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Cloud Hosting – A Boon Fulfilled For Business!

Cloud hosting capitalizes on the unrivalled performance of the virtual server by extracting the exact quantity of computing resources required from an off-premise network for heightened cost-effectiveness. The flexibility that comes with cloud server hosting is unmatched. This virtualized server allocates a fixed portion of resources to every client in the network. Because the entire cloud environment is virtual, it can be accessed via the internet, regardless of where the request is generated. The underlying server in cloud hosting is exactly the same as in any other hosting. The only difference lies in the way the platform disseminates computing resources to the client. Scalability is another plus you can leverage to utilize your host in the best possible way. Cloud servers can be scaled with a few clicks. The upgradation takes little effort, and the added resources reflect on your cloud account in no time. Because cloud hosting is provider-managed, the vendor tackles all the network and server-related problems and lets you have a hassle-free computing experience. We understand how important security is, considering your organization’s future depends on the data it holds. Cloud server hosting is more secure than a shared server, given the number of tools & techniques cloud providers deploy to establish a secure computing environment. Further, it alleviates the fiscal burdens of an organization, owing to its pay-as-you-use attribute. With the performance, flexibility, accessibility, and comfort that comes complimentary with cloud hosting, it is just the right solution your business needs to bring home. It’s about time you invigorated your business with go4hosting’s robust cloud solutions.

Cloud hosting has emerged globally as the latest business-enhancing technology. If customers are exploring hosting options for improving their service delivery, they need to go no further than Go4hosting cloud hosting! We have several cooling and power lines and back every bit of data to multiple servers. Being the owner of several data centers in India and abroad allows us to keep our price competitive. Our cheap cloud hosting service offers as many benefits as any other expensive cloud hosting does. You will experience the freedom to customize your cloud computing platform like never before. Additionally, our commitment to your privacy is supreme. We have the best-in-the-industry tools to null out the possibility of any breach. Our firewall keeps all malicious programs at bay, filtering unwanted traffic right at the network entry. Running several data centers allows us to proffer cheap cloud hosting services with huge benefits, without compromising even a bit with the quality of service.

In standard server configurations, customers are restricted by the physical constraints of the server on which their web site and online presence is hosted. With the utilization of cloud hosting, they can call upon a distinctive server configuration built on specifically chosen hardware that results in an inexpensive hosting resolution that is easily scalable and completely reliable.

From a technical viewpoint, the resources needed for optimal web site performance are governable across several remote control panels and can be tapped as and when they're required, because the web site is not dependent on an individual physical server but on a network of multiple virtual servers maintained in the cloud.

Technicalities aside, the greatest advantage of a cheap cloud server taking care of your IT systems for data management, service delivery and myriad facets of business is cost savings. Using shared infrastructure allows Go4hosting to provide cheap cloud computing resources in multifarious ways, serving clients across a wide spectrum of industries.

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Cloud Hosting services offered by go4hosting can be broadly classified into three categories.


Go4hosting offers all its plans fortified with the remarkable features of our cheap cloud hosting platform to clients. We include characteristics and facilities like enhanced encryption for security, streamlined network connections, instant scalability, access to the system from any place at any time, and client-centric customized plans. To pack the punch, our cloud hosting is backed by a dedicated customer-support, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We owe our expertise to a team of professionals devoted to delivering excellence to the very core of our cloud hosting services. Get ready to anchor your organization with the only cloud server hosting capable of refurbishing your business.


Cheap cloud hosting that has the potential to bring tangible difference to your business. Here is a list of our immaculate cloud server offerings.

Public Cloud

The most distinguishable model of cloud computing for most customers is the public cloud model, wherein cloud services are provided using a highly virtualized atmosphere consuming pooled distributed physical resources, and accessible across a public network like the internet. A public cloud brings together a pool of several scalable resources created from dispersed hardware and maintained by a third-party corporation. To date, this happens to be the most widely adopted cloud hosting models ever.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is a comparatively recent model of cloud computing which comprises of a well-defined and singularly protected atmosphere within which the owner of the IT infrastructure is the sole beneficiary. Private cloud services have diversified significantly over the years. The sheer number of options for customization that private clouds provide to customers has made them a hot trend in technology-based business circles. However, private cloud hosting also sport a colossal upfront cost, making them unaffordable for emerging organizations to acquire.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is basically a ‘mixed’ cloud computing atmosphere which uses a combination of public and private cloud hosting models, as the name suggests. By permitting workloads to be carried out by the most appropriate computing resources of private as well as public clouds, the cost of these resources can be reduced significantly.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the storage of information online, without incurring the cost of on-premise hardware, whereby a company's information is maintained and accessed from several connected resources and applications which utilize the cloud. Cloud storage is exactly the same as cloud hosting except that it is used to host personal files rather than websites. Cloud storage will give a business the advantages of excellent accessibility and reliability, speedy deployment, robust protection for data backup, disaster recovery and lower prices as direct results of not having to buy, handle and maintain costly hardware.

