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  • Partitioning Resource

    A Hypervisor partition resources of handles several segregated environments on the same physical device.

  • Tweaking a few settings

    Before the resource can be allocated to client, a few settings like security are configured on the server.

  • Allocating Resource

    Once resources have been partitioned and applications tweaked, they are now allocated to individual client.

Bottom Line

Virtual Private Servers work just like a shared server but in an isolated environment i.e. they work just how dedicated servers do except in a shared platform. While hypervisor makes VPS more secure, doling out resources make VPS server cheap.

Linux Dedicate hosting

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Linux VPS Hosting

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Windows Hosting

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Windows VPS Hosting

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VPS hosting Templates


Linux Dedicated Servers  
CentOS CentOS is fast and reliable because it is lightweight. CentOS is built on the same source chose as RHEL and is fast and reliable because it is lightweight.
To date, it happens to be one of our most preferred Operating Systems for VPS Hosting India.
SUSE SUSE has contributed to a number of project and is an excellent OS if you are looking for a top-notch experience from the very start. If you want to collaborate on big projects while still operating a cheap VPS server, SUSE should be the platform you should look forward to.
RHEL RHEL is probably the best distro for administrators who yearn easy and simplified database backup tool. When configuring RHEL with VPS Hosting Service, administrators should bear in mind that the OS is paid rather free and not an ideal choice if you are in the market for cheap VPS servers.
Debian Debian is known widely for its stability and speed. Inbuilt tools such as bug tracking makes it even more flexible and reliable for a stable environment.
Fedora Compared to RHEL, Fedora is simpler, lighter and not as much focussed on backups, although it is also based on Red Hat, the distro from which RHEL arose. Because it derives characteristics of Red Hat, Fedora stacks nicely with cheap VPS.
Ubuntu The most widely known ‘Ubuntu’ happens to be the top pick amongst all distros not only in India but throughout the world. The third most-common OS, Ubuntu, has one of the largest community forum to help solve issues you would run into.
We run the cheapest VPS Hosting in India with these additional OS - Gentoo, Elastix, ClearOS, Mageia, Scientific Linux, Slackware, Ubuntu, CloudLinux Server, Arch Linux.


Even though Windows VPS hosting is not anywhere as cheap as Linux VPS hosting, it has a crazy fanbase, in India at least. These private servers are still in use because they boast of an intuitive UI and integrate really well with Microsoft Products, to which the users in India have now tuned so well.

Features of go4hosting’s VPS

  • Best VPS hosting

    Best VPS hosting service in India is now more affordable than ever, especially with go4hosting’s cheap VPS. Go4hosting has proved its credibility in providing affordable VPS experience without compromising even a bit with quality.

  • Cheap VPS Hosting

    Cheap VPS Hosting from go4hosting has been looked on as the messiah in times when VPS Hosting plans in India are soaring new heights.

  • India’s best VPS provider

    Ours has become a name synonymous with reliability and best performance. We undoubtedly are, India’s best provider and our SLA compliances proclaim of the same.

  • Run Private Minecraft Servers

    With servers from go4hosting, there is virtually no limitation on product-use. Want to run private Minecraft servers or PUBG because the server status is down, as always? It is possible. Make our VPS your Private game servers. Who knew private game servers could be this cheap?

Why VPS over any other server?

Differentiators Shared Hosting Virtual Private Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting
Cheap Yes Yes. Not at all.
Performance Low High High
Scalable Very Very Not much
Control Zero to none Comparatively high high
Security Nothing close to secure Secure Very Secure
Downtime Too frequent rarely Next to none

Now is the time to switch to the Best VPS Hosting

Traffic parameters

  • Surge greater than 30%.
  • Page per day views 5k

Need additional features

  • Control
  • Security

Website contains

  • Heavy multimedia contents
  • User-sensitive files

  • Fast Processor
  • Robust cpanel
  • Maximum Uptime
  • 24*7 technical support

  • Cheap VPS Server

  • VPS Server

  • Secure VPS Servers

  • Scalable VPS Server

  • technical support nuumber

Rejuvenate business with the best VPS hosting ever.

VPS server hosting FAQ

What is VPS server hosting?

VPS Server hosting is when you launch a website using virtualization server. In this technique the resource of a server is divided into N constituents, with each now behaving as though it were an independent server.

Do you provide managed or unmanaged VPS hosting?

We only provide managed VPS service. This allows us to better manage our hosting environment. However, if your requirement is particularly unmanaged, you can get in touch with our team and we shall be happy to set one for you.

When upgrading from shared hosting, we recommend you to only switch to managed VPS and once you have a grasp on important server commands, switch to unmanaged service.

Can I configure VPS with additional memory?

Yes. You can not only add extra memory to your VPS Server hosting, but also storage, bandwidth and database backup.

We have a diverse range of plans so you can literally start building your VPS Server Hosting from scratch.

Can Go4hosting’s VPS hosting help me with my website’s SEO?

Yes. Not just VPS, but any other hosting from Go4hosting can help you with your website’s SEO, here’s how

  • 99.9% plus uptime guarantee keeps your website always up and running
  • High page load speed owing to blazing-fast networks with which we have procured our data centers
  • Indian IP to rank better in local searches
  • Data center facility in the US with US-based IP, so you stand equal chance to rank in the US too.

What are the various Linux distros you provide support for?

Almost all Linux distros that are in use currently or are expected to be in trend in the future are available to be installed on our VPS.

You can explore our Linux options here.

Windows or Linux – with which OS should I setup my VPS server hosting?

Both Windows and Linux have their ideal use-case scenarios.

    Use Linux for VPS when looking for

  • Control
  • Budget-friendly alternative
  • Added root access

    Use Windows for VPS Server Hosting when looking for

  • Intuitive functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with other Microsoft products

What are the advantages of managed VPS hosting over the unmanaged?

Below are the advantages of Managed VPS Server Hosting that you should consider while buying VPS Hosting

  • 24/7 Support
  • Very rare downtime – the server is 24/7 monitored
  • Error, bugs are fixed in real time.
  • Reduced burden, more time.

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