7 Unique Ways to Market Your Reseller Host Space

Feb 12,2021 by Nishant Nath

Reseller hosting has emerged out to be one of the most demanding and unique kinds of hosting service. It is the only hosting service all around the world that allows its users also to earn out of their hosting server space. Yes, you heard it right. 

If you are unaware of the term reseller hosting, then let’s get you all acquainted with such unique architecture. The server space provided by the parent hosting provider can be used by the buyer to resell to its own clients. It comes in many variants like Windows reseller hosting, Linux reseller hosting, etc. 

The server space can be fully or partly be kept to sell out as a rental space. This rented space can be used by your clients for whatsoever use. The part of the space can be used by yourself to host your own website and gain expertise in server management side by side. All the server resources will be utilized by you and your clients completely. The best part is that there is no indulgence of the parent hosting provider in your reseller hosting business.

It must be sounding all very interesting, but to run such a lucrative business one needs to possess entrepreneurship skills. There is a huge scope to earn lots and lots of money out of a cheap Windows reseller hosting business or any other kind of reseller host. We understand the chills and nervousness while starting off with any new business. People will come up with multiple shortcut ideas to excel at reseller hosting. But what you need is a pure marketing strategy.

If you will start reselling the server space without any prior plan, chances are that not even a single person will get to know about such a service. As selling server space is nothing like selling any other commodity. Like other technical products, it also needs to be marketed as well as advertised properly. Two things to keep in mind are as follows-

a. Importance of a marketing strategy

Don’t live in this misconception that there are not many reseller hosts in the market. The term is very esoteric, but there are many players who have reported quite some profits. Marketing is where you can give an actual competition to these reseller hosts. But do make sure that you are investing money into a fruitful marketing strategy. Not all of them have good ROI and for this only we have come up with unique ideas.

b. Understanding the niche audience

Nothing can come out of advertising your reseller hosting business just among your friends and known ones. Your friends are not the ones who might be looking for server space. Deep research and analysis of your audience are very important. Keep in mind the interests, age group, area, etc. of your target audience. Placing your reseller host business in front of the right set of customers can turn out to be a miracle in terms of ROI.

You have got an idea about the importance of marketing in your reseller hosting business. Once you make use of any such marketing strategies to earn lots. Now let’s get into its ways without wasting any further time-

1) Through blogging

There are plenty of blogs published daily but do all of them have relevant information in them. A purposeful blog can bring a lot of business that you could never even imagine out of any other marketing hack. Blogging has proved to be the best way to convert your business prospects into real cash flow. Blogging internally involves content marketing that should be convincing enough to your target audience. Many marketing tools will help your blogs to reach that space from where it becomes easy in bringing real clients. The things which you need to keep in mind are- knowledge, search results, research, etc.

2) Through ads on Google

There is a famous saying these days – “Google knows everything”. It’s true except for the answer to who came first chicken or egg. Jokes apart, each of your ads is useless if it’s not getting clicked on Google. Another real-time advertising model is PPC (pay-per-click) and the most celebrated internet marketing. Every ad being clicked the advertisers earn money which is completely related to relevant keywords, the right audience, etc. Such PPC-based marketing increases sales generate leads and help in promoting awareness for the brand. Although it calls for initial investment but is completely worth it. For this, you can monitor the ad spending to attain that early momentum. If you carry out the PPC and Google ads properly then there is a surety of your reselling hosting business getting that boost.

3) Through social media channels

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are practically running the world. The social presence of your business is a core requirement for your reseller hosting business. Facebook out of all the social media channels is the center for running business ads. This is because it has the largest user base and thus plays the biggest role. Hence it is very important to utilize this space to brand your cheap Windows reseller hosting in India. In no time your business might start getting recognition across multiple channels. Not only this, such social media channels are the best medium for free interactions with your users. So make the best use of it by keeping a regularity in marketing through social media channels. 

4) Through videos on YouTube

Videos are the best way of advertising any business to date. A major percentage of your target audience is anyways spending a lot amount of time on YouTube. So why not catching their attention then and there. When one-third of the time spent online is spent on YouTube watching videos then it would be utter negligence to not advertising your service there. If even 10% of them will watch the video advertisement, a lot of business can turn in. But for this, you need to up your game in content marketing. Making video content is way more difficult than blogging. It should be more engaging and unique following a proper format that is favorable to be featured in the most-watched videos on YouTube.

5) Through SEO techniques

Creating a unique website is not enough until you optimize it through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. It is very hard to make a website rank on the first page of search results of Google. If you are not aware of the seriousness of getting ranked on the first page, then you must know that the business goes down 90% from 1st page to 2nd page. SEO fundamentals that include keywords, met tags, broken links, backlinks, etc. are the actual meat of SEO. Carrying out SEO based optimization is essential these days because there a plenty of websites that are selling out the same kind of product or service. Ranking higher on any search engine is the only way left out to beat this competition. For example, if you are reselling server space then the keywords you can use – “cheap Windows reseller hosting in India”, “Windows reseller hosting”, “Reseller hosting on-demand”, etc. Using such keywords will derive a huge amount of traffic through successful search results. 

6) Through email newsletters

Your creation needs a solid medium to reach into the reach of people. Once you will develop a newsletter your blogs and videos get an appropriate medium to get to reach the right set of people. The email newsletters should be properly created containing the whole gist of your material. Try to use such words in your emails that can compel people to go through your write-up or watch your video and ultimately develop an interest in your service. Keep the subject line eye-catching so that the mails just don’t turn out un-opened or into a junk list. Hence, the more eye-catching and compelling your email newsletters the more will be business conversions.

7) Through chatbots–  

No one likes to waste all the time in searching for a single entity throughout the website. To avoid all these dramatic searches, websites are incorporated with chatbots these days. Now they have become a compulsory asset to a website. After providing chatbot service on your website, you are giving a more user-friendly and real-time experience. Chatbots make your searches unidirectional and cut short. Specifically, people reselling server space need to have in-built chatbots. As people have so many doubts about buying server space from a third party and not the original hosting service provider. Another added advantage with chatbots is that you need not give away your contact details or to receive random calls daily.

Once you have incorporated all the above-mentioned marketing strategies, you will be getting good search results. This will promote your business and sustainable growth. So quickly boost up your marketing efforts and hit the bull’s eye. In no time you will be on the rising side of the graph and will earn profits with your Windows reseller hosting business. 

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