What is CMS?

A content management system, or CMS, is a web application designed to manage the content of a website. Generally a content management system consists of two elements:  Content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). CMA allows an authorised person who may not be technically proficient in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to edit, delete or create content in a website without possessing any expertise of a Webmaster or a programmer.

It enables your website to stay fresh with page updates thereby making it more search engine friendly. The CDA element compiles and combines that information to update the website.

Before the advent of CMS hosting, website development was looked upon as a software professional’s forte. The CMS provides a simple user interface that allows the editor to create and modify content, add images and multimedia contents in the process bringing coders, designers and content writers under one roof.

Different Types of CMS Websites

Web Content Management System

This is used where a standalone application is required to create, manage, store and organize the content of a website that may include photos, videos, texts, etc.  Indexing, assembling the content at runtime and delivering the requested content to the end user are the three primary tasks that Web content management system performs.

Component Content Management System

In this CMS system, the content is more structured and is known as a component. Every component has its own lifecycle of authoring, versioning, approving and using. Apart from versioning, component CMS helps in tracking the relationship that the website content shares with each other.

Enterprise Content Management System

Just as the name suggests, enterprise content management system deals with large quantities of data generated primarily by large enterprises. The content management application which is one of the parts of enterprise content management system helps the user to carry out editing and modification task without any practical intervention of web administrator.

Main features and benefits of CMS Website:

Additional levels of Accuracy

All the content in CMS has to be stored only once. This provides higher degree of flexibility as you are free to use and reuse it any number of times depending upon your own requirement. Another important feature is that the record of number of times the content has been used is maintained by the CMS.

SEO Friendly hosting

CMS enables online information to be fresh, consistent and of a high quality. All these attributes are given added weight by search engines thereby ensuring that website gets higher ranking in results returned by them.

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