What Is Unmanaged VPS?

Unmanaged VPS is a process where the client has to do the maintenance and management of all the server related issues. It is also referred as self managed VPS hosting. It is far more affordable than the managed hosting suiting the requirements of a budget constrained customer. The host generally only provides 24 x 7 x 365 days’ support only for the hardware and network related issues. It is an ideal form of  VPS hosting when the clients have their own team of technically qualified professionals.

Benefits for Customer

You as a customer get complete root access to the server. It means installing, configuring and troubleshooting issues related to the servers are all to be managed by your technical team. Many small businesses have upgraded from the shared hosting as they needed complete control over the server. It thus is equivalent to the dedicated server in all its features except for the price factor being far lower in costs.

Do I need Managed VPS?

The host on their part will ensure that the network is always available for your technical team to access the server at all times in case the issues crop up at the data centers of the host.

What are the Advantages of Unmanaged Hosting?

– The clients can create their own customized VPS hosting taking advantage of the scalable features that allow them the flexibility of opting for resources as and when they require.
– It is a very cost effective too as the clients pay only for the resources they use. They need not buy resources they do not require.
– It gives the control to customize it to meet their business requirements. They are allowed to install any software they find necessary for their business growth.
– They have their own technical team to handle any issues without the need to call or mail the host’s support team and wait till they respond.

What are the Prerequisites for Unmanaged Hosting?

The clients opting for the unmanaged VPS server need to be thoroughly knowledgeable about the operating system and have the capability to control the VPS to ensure their websites get the maximum uptime, reliability and stability. They will need to do all the updates, upgrades and security patches on their own. The host will not provide any technical help and even if they do it will be at an additional cost. The VPS provider i.e. the host also is saved from having to offer dedicated customer support as they are not maintaining the software related technicalities. It is not recommended for the newcomers as it takes away some quality time that they could use for the growth of their business.

What is the difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting?

In managed hosting the host takes care of all server-side controls including updates, troubleshooting, scanning and preparing rosters for maintenance. The ideology underlying Managed Hosting is to have the resource always ready for the client by undertaking all background tasks on client’s behalf.

In Unmanaged Hosting the responsibility of the host is to only deliver ready-to-launch server. While the provider is still responsible for the physical wellbeing of the server and all the associated network hardware, safekeeping the IT environment lies at the hands the client.

Thus, the provider will turn on the lights and hand you the keys to your server. The rest has to be managed by you, regardless of whether you have the expertise to do so or not.


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