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Before we take a ride to the future of Cloud Hosting, let us recapitulate the journey of the internet in Saudi Arabia with some speedy stats.

Statistics – at a glance

Internet penetration

Have a look at the table below to see how the internet has grown in popularity among Saudi’s masses.

2011 - Year
47.5%Penetration Percentage (of Population)
Not even half of the population had access to the internet. But this was just the beginning of a new era.
2017 - Year
80.08 %Penetration Percentage (of Population)
Figure touched a whopping 80% for the first time.
2019 - Year
89.09 %Penetration Percentage (of Population)
Only 7 years since the widespread adoption, and the number of internet users rose to 89 % - an astonishing 42 % increase.
2023 - Year (estimated)
96.44 %Penetration Percentage (of Population)
With the vision 2030, it is expected that by 2023, internet will ease life of almost 96 % of the Saudi population.

Take a look at what 2019 has to say…

Year 2019 – A major breakthrough in Internet and Cloud computing in the history of Saudi Arabia
LabelFigureWhat numbers say
Population33.85 millionOnly half a million added over last year. The trend has not had much noticeable change
Active Internet users30.26 millionAs many as 17 in every 20 people in Saudi has access to the internet, clocking a 89.39 % stats of active users
Social Media users23 millionAlmost 67.95 % Saudis use social media platforms. At present there are more social media users than there were internet users in 2011.
Mobile users16 million16 million rely on smartphone-powered internet.

Social media

An idea of how social platforms stack up against common internet usage in the kingdom.

Social Media Stats – Saudi Arabia
Go4hosting24.71 million usersYouTube is the most-celebrated platform, with its reach being 24.71 million in the kingdom. Apparently, 7 out of every 10 citizens is a fan of video-sharing.
Go4hosting20.99 millionNext to YouTube stands Facebook with 20.99 million accounts, summing up to an enormous 62 % of the entire Saudi population.
Go4hosting5.08 millionTwitter is yet to garner attention in Saudi. At present, it reaches 15 % Saudi population (based on the number of users)
Messenger Applications
Go4hosting24.37 millionThe unrivalled king when it comes to online-messaging. Out of every 10 people, only 3 have remained untouched with WhatsApp, but are aware of it in some way or the other.
Go4hosting14 millionJust 10 million users short of WhatsApp, Snapchat is the second most preferred messenger in the middle east.

Data centers/servers in KSA

80% Figure
The percentage of organizations that have provisioned servers.
7% Figure
Run a full-fledged data center
3% Figure
Have outsourced data centers to third-party premises.
SAR 2101 million Figure
The sum spent on managed IT services in 2019 alone. This sum was only SAR 912 million 5 years back.
SAR 898 million Figure
The sum spent on cloud services this year. 5 years back, this was just SAR 189 million. With the spent amount you can live in the most luxurious Royal suite in Burj Khalifa for almost 30 years.

What the future holds for Saudi Arabia

As backed by the stats we just read, the internet has a massive potential to revolutionize Saudi’s reliance on digital platforms. In 2014, a total of SAR 1.7 billion was spent on datacenters and managed cloud services combined. The dawn of Cloud Services scaled investments by up to 373 % (between 2011 and 2014) for cloud services alone. The government, too, realized the numerous capabilities Cloud Hosting is capable of delivering.

Cloud Services


While Cloud Servers are present in bulk in European and American countries, the kingdom is yet to implement it on full scale. A cloud server is built on a virtualized platform, wherein the data is outsourced to a provider’s server and retrieved as and when required.

SpendingSAR 189 millionSAR 476 million

Adoption of Cloud services in Saudi

  • Cloud Hosting in Saudi Arabia has moved past the “hype” phase to the “test” phase.
  • 21 % organizations prefer SaaS (Software as a Service), in line with global market trends.

Refer the table given below for comparison

Cloud Service UsedPercentage
Year 2011Year Present

What has kept Saudi Arabia away from leveraging cloud services?

As with any other technology, people are a bit sceptical while adopting tech at an early stage. However, as Cloud starts to age, more and more trust is being placed on virtualized servers. The following factors have contributed to the dim adoption of cloud services.

