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Before you take a tour to the future of Cloud server hosting, take a few moments to recapitulate the journey of the internet in United Arab Emirates.

Here are some speedy stats for you.

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Statistics – at a glance

Internet penetration

The table below shows the proliferation of internet in the United Arab Emirates.

2000 - Year
19.6%Penetration Percentage (of Population)
By the start of the 21st century, 1/5th of the Emiratis had already been introduced to the internet and were ‘connected’ in some way or the other.
2012 - Year
70.9%Penetration Percentage (of Population)
The internet was on the way to penetrate to 80 % of the UAEs population. In just a decade, the figure went up by almost 40 % - averaging an approx. 4 % inflation every year.
2017 - Year
90.6 %Penetration Percentage (of Population)
Service providers’ holistic approach continued to nourish the internet penetration and the numbers continued to grow.
2019 - Year (estimated)
99.06 %Penetration Percentage (of Population)
2019 witnessed a major breakthrough. 99.06 % people had access to the internet. Major portion of the traffic came from smartphones.

So far so good! Take a look at numbers today (2019) …

Year 2019 – A step forward towards the internet and digitalization in the UAE
LabelFigureWhat numbers say
Population9.61 millionThe country is rather sparsely population with a population of mere 9.61 million. The population growth chart had not shown any only significant change and the growth rate has been nominal for years.
Active Internet users9.52 millionFiguratively, 990 out of every 1000 citizens in the country is using the internet traffic, penetrating a whopping figure of 99.06%.
Social Media users9.52 million99.06 % of population has at least one social media account, around as many as there are internet users. The figure justifies that almost every internet user is active on social media.
Mobile users8.75 millionAlmost the entire nation relies on smartphones to power their personal internet. However, smartphones do not contribute to such a high percentage of traffic as majority of the traffic comes from enterprise users.

Social media

Here’s a glimpse on the contribution of social media to the overall internet usage in the United Arab Emirates.

Social Media Stats
Go4hosting7.88 million monthlyYouTube is by far one of the most widely used video sharing platforms with over 7.88 million active users (monthly).
Go4hosting5.86 millionThe social messenger encompasses around 62 % of the country’s entire population.
Go4hosting4.61 million monthlyThe microblogging platform, Twitter, expects to have over 4.61 million users tweeting every month on its platform. This means, 48 % of the population will microblog every month with their Twitter account.
Messenger Applications
Go4hosting7.88 millionNow a Facebook-owned trademark, WhatsApp has close to 7.88 million (82 %) users in the country. An average users opens WhatsApp as many as 23 times in a day.
Go4hosting3.08 millionWith 3.08 million users, Snapchat stands 4th in the country penetrating around 32 % of its population.

Market for data centers in the UAE

Emirates has already started the digitalization journey and the government has continued to focus on adopting cloud-based services. World’s top IT companies are looking forward to setup a cloud data center in the country. Emirates could be close to becoming paradigm of nation that has been revolutionized by the internet. Thus, there should remain no doubt as to what a server is capable of doing for business.

As the internet inched closer to Gen-7, the server and data center technology underwent a revamp too. As a result, data centers today are more Cloud-oriented than data centers have ever been.

A cloud server is the ideal choice for any sort of need – individual, commercial, or enterprise-level. The traditional servers are being done away with, and cloud services are emerging as the supreme technology today.

The benefits that cloud server hosting is capable of bringing to your business are innumerable.

Cloud Services

Migration to cloud servers is in full swing, with more and more data center facilities being installed just to cater to the rising cloud demands.

By 2018, the global cloud services market had already reached nearly $ 325.1 billion, and had compounded at a rate of 10.7 % since 2014.

Unlike conventional data centers where an exclusive physical server is allotted to the consumer, a cloud server is built on a virtualized environment. So, thousands of servers are pooled together as a single entity. The hassles of managing all individual underlying hardware are thus overcome.

