Shared Or Reseller Hosting – Which One Is Best For Your Nascent Organization

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Looking for web hosting options and solutions for your nascent startup? As a new entity, your natural choice would be shared hosting as this hosting service is designed to help new industry entrants find standard but basic server hosting solutions that are affordable but also have their limitations. Some newcomers to the hosting industry also consider using reseller hosting. If you have problems deciding among these two, here is something that would help you make the right decision.

Some research articles online recommend reseller hosting as a better option for newbies while others say shared hosting is an option that has been tried, tested and vetted by fledging companies as the right way to start your hosting needs. However, the argument that reseller hosting is a better option for startups is not an argument that has many takers.

These are some myths doing the rounds about reseller hosting:

If You Have Multiple Domains, Reseller Hosting Can Be A Money Saver

An individual or a business owner with a single website can begin with shared server solution but if you have multiple websites and want to manage them smoothly, the best way to do this is to go for reseller server hosting. This argument might not be entirely true. While some shared hosting services allow only single domain hosting, there are many others who have no issues in offering their shared hosting service to host unlimited domains at an affordable cost. You can easily host dozens of websites on shared servers as long as you are ready to bear the additional cost.

Reseller Hosting Makes You Money

As your reseller account allows you to sell hosting, you can easily offset the cost of the server as it helps you gain smart money easily.

According to experts, the main purpose of using a reseller account is to get into the business of web hosting the easy way without having to spend heavily. However, using reseller hosting to offset costs incurred in buying server solutions may not be a good idea. There are many things associated with providing server hosting solutions. You will have trouble serving the customer support needs of clients. This can spell trouble as you will be left with scarce time to manage your business. The income will hardly suffice in offsetting costs.

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Shared Hosting Has Many Clients And Hence Inefficient

It is a genuine argument that with shared hosting, you will have to sharing the server and its resources with hundreds or even thousands of other users. But what advocates of reseller hosting fail to tell you is that reseller hosting is also a shared model. The only argument in its favor is that reseller hosting is shared among less users, maybe a few hundred or even lesser.

Every Server Hosting Plan, Save The Dedicated Option, Is A Shared One

Apart from reseller and shared hosting, other hosting options available to you are virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Of these, only dedicated server which is the most expensive server hosting solution is cto a single user. All other hosting plans are shared in one way or the other. Whether you are sharing the server with a few, or with hundreds or thousands, the process is still known as sharing. The process of server sharing comes with a few drawbacks.

  • It limits the use of resources
  • You might not be able to use the server for heavy-duty functions
  • There could be some websites with potential risk elements on the same server as yours
  • The risk of other users crashing the server is always present

Some hosting companies are promoting use of shared servers in a big way by making tempting offers such as unlimited disk space, unlimited domain and unlimited bandwidth. Of course, such services come with many caveats and almost certainly have a catch. What they provide by way of unlimited domain and bandwidth is taken away by limiting the connection speed.

They also limit the Index Node which is the number of files. It will be extremely hassling to load more files at the limited loading speed they offer. In theory, you can crash the server by trying to load more files than recommended. At some point, someone using the server will be trying to do it. This can significantly increase the risk of server crashing. So, despite the tempting offers and dollies, you are back to square one.

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Why Use The Services Of An Established Server Host

Some hosting experts advice that it is always better to choose shared hosting option if you are a beginner with limited needs. Make sure you choose a service provider with good experience and reputation and known for using cutting-edge server technologies.

When you feel that your business has grown substantially and shared server system is not able to keep pace with your growing need for resources, make the transition to virtual private servers or dedicated servers. Reseller hosting is only for those who want to get into web hosting business.

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