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Enterprise Cloud Hosting

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What is Enterprise Cloud Hosting?

Enterprise cloud computing is allocating cloud computing services to businesses. This is in comparison to cloud computing services that are directed at consumers. Individual companies and businesses in enterprise cloud computing depend upon their agreements with cloud providers or independent software vendors to outsource different Information Technology services.

It is a wide area of enterprise cloud hosting. Enterprises can buy any number of varied IT resources from cloud vendors. Cloud computing is preferred for its cost and security factors. Vendors can provide high security and they can help businesses control additional costs by making use of only the needed resources. There remains no need for buying and setting up expensive hardware, direct services can be availed by them for as long as they want. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are signed between the businesses and the cloud provider citing the offers from the latter to the former and things like what the clients can expect from the service provider. It is a hot technology and is being adopted by several businesses.

Enterprise cloud hosting is the kind of computing environment that is well protected by a firewall and that provides a platform, infrastructure, and software as a service to businesses. Businesses prefer this because of the capacity of enterprise cloud providers to grant access to components that can be integrated to quickly create web applications that meet the rapidly changing operational requirements of the businesses. Businesses are able to reduce costs and time needed to develop web applications using enterprise cloud services.


Advantages of Our Enterprise Cloud Solution

High speed and better performance

Efficient utilization of information technology (IT) resources.

Lower costs of IT infrastructure.

Lesser financial spending on operations of the enterprise, about 51%.

Enhanced capacity to manage the increased demands for IT during peak hours.

Secure environment by the use of Virtual Machines.

Flexible service for security of data resources.

Build innovative solutions and migrate important applications.

Up to a quarter of the downfall in development costs.

Virtual servers remove the fear of onsite intruder attacks.

Hourly billing based on customers’ demand.

Policies used for securing data are flexible.

Enterprise Cloud Hosting in Businesses

Cloud has changed and it is a progressive technology. Legacy storage that consisted of Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) has become outdated now and they do not stand any chance when it comes to comparing the standards of computing needed for a cloud on the level of the enterprise. There is no point in trying and running the cloud on the above building blocks. Virtual Machines and containers have been introduced which act like cloud currency and they give the user more control and make the process more discernable. Virtual machines are better because they configure themselves so that one doesn’t have to do it manually. The Input/output per second (IPOS) is high in VMs irrespective of the workload.

Enterprise cloud hosting means that there will be no bottlenecks related to configuration, replacement and expansion of systems and components as was the case in the traditional on-premise platform because virtualization has changed the game. Also, things like local power interruptions, data loss due to disasters and cyber-attacks are no more issues to fret over. The enterprises who have turned to the cloud enjoy a faster, cheaper and more secure platform to work and grow with.

Why Go4hosting as Your Enterprise Cloud Service Provider?

Agility and responsiveness go without saying as the top advantages of enterprise cloud service. It will make you a leader in digital innovation. With Gos4hosting enterprise cloud hosting, your firm can change the way it does business and it gets a chance to be more agile and secure. The firm can deliver faster, as many as three times, the features of the applications and thus free the resources and carry out strategic innovation. This service will allow you to modernize your applications. Modernization is a very important part of every business. Enterprise cloud hosting can drive growth and reduce total the cost of ownership (TCO). In the times when the cloud wasn’t this developed and famous, overprovisioning was the only way a business could prepare to handle their business at the zenith of activity, with cloud they can provision resources according to their real needs and scalability helps them during times of peaks.

We are a fast-growing Cloud Server hosting providers. Our work ethics and service quality differentiate us from the crowd. We offer world-class enterprise cloud solutions. Our data centers are Tier- III compliant, maintained by trained professionals. We combine technical expertise and brilliance to deliver great hosting experience to our clients. We offer superior bandwidth and sturdy Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in affordable prices and remain 24*7 available to assist our customers. A myriad list of clients bears the testimony to the said promises.

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