Striking Highlights of Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Jul 29,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Selection of an on-site infrastructure for operating own servers or procuring third-party services for hosting mission critical websites on managed dedicated servers must precede a thorough comparison of critical parameters. These factors should include scalability, security, reliability, and round the clock availability of top-class support. 

This necessitates involvement of dedicated web hosts that are capable of managing vital support systems to make sure that your business-critical operations are running seamlessly. It would be better if you are familiar with important features and advantages of managed dedicated server hosting. 

A dedicated server entitles user to command unhindered access and control over all resources of a standalone server. There are a multitude of benefits of dedicated server for business websites or their mission-critical applications. 

The most striking benefit of a managed dedicated server can be in the form of freedom that is offered to users to focus on business strategies and implementation as the service provider is adept at handling everything related to security, performance and availability of mission critical business functions.

Reliability of dedicated servers

With an efficient and secure infrastructure of top tiered data center, providers of managed dedicated server hosting services excel in terms of reliability of hosting operations. This is further supported by exclusive availability of vital resources because unlike shared hosting, dedicated server hosing does not allow interruption from other users. 

In fact, dedicated server hosting is the only way to exploit the server resources to maximum because in a VPS or shared hosting environment users are essentially sharing same server. There are several constraints of sharing a server with other users and the arrangement can put multiple restrictions on resource intensive websites.

There are multiple advantages of being able to use exclusive resources such as unhindered access to bandwidth since it is not going to be shared by multiple users. With assured availability of dedicated resources there are hardly any chances of your server will facing downtime due to a crash. 

Mission critical websites that need to distribute significantly higher volumes of complex data such as video streaming or other media can perform without any hassles. 

Flexible and customizable

A dedicated server allows users to implement any type of configuration as required by specific applications or according to unique needs of website. One can use a dedicated server exclusively for database management or assign the task of a mail server and so forth. 

Moreover, users can choose the amount of disk space, CPU, or RAM and also the kind of operating system in the managed dedicated server ecosystem. Users can always rely on proven services of dedicated server hosting whenever the resources need to be scaled up or scaled down in response to traffic. 

Reputable hosting services make sure that their dedicated servers are backed by multiple links of fiber transport for minimum latency and maximum redundancy. If there is a right hosting support of an established provider, then dedicated server is sure to outperform any other version of hosting. These servers are known for amazing performance even under demanding conditions and are preferred for operating large e-commerce stores, websites of multi-national organizations or financial institutions. 

Server monitoring

Unmanaged dedicated server hosing demands users to be technically proficient in order to implement server administration. 

In contrast, users of managed server hosting are assured of consistent monitoring of their servers by proficient technicians and stat of the art monitoring systems. This guarantees proactive actions in terms of detecting vulnerabilities before these can impact performance and production. 

Uninterrupted server scanning that includes hardware and software systems, disk usage, operating systems and their applications, and CPU consumption helps keep your server in impeccable operating condition. 

Stringent security measures

Service providers of managed dedicated hosting are capable of handling various security aspects of hosting mission critical websites. You can be sure of a protected environment for your business-critical digital assets. 

Rigid security mechanisms, firewall, and other anti-virus systems help thwart any attempt to breach user’s websites. Security aspects of managed dedicated hosting also include scheduled scanning and regular patching apart from security audits by professional security experts.

Security of your digital assets is further enhanced with help of automated backups and an array of systems and methods for protecting data from natural or man-made disasters.  

Guaranteed support 

It is common for online enterprises to come across issues of sluggish websites, server or hardware glitches in addition to network associated problems. If you happen to be on managed dedicated server hosting, then you need not be concerned about technical glitches, thanks to the round the clock availability of technical experts. 

These experts can be easily accessed via phone, email, or web chat irrespective of the time of the day. These are capable of providing instant response to your concerns by resolving the technical issues before it transforms into a major event.

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