What is Windows Server 8?

Windows Server 8 is an official code name for the next generation server operating system and the successor to the company’s Windows Server 3 operating system. It is developed by Microsoft and boasts various new features like server core, an optional installation that enables administration completely through the command-line-interface. Active Directory received a major update in Windows Server 2008, along with extended group policy and identity management feature.

In this modern server, Microsoft rolled together the distinctive features like ‘Manage Your Server and Security Configuration Wizard’ from Windows Server 2003 into the Server Manager Console, that allows administrators to handle multiple server related tasks. However, other updates include Active Directory Rights Management Services and Federation Services. The server software also involves Failover Clustering, which ensures high availability for critical tasks and updates.

Name a single feature that has not been streamlined and squeezed into Windows Server 8. Things have become more smooth and easily deployable with the implementation of Windows Server 8. Automation has become more stress-free and thus Windows Server 8 has proved to be the most efficacious servers of all times. Most of the Windows packages demands extra digging but by Windows VPS hosting over Windows Server 8 this is no more a concern.

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