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Cloud hosting is when you position data in a shared pool of servers procured in data centers all throughout the world. The resource of every server is combined in a way so as to act like a single computing environment. This grants you the accessibility to make changes to your data irrespective of your location or the IP address. Cloud hosting services bring you the freedom of cloud computing in a cost-effective way. Cloud services are mostly provider-managed. Means, you can focus more on business-enhancing activities rather than laying wires and connecting switches. Provider-managed services also alleviate workload, so you can utilize your staff elsewhere. Revitalize your business using our comprehensive cloud server hosting plans. Our tier-III data centers are just the right platform your business needs. We back your data over several data centers, situated at different locations. Plus, an austere firewall guarantees protection against every threat. At go4hosting, your privacy is paramount. We monitor our network 24/7, 365 days a year. With security tools deployed at as many as 4 layers, we make sure every malware is identified and dealt with in no time.

The long-awaited advent of cloud hosting in India bumped the craze for cloud computing, post which, organizations started migrating to cloud server. The flexibility, customizability, control and the accessibility that accompanies cloud hosting is the perfect ingredient an entrepreneur needs. Our wide range of plans are crafted to cater all types of requirements. For more bizarre needs, we allow customers to further customize the plan the way they want. High costs linked to dedicated servers and low performance of shared hosting set providers out in search of another puissant technology. Cloud server hosting has brought both cost-effectiveness and performance into the realm of reality. Go4hosting owns its data centers, allowing it to provide top-notch services at a fairly low price. Our team of professionals have tuned themselves to customer demands. We know what the entrepreneur within you expects a cloud hosting service to work like.

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Cluster of Cloud Hosting 2020

  Alibaba Google Cloud AWS Azure
Developer Alibaba Google Amazon Microsoft
Initial Release 2016 2008 as App Engine 2004, as Simple Queue Service 2010
Server Operating Systems Linux-based, Windows Based Linux-based, Windows Based Linux-based, Windows Based Linux-based, Windows Based
scalability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Market share 5% 8% 33% 18%
Strength Hybrid cloud architecture Multi database storage options API Integrates really well with Microsoft products
Weakness Potential compliance issue App engine limited to java, python, PHP and Google Go. Load balancer not well equipped Data is hosted globally unless specified.
Caching ApsaraDB Cloud CDN ElastiCache RedisCache
Migration Cloud migration tool


Database migration service Database migration service
Data centers Around Primarily China World World World
Load Balancing Configuration Layer 4, layer 7 load balancing Cloud load balancing Elastic load balancing Load balancer application gateway
Virtual Networking Virtual Private Cloud Subnet Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Network

Applications of Cloud hosting

Banking Services

A centralized data platform for bankers to allow their customers to bank from anywhere, anytime.

Multinational collaboration

For companies that expand beyond the borders of a nation, cloud hosting lets various offices to collaborate on work.

Health Services

A single database for an individual's entire health memoir. Imagine if health reports could be saved to a common platform, how easy would it get to diagnose and treat ailing conditions later.

File storage

Cloud storage, the next level of cloud hosting service, designed to safekeep data now comes handier than ever. Try our free file storage service.

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  • managed services

  • servers on demand

  • usage based billing

  • scalable storage

  • VMs maintain machine

  • Enterprise class template

  • Best Cloud Hosting

  • Rapid account

  • Lower cost storage

  • High performance VMs

  • Customer Portal Access

  • Automated server snapshots

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  • Reduntant Scale Storage

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cloud hosting india

  • Big Data Analytics

    Manage big data through a fast end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing services that offers reduced costs, meets demands and increases the speed of innovation

  • Develop and Test

    Develop and carry out comprehensive tests on applications with our cloud services by making use of well-configured resources and thereby reduce release cycles.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Leverage faster and readily scalable disaster recovery of business critical information and save on incurring infrastructure expenses

  • Ecommerce Apps

    Secured, flexible and cost-effective cloud computing solution for ecommerce apps to boost online sales and retailing

  • Web and Mobile Apps

    Innovative web and mobile applications exclusively for hosting providers, technology vendors and enterprises supported by robust architectures and technologies

Cloud Hosting Comparisons

  Cloud Hosting Shared Hosting VPS Hosting Dedicated Hosting
Platform Shared Shared Virtually Separated in a shared environment Isolated
Virtualization Yes No Yes No
Security Rating ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Performance Rating ★★★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Cost (Higher rating means more cost-effective) ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Accessibility ★★★★★ ★★
Ease of management ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★
Managed or Unmanaged Managed Managed Managed and Unmanaged Managed and Unmanaged
Control ★★ ★★★ ★★★★★
Expertise Required (Higher the better) ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★
Scalability ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

Cloud Hosting Services FAQ

What Is Cloud Computing?

