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What is Cloud?

Cloud is the term used for software and services that run on the internet in place of running locally on your computer. Web browsers are used to access most of these cloud services. Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are some of the examples of cloud services. There are many advantages of cloud services like accessibility. Any device that runs the internet can be used to access your data stored on the cloud. You could be anywhere, but if you have the internet, you can start working on your documents stored in the cloud from right where you had left. Risks with cloud hosting services are minimal but yet some people feel safer having all of their data in a sealed metal box that they can touch and feel, in that case, a private cloud can serve as a sensible trade-off. Another issue that people point out in cloud services is the downtime which depends upon the hosting service provider. With Go4hosting, you can be relieved of this downtime stress. And while accessibility is one of the advantages of cloud, it becomes an issue if there is crappy or no internet. Uncertainty is inevitable but the proven advantages of the cloud computing should allay your apprehensions.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting


Cloud hosting has a key advantage and that is the capacity to scale the business. It refers to the ability of a system to manage a growing amount of work through addition of resources to the business. With cloud computing, one gets the ease of scalability. When you opt cloud, it offers the possibility for your business to grow as it includes multiple servers for added capacity. In the case of surges, you can scale up without delay. It also offers a window for long term business scaling. A dashboard lets you view the real-time status of your cloud account and you can check the performance of your website and take on-the-spot decisions of scaling having no need to wait for approval from the hosting service provider.

Improved Performance

Scalability leads to better performance. Load balancing over several servers make it happen to handle the unforeseen circumstances with traffic, as a result, the service remains available to the customers for a greater amount of time and there is less burden on any single server, which ultimately improves the user experience.



Cloud computing reduces or eliminates the necessity to build and maintain the infrastructure, which cuts capital investment and the feature of scalability means lets you pay only for what you use and avoid paying extra for unused capacity. Not only is the pricing inexpensive, but it is also flexible. In most other kinds of hosting, a monthly subscription has to be paid regardless of whether you utilize some, all or none of the resources of the server, but in the cloud, you pay exclusively for what you use.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud computing service providers maintain elaborate plans to deal with any disaster. They understand that the cloud cannot afford to be unavailable. The use of multi-server architecture makes it easier.

Server Environment is Redundant

Another kind of hosting happens mostly over a single server and if anything were to happen to it, you might fail to keep it online and your business will suffer until that server is up and running. With cloud hosting, hosting is redundant which refers to the facility of having a backup to run in case of failures like this. A backup site will be online as the live version of the customers’ website to maintain uninterrupted access to.

Speedy Server Setup

A hosting server can be fired up in record time. It would take some time if you were signing up for beginner shared hosting, else all you need are a few mouse clicks to get on the board.

No Hardware Issues

When cloud hosting is opted, the customer is free from any physical server troubles like hacking, system overload, and hardware failures because redundancy allows keeping the websites running in case a physical server is compromised. This avoids having to experience shutdowns.

Simple Management

Cloud servers have become easier to manage than their precursors. It needed some technical know-how to monitor, manage and scale the servers efficiently but with the introduction of the management dashboards/ consoles, it is very easy to carry out management of your hosting plans, pricing, and the overall performance of the services.


Cloud hosting reduces the environmental impact of the business that opts it. This is made possible by using fewer data centers and fewer overall resources to run the same business than in other kinds of hosting services. Companies can reduce their carbon footprint significantly with cloud hosting. And in the times when climate change has become enormous trouble for the entire earth, every little thing that is positive in the context becomes desirable.

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