  • LOSS OF CONTROL - Cloud servers are likely to cost you some admin-side controls, but when weighed against the gains, giving up on a few controls will appear justified. The mindset is also likely to undergo a revamp with some big players like Microsoft, Amazon, and Go4hosting planning to enter into Saudi’s cloud market.
  • SECURITY CONCERNS - What concerns companies the most is the provider may misuse its data. Moreover, vendors seldom breach privacy of their own client as they have their image to lose in case that happens.
  • Cost factor & the Final Push - Most companies in Saudi now seem cloud-ready and only need a final push to adopt cloud services. The trend has undergone some change over the past where we noticed that people lacked the zeal to change because of sky-high costs. With some big IT-giants trying to squeeze their names in the market, the cost is also likely to come down.
  • Government’s initiatives to facilitate adoption of Cloud Computing - The government has realized the untapped potential of Cloud Computing and is making efforts to pave the way towards its countrywide adoption. It has also undertaken cloud hosting initiatives to provide government agencies with ready-to-work cloud services of high efficiency, reliability, and security.
  • Cloud First Policy, Feb 2019 ,covers governmental as well as semi-governmental organizations of the kingdom. It is aimed at accelerating the adoption of cloud by mandating the covered organizations into exploring Cloud options while making new IT investments.

With Vision 2030, the kingdom is planning to increase digital dependency and to extirpate reliance on petroleum as the only pillar of economy. Achieving the intended level of digitalization in such a short time leaves little scope for testing and developing servers in-house. Thus, the government is increasingly focusing on full-scale implementation of Cloud Hosting in Saudi Arabia.

First Cloud-based Data Center in the kingdom of Saudi

The government collaborated with SAP some time back. The merger bore fruits and a Cloud-based data center is now live in Riyadh. This data center will cater to both the enterprise customers as well as the government. SAP was selected by the government to unlock more IT capabilities and to realize Vision 2030 at a faster pace.

Things to know – before you choose Cloud Hosting

Some technical pre-requisites prior to buying cloud hosting in Saudi Arabia.

1. Tiered-Data Center System

Cloud data centers are classified into 4 tiers number from I to IV, IV being the epitome of sophistication, while tier I lies at the bottom of the spectrum.

  • Tier I – the first tier has a single path for power and cooling, and very less redundant and backup components. This type of data center can disrupt operations while on maintenance.
  • Tier II – while all the other aspects in Tier II are the same as that in Tier I, there are a few redundant components to allow for more reliable Cloud hosting.
  • Tier III – the third tier has multiple paths for cooling systems and power. Maintenance schedule can be done without disrupting the system at all.
  • Tier IV – state-of-the art Tier IV are still less in number and Tier-III is most widely used and accepted. A Tier IV has redundant component for every module in the data center, and is completely fault tolerant.
TierUptime availability
I99.671 %
II99.741 %
III99.982 %
IV99.995 %

2. Manageability

It is a myth that cloud servers make you lose all control. You will always have the key to use the server the way you want. Meanwhile, we will take care of things (hardware and installation) that could have bothered you otherwise.

3. Industry compliance

On our way to being seen as a prominent provider of cloud hosting in Saudi Arabia, we boast of the following compliances:

  • ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 – for managing risk to the security of information we hold
  • ISO 9001: 2015 – specializing in consistently delivering quality management services
  • PCI-DSS – for safeguarding your transactions against all threats
  • CMMI level 5 – for streamlining our structure to facilitate a better software development, and continually striving towards improvement
  • MEITY Empaneled – we are an agency empaneled and recognized by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India

4. Upscaling

Not only is there on-demand availability of resources, there is on-demand scaling of computing powers. With cloud hosting, you would never worry about pre-planning your server upgrades and respond quickly to changing business factors.

5. Security

Security is implemented in various layers with each layer specializing in safeguarding a particular threat-type.

  • Application server security – guarded by a web application firewall that monitors and filters traffic. It places a shield between the application and the internet.
  • Database server security – permission-based DBA access makes sure only authorized personnel get access to the database.
  • Additional security – to top up the security, there’s SSL encryption, threat detection, and vulnerability testing concurrently deployed with other measures.

6. Reliability & fault recovery

Cloud hosting with redundant components offers a more reliable environment. While tier-4 data centers are considered as virtually fault-proof, a tier-3 data center can offer almost at-par services as tier 4 data center, and with better cost-effectiveness. In the long run, the difference will also be very less noticeable.

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