Managed Dedicated Servers: Your Business Growth Engine

Feb 16,2024 by Manoj Yadav
managed Dedicated Server

Go4hosting provides the cheapest managed Dedicated Server Solutions which are accessible in conjunction with excellent assistance from some of the foremost techies in the web hosting industry. Accessible with UNIX or Windows operating systems, our cheap managed Dedicated Server solutions conjointly include 24×7 proactive monitoring along with Server Secure safety for individual processors as well as arrayed processors that run dedicated servers.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server can be referred to as a physical server which enables the customers to access various resources. Selecting a cost-effective managed dedicated server ensures that the users get the best results, with peak performance from their internet based applications. As individual tenants, customers will be able to anticipate and plan for the management of modifying and supervising a conducive atmosphere customized for improving their end users’ experience.

It requires time and skill to manage massive amounts of traffic, and with a dedicated server, customers will not need to cope with resource-hungry server sharers. Usually, other tenants might slow down the server, but with a managed dedicated server, their internet based application will perform at the best speeds since it gets all the server resources. Therefore, support for e-commerce sites, mission-critical businesses, and sites with vital traffic is at its best quality at all times.

In accordance with seeking the best performance potential, customers possess a series of different advantages with a dedicated server. As the business expands, customers can simply merge additional storage with the existing setup and not modify the entire server. Customers can carry out self-management to vary the server set up, add new or the latest software systems and significantly elevate security to the next level.

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Why Opt For Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting does not just offer satisfaction and contentment with technology, it also bestows businesses with all liberty to grow fruitfully.

Managed Dedicated Hosting Permits:

Tailored Security

Complete Management Across System Configurations

Installation of Custom Operative Systems

Resources Entirely Dedicated To Their Internet Applications

Quick Scale-Ups & Downs

One-Tenant Occupancy

Contract Free Hosting

Zero Infrastructure Cost

PCI and HIPAA Compliance

SSD Storage

Secure Server Security Configurations

Advantages of Dedicated Servers At A Glance:

Cost Savings

The cost of buying servers for business and also employing the required personnel to run it can be quite large. With dedicated servers, this cost ends up being minimized overhead, permitting the business to supply its services for a portion of what it would have cost if done internally.

Top of the Line Hardware

Go4hosting’s Dedicated Server Hosting excellent resources for customers. Users can put into action 100% of their resources at any time to their respective servers. We utilize progressive data center quality level XEON processors and memory, along with disc storage in a backed up, high-accessibility setup. Customers attain an enormous measure of reliability and quick data access that helps run their business better.

Grow With Customers

Managed dedicated hosting ensures that whenever customers require additional resources for their processes, they are able to get them at that very moment. In association with managed dedicated server solutions, it will take next to no time for brand new servers to be assigned. Calling upon the managed dedicated server support team will facilitate enhancement of the system immediately.

On Call Maintenance

If a planned software patch disturbs the concerned web site, somebody gets around the firewall or various malicious code creeps into the mail server, the productivity for the subsequent recovery period plummets. The best way to avoid this is to have our dedicated server experts on call, since they are armed with the abilities and expertise required to note such issues and fix them as soon as they happen.

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Safeguard Yourself Against DDOS Attacks

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) related attacks take place when somebody targets and overloads a server with a deluge of data requests till it becomes unable to reply to anything. This is often a serious concern across shared (or unmanaged dedicated) server hosting. Once a single website is successfully targeted, it will pull down everything that is connected across the server. Go4hosting managed dedicated servers are able to rapidly take evasive or preventive actions and solve the problem, restoring the server online, and leaving our clients satisfied with their server safety.

High Availability Infrastructure

Go4hosting’s architecture is designed to incorporate the best cloud hosting features available these days, which results in genuine service quality. We prefer designing progressive infrastructure that handles a majority, if not all, of our customers’ processes. All our dedicated servers are put in high access networks, with a minimum of N+1 node level redundancy.

Quick and Reliable Network

Our extremely quick network relies on redundant topology and extends far and wide. Professionals in our network operations centers monitor performance 24x7x365. Our progressive network unlocks business enhancement capabilities. Our clients leverage these to deliver faster and better services to end users, securing bigger profits.


Our framework design permits the extension of every resource to the maximum amount as it is needed. This way, we are able to address all growth requirements needed by clients. We are able to match any requirements in terms of computer hardware cores, GB of RAM memory, space for data storage and all other facets of dedicated server hosting.

Ready to shatter successful barriers? Partner with Go4hosting to explore your growth potential. Get in touch today!

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