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Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is considered an optimal hosting solution that combines the virtues of shared and dedicated hosting. A VPS offers tremendous security, privacy and control. VPS hosting, however, suffers from certain drawbacks, its inability to scale being the biggest one. These constraints have paved the way for cloud VPS server hosting.

Hosting your website on a cloud VPS server allows you to enjoy the benefits of both cloud and VPS. In a cloud VPS server, many elements work in conjunction to fulfill your growing demands. A cloud VPS server equips you with resources allocated exclusively for your use to create a reliable and customized work environment. Cloud VPS server hosting offers a secure and centrally managed storage solution to fulfill your data storage demands. Presence of cloud provides enormous scalability that accommodates the fluctuating traffic on your website without slowing down ever.

Why Select Cloud VPS Hosting?



Cloud VPS secures your data by storing it on several hard drives. In the absence of any single point of failure, there is no threat of data loss.



Our cloud VPS server hosting solutions are among the most affordable solutions available in the marketplace.



With our best cloud VPS hosting solutions, your website loads within no time even when there is a sudden spike in demand.

Why Businesses Should Consider Go4hosting For Cloud VPS Hosting?

An eminent cloud hosting solution provider, Go4hosting offers a comprehensive range of packages to meet the demands of businesses of every type and size. With an experience spanning 18+ years, Go4hosting boasts of an impressive clientele across an array of business verticals.


Our cheap cloud VPS hosting services offer a unique blend of speed, flexibility and reliability to help you attain your business objectives smoothly. Our best-in-class cloud VPS hosting solutions let you have complete control over your hosting infrastructure. You also get the flexibility to scale up or down as your business demands.

Our best cloud VPS hosting solutions are supported by high bandwidth, round-the-clock technical support and robust service level agreement. As we offer a wide range of hosting packages to meet the needs of every kind of business, you can always find a suitable plan in our range of packages. So why wait? Buy our cloud VPS today.

Our Cloud VPS hosting offers

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    High-Bandwidth Servers

    Our high-bandwidth servers are engineered to tackle heavy website traffic, massive data transfers and streaming of audios and videos.

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    Robust SLA

    Our robust service level agreement entails continuous and rigorous monitoring of the quality of our services. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.

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    Cost-Effective Hosting Solutions

    We at Go4hosting offer the most competitive services in the most affordable price range. Plus, we provide you with a wide range of options to choose from.

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    Optimum Network Uptime

    We guarantee a 99.95% uptime in our service-level agreement which means your cloud virtual private server will not experience more than 4 hours of downtime/year.

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    Rock-Solid Ultra-Modern Data Centers

    We boast of rock-solid ultra-modern data centers that are equipped with world-class hardware and software and 24/7 surveillance to ensure optimal performance.

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    Round-the-Clock Technical Support

    We have a team of highly professional and thoroughly competent technical experts to help you with any issue, should the need arise. You can connect with us through live chat, phone, email or help desk.

About Go4hosting

Headquartered in India, Go4hosting is a leading cloud VPS provider, catering to the needs of several conglomerates, enterprises and government agencies through our state-of-the-art data centers situated in India, the UK and the USA.


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Dedicated Resources
A cloud VPS server acts like a dedicated server and has its own CPU and RAM. As a result, your website remains unaffected by traffic on other websites on the same cloud server.

Self-Healing Hardware
Our cloud VPS comes with self-healing hardware. This means if one of the nodes fails, the server shifts to another node and you can continue working without any hassle. Our cloud VPS hosting solutions are thus designed to be fail-safe.

Scalable Storage
Our cloud VPS hosting services offer a secure and centrally managed cloud storage solution which helps you access data instantly from any corner of the world. You can allocate resources as you need and add more resources should the need arise.

High Level of Security
Our cloud VPS server has its dedicated resources which means its CPU and RAM are isolated and hence immune to any kind of malicious attack. Our servers thus guarantee the highest level of security.

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