What is Virtual Hosting?

Virtual hosting is a technique for hosting multiple domain names by using a remote hosting service provider. It powers myriad of IT services and solutions that can be deployed, executed from a remote server, where the backend infrastructure is completely managed from the provider’s end. In general, it allows one server to share its resources like memory, disk space, processor cycles, etc.

A virtual host sometimes, called a Web or Internet “space provider”. In Cheap Vps hosting, host will provide its users with the domain name registration, file storage, directory service for the files and scripts from which the website is developed. They also render e-mail addresses, and, optionally, Web site creation services, if the user is interested to make their website from another source. Free virtual machine user (website owner) only requires a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program for exchanging files with the virtual host.

Conventionally, virtual hosting is restricted to the website hosting, where the websites were deployed, executed from a hosting service provider. However, with the emergence of cloud computing and other managed services, virtual hosting now incorporates other solutions, such as virtual server hosting, virtual storage hosting, virtual application hosting, and/or entire data center India hosting to maintain high availability and resource efficacy.

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