A to Z about Java Application Hosting and its Models

Feb 12,2021 by Nishant Nath

Your Java applications need a special kind of hosting service that is designed accordingly. For this, space is leased out of the same server be it a VPS, cloud, or even a dedicated server. But one would think that is it essential to put stress on a specific Java hosting plan. Here is the reason why.

As it is Java is one of the most popular and used programming languages. Many programmers are inclined towards Java when it comes to developing multiple purpose applications. Not only applications Java is said to be a good platform for designing software as it being safe, portable, maintainable, and comprised of high-level concurrent tools. All of this makes Java a popular option among developers, programmers as well as designers. Unlike other complicated programming languages, Java is more understandable by budding programmers and by people coming up with robust application ideas. Starting from the writing part and till completion, Java is considered to be lucid. Hence, many of them search for a powerful Java hosting plan with an elusive combination of features, price, and performance. 

Hit nail on the head with Java hosting application hosting

Java hosting’s features and specifications are designed in a way that powers your Java server pages. Java Server Pages (JSP) is a language that is responsible for providing dynamic and interactive web pages. Such web pages have easy tags that look and work equally and similarly irrespective of the hosting platform. So even if it is a cheap dedicated server hosting or a VPS hosting platform it must be Java-specific. There are multiple benefits that Java hosting brings in-

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1. Easy to use platform

Java hosting is known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. There is no doubt on Java being design-friendly and best for people who want to learn. 

2. Security uncompromised

Security is something that Java hosting can never compromise on. The biggest problem with the programmers during programming is the unwanted corruption that becomes unavoidable at a point in time. But this is less of a problem with a programming language like Java. 

3. OOP feature

Java’s OOP feature may not be that beneficial for the developers. But it helps in forming our programming more and more modular. Still, this is not the best part about OOP, the best part is that it makes our codes reusable. A cheap dedicated server hosting sounds good to support a Java-specific application.

4. Multilevel programming

Java being a lute thread programming language that helps developers to do coding of applications at multiple levels.

Features to consider before signing up-

Java-specific hosting sounds like an expensive deal but there are many affordable java hosting plans provided by the best of the hosting providers. But, of course, your decision must be an informed one before selecting the right java hosting plan for yourself. So to make your decision an informed one, here we have come up with the features one must look out for in any Java hosting service-

Unlimited resources

 Java can bring some issues as it consumes a little more memory. Thus it calls for the need for a decent amount of RAM. Storage space and bandwidth would add on to the RAM requirement to support the processes and operations running over Java. 

JVM support- 

All the Java programs irrespective of their ultimate goal run on a Java virtual machine (JVM). A good VPS hosting can act as a suitable solution as they come up with full root access that makes the installation and configuration of Java easy. 

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The initial stage of your programming can be handled smoothly by a basic Java hosting plan. But once your programming starts to get complicated, scalability is the instant need. Scaling up is the only option then left to support more powerful programming. The best Java hosting plan will provide one-click scaling up feature and then you are good to go.

Add on features-

 Add on features like a global CDN (content delivery network) makes Java hosting even more supporting. Such additional features also include lightning fast delivery, redundant backup, anti-hacking, and protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. So never forget to look out for these magic features so that you need not switch to any other service in the near future. 


Pricing is the ultimate factor to be looked out for while stooping onto the hosting plan for your application. We would suggest not to bargain on any of the important features as most of the Java hosting plans already come at affordable pricing. The additional features do notaffect that much on its pricing. 

Java hosting models

There is more to Java hosting apart from above mentioned world-class features. Java hosting comes packed into many models. Studying these Java hosting models will give a clearer idea to choose the one for your enterprise. So here is an insight for the possible kinds of Java hosting models-

Java application hosting with a shared server and shared JVM- 

This model is more suitable for the low budget accounts. Although it is one of the popular models but runs low on RAM and bandwidth. There is a threat to the applications getting crashed as the isolation among the applications is not that good. 

 Java application hosting with a shared server but private JVM (Servlet Container)- 

This is one of those models that provide dedicated JVM so there is less limitation on both the RAM and bandwidth. The package pre-includes FTP, DNS, mail, etc., and services managed through cPanel. The Java control panel eases the whole management part of JVM and your applications. 

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Java application server with private JVM aside VPS– 

This is the best you can ask for an application server powered by VPS hosting and the software of your own choice. The isolation among the applications is really good in this model.

The application server in cluster– 

This is a high-quality model due to multiple VPS servers clustered with SQL server. Such a model is meant for Java hosting clients dealing with mission-critical applications. 

Java hosting powered by cloud– 

Cloud architecture is an add on to Java hosting. When cPanel or VPS server runs on IaaS cloud then things carry on in a more planned manner. 

Now you are all aware of the Java hosting models as well. It’s up to you to select the right plan for yourself. Just go through the limit on the databases, amount of SSD storage, traffic handling capability, and other versions. All of this once gets sorted, you can carry on with developing your applications or working on the concerned software.

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