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Machine Learning Algorithms Everyone Should be Aware of

Posted by Nishant on Jun 01, 2020 02:56:01 pm

The craze for machine learning has soared new heights ever since Harvard review article named ‘data scientist’ as the most lucrative job of the coming decade. Machine learning, to some, might sound like a complete sorcery, although it is only an inheritance of some trivial concepts of mathematics. So, as long as you did not skip mathematics lecture in your university, you are good to go. Before we begin discussing these a... Read more>>

Kick off Learning With Minecraft Renewable Energy Lessons

Posted by Nishant on May 22, 2020 03:41:05 pm

The ongoing corona pandemic has brought life to a halt. With schools closed there aren’t many ways to indulge your child in fun, learning activity. While most parents have complained of their children diving into unending gaming spree, some have instated strict gaming rules. As a student myself, I strongly believe learning cannot be forced. All we need to do is find ways to make it fun and spark learning. Celebrating ... Read more>>

Python is The New Way To Virtualize a Physical Machine

Posted by Nishant on May 15, 2020 04:56:42 pm

The history of Python dates back to the times of World Wide Web. Ask any techie in his mid 40s now and he would tell you how smoothly did IT transform to what it is today. Python was launched in February, 1991 and World Wide Web, some six months later in August same year. Since then the two had overlapped over a wide domain and co-existed, one complementing the other. Python was originally conceived in the year 1989 and released 2 ye... Read more>>

File Hosting Service – Breaking Traditional Storage Norms

Posted by Nishant on May 08, 2020 12:07:33 pm

Technically speaking, file hosting service has existed for a long time but had not had much attention until recently. A few years back, a big MNC underwent data disaster and lost more than half the data they had. To make things worse, the backup servers failed too and the loss was permanent. Investigation found out that the disaster was an outcome of internal software conflicts – one application interfering with other – a... Read more>>

Secret Android Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Posted by Nishant on Apr 30, 2020 04:03:45 pm

Assume you are drafting an important email and just then by mistake hit the send button. Now what? Your client is not going to be happy reading what was supposed to be a draft. But what if I told you you can unsend emails. Baffled? Probably. There are email solutions for small businesses that provide you the capability to force back an email within a given time frame. Th... Read more>>

Avoiding Fraudsters from Breaking into Your Server

Posted by Nishant on Apr 21, 2020 06:38:01 pm

You received an email sourced from somewhere outside the organization. The email had a very compelling you cannot help yourself opening. The attachment is a pdf format but later turns out to be an executable .exe. And that was it that was the last time you had access to the data on your server. Such types of activities have seen a massive growth. The idea behind hacking a server instead of a single machine is that the serve... Read more>>

Data Center Colocation Services – The New Face of Hosting

Posted by Nishant on Apr 17, 2020 12:36:45 pm

A few decades back when the internet was gaining momentum, nobody thought it would grow to a scale that servers would become a necessity. During the first twenty years companies struggled to find a suitable host because it would cost twice the company’s entire revenue. Take, for example, a normal floppy disk shown below. ... Read more>>

How in-flight Internet Services Work?

Posted by Nishant on Apr 13, 2020 11:29:32 am

Airliners are fun to travel. A few hours of mesmerising and comfortable journey, provided there is no turbulence. If you have ever traveled in an airplane before, either for holidays or business purposes, you might have noted how some airliners offer internet while in air. Though a majority of airplanes have no internet, some, especially long international flights, do provide Wi-Fi fast enough to reply to emails and scroll ... Read more>>

Cloud CDN Technologies – Not as far as it Looks

Posted by Nishant on Apr 06, 2020 06:22:27 pm

So, you have launched a website, hosted your server with the best provider but your customers are still complaining about poor site performance. They say the website loads too slow; a fraction of your visitors even abandoned your website before it could display a character. A research showed that a delay of just 1 second can cause 7% of the visitors to say you ‘good bye’ and never return again. Hopefully, you no... Read more>>

How to Get Free SSL Certificate?

Posted by Nishant on Apr 03, 2020 10:17:01 am

SSL certificates have been sitting around for a while. You might have noticed some websites addresses display green or grey locks at the start – that is the sign that the website is SSL protected. For a novice, the difference might feel insignificant but it has a great impact in customer conversion. So, before coming on to the question how to get free SSL certificate, I would like to take you on a tour to what exactly is SS... Read more>>

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