8 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Data Center



Today, businesses heavily rely on the storage, security, and handling of data. As a result, it becomes imperative for businesses to identify the most suitable location for these operations. Enter the data center! Effective data management renders data centers in Noida invaluable assets for companies. However, with a plethora of options available, making the right decision requires careful consideration.

1. Location 

Choosing the appropriate location for your data center is essential. While selecting a more distant data center might lead to cost savings, it comes at the sacrifice of losing the benefits associated with proximity.

In regions susceptible to natural disasters, opting for a data center situated on a separate power grid, away from potential risks, is the safer choice. It ensures that your data remains unaffected compared to your company’s office during a major regional power outage. Utilizing a data center on a different power grid minimizes the simultaneous challenges you may encounter. Thus, it streamlines the resolution process.

Additionally, it’s essential to prioritize accessibility when choosing a data center in Noida. Having an easily reachable data center is beneficial for your IT staff, especially when they need to carry out maintenance or upgrades. It eliminates the need for significant expenses related to unproductive travel time.


2. Uptime (Availability)

Availability, often measured as uptime, is crucial when selecting a data center in Noida. Uptime denotes the guaranteed amount of time the data center is operational. Opt for a provider with a high uptime guarantee for continuous availability of business-critical applications and services. Data centers with Tier III or Tier IV ratings are preferable. Aim for facilities offering at least 99.9% uptime. 


 A security breach could have disastrous consequences for your business. Thus, a robust security system is imperative for any data center in Noida. 

Ensuring the integrity and functionality of your data center requires a holistic security approach. It should cover both digital and physical aspects. For instance, to mitigate the risk of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, employing a top-notch DDoS protection service tailored for enterprises is essential. Data centers in Noida should prioritize robust physical security measures. It includes implementing proper locks, surveillance systems, and on-site security personnel. It should have a strong fire suppression system to enhance safety measures, increasing the likelihood of minimizing damage in a fire incident. Don’t forget to verify that the chosen security features and objectives do not impede the scalability of your service. 


3. Redundancy

Before you choose a data center in Noida, enquire about the redundancy it offers. It often ranges from N+1 to 2N+1, with 2N+1 being the highest level of redundancy. Replicating the power supply is particularly critical. The data center should have backup power sources, such as generators and an uninterruptible power supply. Additionally, it should feature reliable and redundant cooling systems to uphold suitable temperature and humidity levels for the servers.

4. Compliance 

Data centers in Noida must adhere to local data protection and privacy regulations as an essential practice. ISO certifications signify that the data center has established a robust information security management system, following industry-leading data security and privacy standards. 

When choosing a data center in Noida, opting for one with authentic certification is recommended. Moreover, it’s crucial to inquire whether it supports third-party audits, especially if they are relevant to your business. Audits and certifications objectively evaluate a data center’s dependability, security, and adherence to regulatory standards. It is especially vital in industries where regulatory compliance is essential. 


5. Scalability 

Select a data center, Noida that provides adaptable and expandable solutions. Thus allowing for easy addition or removal of resources as per business requirements. Scalability should encompass network, connectivity, and equipment. In the event of business expansion, it should be equipped to provide ample infrastructure and space. It ensures businesses have the necessary resources to meet their evolving IT requirements.


6. Network Service Capacity

Every data center has limitations unless there’s an upgrade in the infrastructure. Factors such as network reliability, speed, and security contribute to the overall strength of the network.

When selecting a data center in Noida that supports fiber optic cabling, verifying if it possesses the necessary space and power to accommodate your future needs is essential. Anticipating your company’s growth and determining the potential bandwidth requirements in advance allows for strategic planning.

Investing in server colocation is another avenue to enhance control over your data center’s overall capacity. It entails utilizing a shared local facility and renting space, and it operator takes care of power, cooling, and security systems. While you might share space and pay based on rack usage, the arrangement provides the benefits of 24/7 staffing and enhanced security protocols.

7. Backup 

A reliable data center, Noida has successfully identified and addressed any potential single point of failure, implementing strategies to mitigate risks. Natural disasters and power outages pose potential challenges to these facilities.

For data centers, incorporating a centralized uninterruptible power system (UPS) is essential for emergency power needs. These systems automatically activate during a power outage and provide information about the remaining energy before depletion. It is advisable to have on-site backup generators, regardless of location. It ensures preparedness for any unforeseen power interruptions.

8. Tech Support

Reliable technical support is crucial for any business. While operations may generally proceed smoothly, occasional issues are inevitable. It operates around the clock and can address your queries whenever problems arise is essential. Whether dealing with a cyber threat or answering a fundamental data usage question, the center should have qualified technicians available to respond to all your inquiries.


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