Key Highlights of Private Gaming Servers

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Online games need to be backed by hosting support of gaming servers for their seamless accessibility to players across the globe. Many online games are designed to provide ease of customization to players instead of getting trapped inside a restrictive environment. Such freedom and control of playing can only be guaranteed by none other than a dedicated gaming server. 

Distinct features of a dedicated gaming server

Private or dedicated gaming servers empower users to dictate their own terms including payments and game customization depending on the scope of rules. These powerful servers have capability of allowing individuals to make their own rules. Most of the online games including Minecraft and Warcraft prohibit people from collecting payments from players. A dedicated server can be leveraged to host a modified version of such games so that the players can be charged for playing. It can also facilitate a group of players to enjoy gaming without any hassles.

Relevance of using a private gaming server

Some games can offer great playing pleasure if played among multiple participants. These are designed to support ‘the more the merrier’ principle. A dedicated gaming server can be setup to enable players with internet access from diverse location to engage in a multi-player gaming activity for enhanced gaming pleasure. 

Private gaming servers are cut above the rented servers that may cause time lags. Rented gaming servers also suffer from issues such as lack of timely updates as far as the new releases to the game are concerned. This underlines the need of a reliable service provider to host a private gaming server. 

Setting up of a private gaming server 

The obvious temptation of playing online games by using one’s own server can easily overcome the technicalities and complexities involved in setting up such an advanced resource. There are individuals who seek the services of private gaming server for commercial purpose, however certain games do not allow this and you need to be aware of such regulations.

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It is therefore recommended to build a private server for the passion and pleasure of gaming rather than for commercial interests. Infrastructure of a gaming server consists either of a standalone server or a server cluster that is supported by an appropriate hardware configuration or the seamless running of games. 

Private game severs can be leveraged to play modified versions of games. These servers also support setting up of rules and user controls as desired. The most basic application of a gaming server is its use in private gaming events that can involve your friends. An infrastructure of LAN can help a group of individuals play multi-player games in a restricted area. 

If you wish to involve participants from distant places, then a dedicated gaming server is the best option. It guarantees undisturbed environment to support online gaming activities for enjoying multi-player games by involving players from diverse geographical locations.

Setting up a game server for WOW

There are innumerable fans of World of Warcraft across the world and the performance of the game can be greatly enhanced with help of a powerful private gaming server, which is a dedicated WOW server. Online gaming can be taken to the next level to emulate real life situations if you add certain custom features by leveraging the power of dedicated server. 

Te first and foremost step is of downloading necessary tools such as AC Web Ultimate Repack and installation of MS.NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack. 

Access Current Map Data- If you have setup your own WOW account, then collecting the current MAP Data can be a breeze. This is essential for enabling your private server to access the game. The maps file can be located inside WOW folder. In the next steps you will have to configure your database as well as ascent realms. 

This is followed by adding custom configuration of specific elements of the game by navigating to ascent-world.conf. The WOW directory contains a file named as You need to discard the contents and restore with set realmlist These steps will ensure that you have successfully altered the file.

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Private Minecraft server

You can easily setup your Windows machine to run Minecraft gaming activities. First you need to make sure that your computer is ready to be assigned the job of hosting a personal server then you should allocate optimum RAM for smooth gaming experience. There are tolls to let you know the number of players that can be supported by your machine. 

Create a separate file to store all Minecraft files that you will be downloading. After opening the .jar file you will have your program to be up and running. Now the next step involves locating a file named as eula.txt and changing its value to eula=true from eula=false. 

Your Minecraft private server is ready to go now. In the same manner, you can customize your gaming server for supporting a wide array of games for a pure joy and passion of undisturbed gaming. 

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