YearTotal Market (Billion USD)

Cloud Server Hosting – Roadblocks

There is no good or bad with technology and the merits/demerits are often a matter of perspective. So, what may appear advantageous to one user might as well seem negative to another.

As with any other hosting, cloud servers, too, have their downsides.

The following are the reasons why administrators often shy away from a full-scale adoption of cloud services.

  • LOSS OF CONTROL - Cloud computing is likely to cost you administrative controls, especially those related to hardware and server management. But when scaled against the advantages, giving up these controls appears justified.
  • SECURITY CONCERNS - Administrators are skeptical in giving access to their data to unknown people. What concerns companies the most is that the data center provider may misuse its data.

    Providers seldom indulge in data mutilation. From a vendor standpoint, the data that might be golden for you may not mean anything more than junk to the hosting provider.
  • LACK OF ZEAL TO CHANGE Companies do not to keep their technology up-to-date until unless it becomes a grave urgency. This is one prime reason why cloud has not received the attention it deserves.

Cloud Server Hosting – Terminology

Terminologies you must be aware of before buying Cloud server hosting in UAE.

1. Tiered-Data Center System

Cloud data centers are tiered into four levels name I, II, III, and tier IV.

  • Tier I - sits at the bottom of the hierarchy, and has a single path for power and cooling. Tier I has lesser number of redundant and backup components, and can disrupt data center operations while on maintenance.
  • Tier II - is more or less the same as Tier I except for the fact that there are some redundant components to allow for more reliable Cloud computing.
  • Tier III - has multiple cooling systems and power paths, allowing maintenance to be carried out while being in operation.
  • Tier IV - this is the most advanced tier and hasn’t been adopted full-scale yet. Every component in Tier IV is redundant, and the system is, therefore, completely fault tolerant.
TierUptime Available (%)
iUp to 99.6 %
iiAround 99.7 %
iiiLess than 99.98 %
ivNearly 99.99 %

2. Manageability

Cloud server hosting gives you - more or less – the same amount of control as any other hosting does. You will have the privilege that you would want as an administrator, except for some hardware-related controls. As an administrator, it makes sense to give up on the tussles of setting up hardware and focusing on managing the software instead.

3. Industry compliance

As our blueprint towards being a leading provider of cloud services in the UAE, we adhere to the following compliances:

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – for our commitment to manage risks to the security of information we hold.
  • ISO 9001:2015 – for excellence in consistent delivery of quality management services
  • ISO 22301:2012 – for our efforts in leak-proofing our server against downtime that leads to disruption of activities for our clients.
  • PCI-DSS – for the safe transaction environment we have built on our platform.
  • CMMI level 5 – for a streamlined structure that helps us facilitate better software development, allowing us to strive towards improvement.
  • MEITY Empaneled – the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (India) recognizes us for our sincere services in the spectrum of Clouds.

4. Upscaling

With the cloud, you get the privilege to demand more computing resources as and when required, and the resources are delivered almost immediately. So, you need not work on an exhaustive upgradation plan since upscaling your server shall never be an issue.

5. Security

To hack-proof our servers, we rely on not one or two but multiple security levels that make our platform next to non-hackable.

  • Application server security – guards the corridor between the application and the internet. We deploy web application firewalls that monitor and filter traffic, and keep malicious code at bay.
  • Database server security – database access is restricted to granting permissions and any unauthorized requests are brought to notice - and dealt with effectively - in no time.
  • Additional security – to bolster the security a bit more, we make use of SSL encryption, threat detection, and vulnerability testing. And all these techniques are concurrently deployed with other measures.

6. Reliability & fault recovery

The more redundant the system is, the more fault-proof it is. While only tier IV data centers are considered as fault-proof, our tier III data centers provide almost at-par services to tier IV. And to add icing to the cake, Tier III is more cost-effective than its IV-tiered counterpart.

Also, in the long run, the difference will be very less noticeable as we frequently troubleshoot our servers.

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