The on-demand accessibility of resources for computing without any complex management required from the client's side.

How Beneficial Will Cloud Hosting Be For A Business In United States?

Since most companies in the US are multi-national, cloud hosting can provide a single platform for all your offices, regardless of the country in which the office is located.

Plus, the server is easy to set up with a few clicks. Moreover, an outsourced cloud server will relieve you of the tussles of managing any hardware.

How Secure Is Cloud Hosting?

As secure as any other server out there.

We have an arsenal of intrusion detection, firewall, and threat elimination techniques installed in our servers to detect even the minutest threats.

Besides, we backup data to several machines, and at multiple locations. So, your data is as safe as it can get with cloud hosting.

Is Outsourcing Data A Wise Move In Today's Digital Era?

It is, provided the third-party (like us) has absolutely zero interest in your data, and is committed to servicing your needs more than quelling its curiosity with your data. Moreover, there are stipulations laid down by the T&C that bind the provider to not indulge in any activity that may breach the privacy of its clients.

For an analogy, think of Cloud Hosting as safekeeping valuables in a bank-vault.

What Are The Different Types Of Cloud Services And Which One Should I Use?

Clouds are of several types and are classified in various ways. However, the most commonly known classification is based on the service-type.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS will help companies that need an entire data center but aren't willing to construct and maintain their own, or are otherwise not financially strong enough to invest in a full-fledged data center.

PaaS – Platform as a Service When you need an entire cloud hosting platform for your business, and are okay with compromising the underpinning server-management, PaaS shall he the right choice for your business.

SaaS – Software as a Service SaaS is in trend these days. You are likely to benefit from SaaS if you are running a third-party web-based application such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting, Inventory Management, and other embedded applications.

How Cloud Hosting Servers Differ From The Servers Of Conventional Hosting?

Conventional servers are physical, disk-based servers and work much like a hard-drive. Each physical server – in a data center – is accessed separately, and as an individual stand-alone disk.

Servers in cloud hosting, on the other hand, are pooled together to act like a single, mammoth machine. Since the entire operation relates to the pool of resources, the underlying machines in the cloud become somewhat insignificant.

Can I Upgrade Servers In Cloud Hosting For Additional Disk Space?

Yes, in cloud hosting, you can tailor a configuration to suit your requirements.

You can choose to have your own set of disk space, RAM, and other resources you find fit for your organization.

How Much Does Cloud Server Hosting Cost? How Long Is The Bill Cycle?

The cost of cloud server hosting depends upon the services you avail, and also on the server specifications you opt.

For an analogy, think of Cloud Hosting as safekeeping valuables in a bank-vault.

You can choose to bill your cycle as frequently as you want, or you can bill it for a year at once.

The shorter cycles (monthly) are preferred by companies with fast changing needs. The longer ones (yearly or so) are the go-to for businesses planning to save extra costs by opting for long-term plans.

Can I Configure Cloud Servers Over My Own Infrastructure? If Yes, What Benefits Will I Get?

Yes. You can choose to configure clouds on your private infra. The concept is quite common and is referred to as Private Cloud Servers.

The benefits are almost the same as with every other cloud hosting service, except that you will also unlock access to server-side controls.

As demerits, you can expect to invest almost 10 times the price – or more – than what you would spend on an outsourced cloud hosting server.

Can I Upgrade To The Private Cloud Server And Also Concurrently Use My Existing Cloud?

Yes. You can deploy a combination of both private and public cloud servers in case you think a combination of both will suit you better than either of them alone. This concept is also quite in practice and is often termed as "Hybrid cloud server".

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