Balancing Operating Costs with Colocation Hosting

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Build your own data center or outsource it to a third-party service provider?

It is the most obvious question that crops up when organizations need to decide on their IT model. Every business today strives to adopt solutions that can offer them maximum uptime for their mission-critical databases/ applications, aligns procured IT resources with business priorities, and help them to establish perpetual customer experience. Here, colocation hosting has emerged as an ideal platform with an ability to cut the mustard without levitating operating costs. Right from supporting the applications to business functions, colocation adds agility to ongoing business’s operations.

Let’s dig a little deeper to contemplate colocation and its profit-driven offerings, so that you can make an informed decision for your organization:

Colocation hosting is a turnkey alternative that is accessible to organizations of all sizes, benefitting them in multiple ways. It offers exposure to state-of-the-art data center facility with cooling modalities, power backups, network connectivity, and security in an exchange of nominal subscription fee.

When compared to in-house solution which is usually less resilient, colocation offers greater scalability, economies of scale, in addition to, high resiliency. 

How to Gain Access to Right Colocation Facility

For long-term business gains and to have indelible market presence, it is essential to sincerely cogitate about all the elements including network integration when housing mission-critical IT assets in a third-party colocation facility. Any latency or dodge in security propagandas including redundancy level can ruin your sever deployment experience. According to technology pundits, resilient data center architecture is a failsafe option as it keeps ongoing operations active and running even when catastrophic circumstances makes their way.

Below are some of the key considerations that smart businesses should think of for successful server deployment:

Data Center Proximity: Companies looking out for colocation should ensure that the facility is in proximity to their office location as it provides swift access for your IT administrators and helps in augmenting IT infrastructure performance. Moreover, cherry-picking a data center service provider with a global presence will enable you to keep uninterrupted backup of your mission-critical applications and will serve you other markets to serve.

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Vistas of Opportunities: There is no argument that one size doesn’t fit for all. Likewise, every business and its priorities are different. Select a colocation hosting provider that offers broad range of capabilities, allowing you to quickly upgrade to foster your growing business demands.

Network Connectivity Options: Colocation hosting is not just confined to housing and stacking of your server in a facility with network connectivity. It is far more than that. Select a vendor that provides secure and fastest private network for critical IT applications. It is recommended to get partnered with a host that offers IP-based MPLS network as it ensures top-notch level of reliability. Also, ensure that your provider supports Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for increased security.

Security and Compliance Demands: No business can succeed with scanty security arrangements. Select a data center environment with advanced security provisions to prevent unauthorized access. The facility should have- biometric scanners, card readers and CCTV cameras, mantraps. Also, the host should be compliant with your business regulatory requirements. 

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