Cloud CDN

Cloud-based Content Delivery Networks influence end users worldwide, and are used to speed up content delivery for various websites as well as applications. Cloud CDN minimizes network latency as well as prices. With caches at multiple sites all over the globe, cloud CDN can be optimally picked to be near the end users, since this means quicker webpage loading and content delivery to the end user. Cloud CDN, combined with the right practice, can mount an excessively reliable cloud hosting environment for seamless content delivery.

Why Choose Go4hosting Cloud Hosting For Your Business?

Pioneering cloud hosting technology and information services for almost two decades, Go4hosting is a successful hosting service provider having immense expertise in cloud server hosting. We have a reputation for empowering businesses via our cloud hosting services backed by ingenious technologies. We facilitate our clients in establishing a responsive association with their customers, business partners and within internal teams. Our expertise of cloud hosting is unmatched and we have reigned the cloud server hosting bazaar for decades. The cost-effectiveness and convenience our cheap cloud hosting is capable of bringing to your industry makes us the best in the business. With a wide range of plans we offer, you get to choose the perfect cloud hosting plan, as if it were tailor-made for you. To service bizarre needs, all cloud server hosting plans are intensely customizable.

Go4hosting also runs self-owned Tier III data centers with complete hardware and software packages that are of supreme quality, guaranteeing clients a world class cloud hosting experience. Our low-cost cloud server hosting plans are backed by prime network connectivity and bandwidth, superb technical assistance and strong SLAs.

Since we own our data center, we can plan cheap cloud hosting plans for businesses of all sizes and areas of operation. The customizability of cheap cloud server architectures benefits our clients in all those areas in their operations that they want to improve. With synchronized goals for growth, our partnership with our clients is founded on a bedrock of cloud computing. Our hosting specialists operate closely with clients so as to design cloud hosting solutions which most accurately fit the unique requirements of their businesses. Our reasonable, nevertheless robust, low-cost cloud server hosting plans are designed to provide sufficient impetus to our clients so they can vanquish their competitors! Seamless Cloud hosting you have never experienced before.

Our hosting specialists operate closely with clients so as to design cloud hosting solutions which most accurately fit the unique requirements of their businesses. Our reasonable, nevertheless robust, low-cost cloud server hosting plans are designed to provide sufficient impetus to our clients so they can vanquish their competitors!

Prime reasons for adopting the platform of cloud hosting for business:

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    Flexible and scalable

    One of the major contributions of cloud hosting to any form of business which opts for it is the flexibility of scaling bandwidth and computing resources as and when required.

  • Go4hosting

    Reduce infrastructure price

    Shifting to cloud hosting eliminates the necessity of operating and handling costly servers. Cloud hosting decreases the outlay on servers as well as software packages. The cloud, in addition, reduces overhead costs like extraneous IT staff, excessive power consumption, redundant data storage and unutilized bandwidth.

  • Go4hosting

    No location constraints

    Access to anything stored on the cloud is feasible at any moment and from any region or location via the web, and provides the client 24 X 7 X 365 uptime.

  • Go4hosting

    Security, back-up and disaster recovery

    Data security as well as optimal data storage is essentially the fundamental pillar on which Go4hosting cloud hosting systems are created. As security becomes more paramount, industry-leading cloud service providers allotting huge budgets for ensuring safe servers and data security. Go4hosting leverages the multi cloud platform by combining the best security and data processing features of CSPs into custom IT solutions for our clients.

How Is Go4hosting Cloud Server Hosting Different From Traditional Hosting?

Efficient server performance

Server uptime is directly proportional to the performance of cloud hosted websites. Go4hosting cloud hosting delivers high uptime in the network as part of a well-connected cloud ecosystem that conducts advanced monitoring in comparison to traditional hosting. Additionally, in traditional hosting, the over-reliance on an individual server created higher risks of hardware faults and increased the time taken in relaying responses and service delivery to end users.

Consume resources only as necessary

Within the cloud hosting atmosphere, clients need not be concerned about extra costs spent on idle or underused computing resources. At the opposite end, in a traditional hosting framework, consumers will necessarily need to pay a set amount for the various computing resources, whether or not they are efficiently used.

Advanced security

Go4hosting cloud hosting establishes a secure model that safeguards our clients’ information at all levels of the network, with numerous security applications and highly protective protocols for access to data. Go4hosting makes sure of data protection using impeccable identity management, isolation of critical information and many more threat-defying features.

