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Ruby is a powerful programming language and ruby on rails is one of the most popular frameworks for it. All the servers do not support large resource demands thus you need a ruby package manager known as RubyGems. According to your development needs, you will need an excellent hosting solution that can be shared, VPS, or dedicated.


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    Ruby on rails hosting servers with advanced security and 99.9% guaranteed uptime

    We provide you with the best ruby on rails web hosting server equipped with multiple layers of security. Our hosting servers come with continuous real-time monitoring that gives you 99.9% guaranteed uptime. We offer you web servers that are managed by the professionals of the industry. You will also get 24 hours of relentless support from our highly qualified in-house team of IT experts.

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    Benefits with Go4hosting

    99.9% Uptime Promise

    Our web servers offer 99.9% assured uptime. We only reboot the physical servers during a hardware upgrade or replacement or to fix a network issue. You will never face any downtime or low server performance. Our IT team continuously monitors your server and delivers 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

    Fully Managed Rails Hosting

    Go4hosting rails hosting solutions are fully managed. Our specialists will assist you in migrating, technical difficulties, module/add-on issues, and other problems. IT professionals in our office are well versed and experienced to handle your server. You will never face any issue with our hosting servers.

    Complete Root Access

    On our servers, you will get full root access to the server for fast, easy management and customization of the features and services. Customise the server according to your needs and enhance the customer experience. Additionally, you can personalise the server and control panel for enhanced performance and efficiency. 

    User-Friendly Control Panel

    We offer a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily restart, reboot, view, console, and more in just one click. Our user-friendly control panel allows you to perform any kind of task without any issues. You can manage the whole server from your control panel that is easy to access.

    Highly Scalable Servers

    Our web hosting servers can be easily scaled or down from the client control panel. If you need any further upgrades then you can connect to our IT team. Handling the high traffic demands is also very easy with our rails hosting. You can easily meet the increasing traffic demands and get desired results.

    Automated Backup

    We take daily, weekly data backups and free full data snapshots on request. You can use the backups for easy and fast disaster recovery. Using our hosting solution, you will always be prepared for the worst-case scenarios by restoring all the necessary data on the server as per your choice.

    Advanced Security

    Our dedicated plans include SSL and custom firewalls without any additional cost. We also provide VPC peering for improving the security of the server. Our advanced security options ensure that all your sensitive data is protected against all kinds of online attacks and preserved from data breaches. 

    Optimized Network Support

    We offer career-neutral infrastructure by providing the flexibility to choose from a wide range of telecommunication networks. You will get the choice to select any of the network providers that are most suitable for your network demands. Getting a reliable and desired network will boost your server performance and productivity. 

    Costless 24X7 priority support

    All-time priority support without any additional cost because there is no best web hosting without technical assistance. Our experts will always be available to support you during all ups and downs. Professionals from the IT team will resolve all the issues on priority for the best-in-class hosting experience. 

    FAQs About ruby on rails web hosting

    Ruby on rails often referred to as RoR, combines the simplicity and versatility of the object-oriented Ruby programming language with rails which is a framework designed to give programmers a quick and easy method for building and deploying online applications. It is one of the most popular and demanding development environments by web developers. RoR or simply rails combines with ruby, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create powerful database-backed web applications.

    Ruby on Rails is a popular and demanding web development environment that combines the simplicity and versatility of the object-oriented Ruby programming language with rails. Rails is a framework that is designed to give programmers a quick and easy method for building and deploying online applications. ROR combines ruby, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create powerful database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern. Rails follow the “Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)” principle.

    Ruby on rails is a free, open-source framework with extensive documentation that is backed by a passionate and helpful community. Today, it is widely used by some of the most popular websites and web applications. The framework offered by rails allows the applications created in ruby to interface not only with the software of the server but also with other network applications and users for accessing the content on the site.

    Go4hosting is one of the well-known and reliable ruby on rails web hosting service providers. Our plans include daily, weekly, and on-demand  cloud backup India without any additional cost to ensure fast and effective disaster recovery. We offer you proactive server monitoring that gives you 99.9% guaranteed server availability. We also provide multi-layer security to keep your data safe from intruders and DDoS attacks. Our in-house IT team of qualified professionals is relentlessly available to assist you.

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