup process.

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    Experience the best of our VPS Hosting Services free for a week

    Why choose a free VPS Hosting trial from Go4hosting? 

    Go4hosting offers you a free VPS server trial, which you can easily set up using your phone, tablet, PC, or laptop. Be it our free trial VPS server plan or paid, they offer impeccable security, reliability, and scalability. With our VPS hosting plans, you get both power and ease of use. We build our servers with the latest technology, so they enable truly breakneck speeds. Choosing from our exclusive range of hosting packages provides you with the choice that suits your current and future needs best. Our team has experienced administrators on board who will ensure 99.9% server uptime, on duty 24x7x365.


    Our VPS hosting plans are customized and created exclusively to help businesses of all sizes grow. If you are still wondering about the benefits our Go4hosting Free VPS server trial has to offer you, take a look at the benefits: 

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    Experience VPS Hosting with a Wealth of Features

    Our VPS plans are packed with the most up-to-date features, providing you with complete control, customization options, high performance, and much more to enjoy.

    Cutting-Edge : Intel Technology Our VPS servers are meticulously designed and rigorously tested with the latest Intel processors and chipsets, ensuring top-notch high-speed performance before they hit the marke

    Satisfaction Guaranteed : Give us a try, and we're confident you'll be pleased. Your contentment is our utmost concern. In the rare event of any issues, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase.

    SSL Certificate : Secure your website with an encrypted connection and safeguard your valuable data. Build trust with visitors and improve your Search Engine ranking.

    Resource Guarantee : We don't oversell, and you won't face the noisy neighbor problem! Thanks to our use of KVM hypervisors, we ensure that guaranteed resources are available at all times.

    Free Site Migrations : If you're migrating for the first time, it's on the house. We'll seamlessly transfer your hosted site from your old provider without any disruption to your live sit

    Instant Activation : While most VPS solutions can take hours or even days to set up, our VPS servers are designed for immediate activation. You'll be up and running within minutes!

    VPS Hosting: Frequently Asked Questions

    Provisioning takes just 30 seconds. Once you have signed up, the system will start generating your server as soon as it is ready. It means you do not have to wait at all. You will get access to the server right after you sign up for the free trial. 

    You can customize your server at any time – CPU, memory, and storage can be changed at any time through our control panel. You are billed for the resources you select according to the hours used – for instance, if you increase memory over the weekend, you will only be charged for the extra RAM you used during the period. There will be no hidden charges, you will pay for only what you use. 

    Yes, you can cancel a server at any time using Go4hosting technical support. Our VPS hosting plans are billed by the hour, so once canceled, a new invoice will be generated listing the hours the server existed (or how long it had been since the last monthly statement).

    Everyone understands that constructing data centers, purchasing servers, and purchasing high-speed Internet lines may be expensive for network hosting companies.

    If everything is so costly, you may be wondering why these network hosting firms provide free VPS hosting.


    Virtual hosting is a very competitive sector, and finding new clients for virtual servers of all sizes is a challenge.


    These network hosting companies offer prospective customers to trial the service before making a purchase in order to attract new consumers. We provide complimentary services for a short length of time.


    Free VPS hosting is essentially a VPS trial that you may acquire from your network hosting provider to try out the service before purchasing it.


    These network servers often provide trial VPS for 3 days to 15 days, and occasionally even longer. 


    Initially, all network hosting companies offered free trial virtual private networks (VPNs) without requiring credit card information.

    However, many users have lately begun to misuse their services, and most reputable VPS service providers now need credit card details before doing a VPS trial.

    The service is free to trial for a week.

    It’s foolish to spend $1 or $5 on a service that has a $50 or more worth.

    Some virtual server providers do not require a credit card, but not all do.

    After a web hosting package, a VPS is the next obvious step. In terms of setup, access, and functionality, virtual private servers provide a greater variety of options and flexibility (root access, Apache PHP.init). You may also put an SSL certificate and any other software you like on your computer.


    However, we want to stress the importance of selecting the appropriate VPS for your needs. A virtual private server (VPS) must be customized to meet your application’s needs as well as your company’s development.

    You get Plesk pre-installed storage space with a Plesk web hosting service. Although you have control over your websites, you are not the service’s administrator. It’s solely for project management.


    You are the server administrator if you pick a VPS, and the provider has no access to your data. You may customize it in any manner you want this way.


    The benefit of a VPS is that you won’t have to bother about hardware administration, thus you won’t have to keep track of hard drives, RAM, or CPU use. They can accommodate most sorts of medium and large web projects.


    If you wish to control the hardware components yourself, design more intricate architectures, establish an infrastructure that includes a private network (vRack), and install other complex solutions that aren’t web services, we propose using a dedicated server.


    Users with an increasing volume of online traffic should either upgrade to dedicated servers or employ Public Cloud options. These services provide more complicated and adaptable infrastructures.


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