Measurability of performance

A good cloud hosting system guarantees exceptional website performance and reports the usage of various resources like bandwidth, storage, RAM and many others in the group of diverse resources that are used by the clients’ systems. On the other hand, business still running a traditional hosting system have confined resources and rigid specifications.

Freedom of location

In traditional hosting, servers are confined to a single physical location and thus consumers have to be very particular while opting for the location of their server. Cloud servers play a superb role in increasing the speed of websites and applications by dispersing the servers throughout the cloud. Cloud hosting servers are implementable at widely disparate nodes, making websites and applications easily accessible through internet-enabled desktop systems and mobile devices.

Latest technology adoption

Go4hosting cloud hosting helps our clients in customizing their system as defined by the necessities and forces of the market. The advanced technologies used within Go4hosting cloud hosting eradicates the unnecessary maintenance of in-house servers, diminishing carbon emission as an added advantage. Go4hosting always keeps on its toes to include the latest advancements in cloud hosting and many other spheres of information technology into our portfolio of cutting-edge services!

Key Differentiators Of The Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The factors that must be taken into account while selecting CSPs include:

  • Go4hosting

    Ease of operations

  • Go4hosting


  • Go4hosting


  • Go4hosting

    Reliability and security

  • Go4hosting

    Customer service

  • Go4hosting

    ‘N+1’ redundancy

  • Go4hosting

    High rack availability

  • Go4hosting

    High scalability

  • Go4hosting

    Latest hardware & software

  • Go4hosting

    24 x 7 technical support

Some facets of Go4hosting cloud hosting that put us a notch above the rest:

The Versatile Go4hosting Multi-Cloud World

AWS Cloud Hosting

A prominent asset of Amazon Web Services is its business-oriented foundation. The wide variety of features like Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic File System (EFS) and nearly seamless import/export can handle huge bulks of information transfer, formation of archival backups as well as data storage and entry, which primarily defines their substantial cloud services.

Amazon Web Services offer impeccable storage and productively deliver a supreme bundle of services including maintenance tools, analysis, designing tools, application development platforms and system protection functions as well as high speed networking.


Azure Cloud Services

Azure incorporates very effective cloud services and is one of the most pivotal powers due to its parent company – the behemoth Microsoft. As a result, Azure performs exceptionally well with Microsoft based systems; for example, Windows Server together with Active Directory. One important facet of Azure to be aware of is that Azure could also be restricted to an extent, when compared to Amazon Web Services, for interconnecting varied interfaces.

Scrutinizing the history of Azure, it seems that the origin of Virtual Machines (VMs) was anticipated throughout the development of this cloud platform. In addition to this first-mover advantage, it provides numerous tools such as automated scaling, system resource manager and even AI support specifically developed for manufacturing industries that are deploying cloud based applications.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is making its formidable presence felt all over the world. It is constructed along the novel route of unconventional ‘cloud native’ industries. Go4hosting has explored the Google Cloud platform in depth, and it principally embodies three essential measures for building their solutions: a ‘future-proof model’, rigid information along with deep data analysis, and promoting server-less systems running on automated code & machine learning. Google Cloud solutions are buoyed by consistent performance, stable disk storage, and an accelerated booting-up period.

In fact, Google Cloud exceptionally bestows Virtual Machines (VMs) with an excellent array of computing resources. In addition to accessing Google’s vast resources, the VMs are technically advanced enough to deliver on the promises of ceaseless performance, uninterrupted data access, and quick response times.


VMware on Cloud

With the increasing adoption of VMware server on the cloud, businesses can implement their own software or operating systems that allow numerous processes to be carried out in parallel on a single physical server. Each of the VMs hosted on the physical server share all its resources like bandwidth, disk space and RAM. VMware based systems make use of virtualization, user controlled tools, networking, data center plans and shared storage spaces.

VMware Cloud is exemplary for organizations with an IT based business model as well as enterprises that are trying to shift their local vSphere oriented workloads on to the public cloud, amalgamate and expand their data center features, and modify or alter their disaster recovery solutions.

Alibaba Cloud

The emergence of Alibaba Cloud into a significant player in the arena of cloud services has been capped by the tremendous decade-long Olympic deal they have secured. Alibaba Cloud is highly performance driven, with well-rounded computing strength stored within their cloud. Various services are furnished in a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model and comprise data storage, content delivery networks (CDN), big-data methodology, anti-DDoS protection as well as relational databases. Alibaba Cloud has only gone from strength to strength in its relatively short history, which is why it occupies a significant place in Go4hosting’s arsenal!


Cloud Hosting Faq

Go4hosting is the epitome of cloud hosting services, amalgamating the best from public, private and hybrid clouds into intricately manageable multi cloud systems!

Experience the paradigm shift to the cloud with our award-winning services!

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