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Feb 17,2021 by Nishant Nath

Posted by Akriti Sharma

Cloud Adoption Framework: AWS has various benefits as scalability, flexibility and reduced costs. For completely utilizing these benefits you have to train your staff to learn new skills and updating of existing processes. 

It helps in:

•  Maximizing the business value
•  Minimize the business risks of cloud adoption.

Cloud Adoption Framework AWS is termed as AWS CAF which helps organizations in easily understanding about the amazon cloud adoption techniques and its structure for identifying and addressing the gaps within the skills.

This helps in leveraging the best practices within the organization and around the world along with their cloud adoption framework AWS journey.

Cloud computing benefits companies by providing them: 

•  the advantage from massive economies of scale,
•  highly increasing the capacity demands.
•  An increased speed and agility of running the business.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisions the compute, storage and database resources for your system. The running scenario can be changed easily, can be updated easily, scaling is done automatically for optimization of the cost.

•  It offers the support for every organization so to understand the
•  updated skills
•  existing processes
•  new processes to take advantage of cloud computing.

The six main focus areas of AWS for business are:

Factors which have focused on the Business capabilities: Business, Governance, People perspectives

Factors which have focused on Technical capabilities: Platform, Security, and Operations Perspectives.

1.  Business Perspective – It has Business Managers, Budget Owners, and related Stakeholders. It helps in understanding updation of skills and organizational processes required to be optimized while migrating to cloud.

2.  Human Perspective – It has HR and staffing people. It updates the staff skills for optimization and maintenance of workforce and time management.

3.  Governance Perspective – It has Program Managers, Business Analysts, and Business Managers. It offers the guidance to stakeholders which support the business processes.

4.  Platform Perspective – It has Common IT Managers, and head Solution Architects. It Helps the stakeholders to understand the updation of staff skills processes for delivering and optimizing cloud solutions effectively.

5.  Security Perspective – It has IT Security Managers and IT Security Analysts. It helps stakeholders to understand the cloud architecture working in line with the organization’s security control and compliance requirements.

6.  Operations Perspective – It has IT Operations Managers and IT related support Managers. It Helps in understand the updation of staff skills for the cloud and then to operate cloud computing easily.

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Mapping the Journey to the Cloud

Every organization has different cloud journey, so you need to map the current state, the target state, and the transition state for business achievement for your respective business. AWS CAF helps to structure the organizational skills so as to update and modify the existing processes for the introduction of new skills in the system.

DevOps manages the skills and processes depending upon the working of both the development and operational teams. The work streams implementation for your organization can easily leverage the AWS CAF Perspectives for understanding the communication among different stakeholders.

AWS CAF Perspectives: Complete Details 

1.  Business Perspective: Value Realization: This perspective has focused on ensuring IT business needs with the IT investments for completely demonstrable business results.

It helps in Engaging the stakeholders with the Business Perspective for creating a strong business case for cloud adoption and prioritization. It offers a strong alignment with the organization’s business goals and IT strategies.

All the factors which define AWS CAF Business Capability Descriptions are:

IT Finance: It has the ability of planning, allocating, and managing the budget for IT expenses.

IT Strategy: Cloud Computing reduces the maintenance of applications and helps IT to focus on business management.

Benefits Realization: It manages the benefits of IT finance. It easily Quantifies and evaluates the TCO and ROI with cloud services.

Business Risk Management: It evaluates the strategic, and risks to the organization. It helps in having competitive marketplace for your business.

2. People Perspective: Roles and Readiness: It has related staff capability along with the changed management functions which require amazon cloud adoption techniques for the effectiveness of business.

It helps in the evaluation of skills and options of business. It manages the training, staffing, and organizational changes for enhancing the business.

All the factors which define AWS CAF People Perspective Descriptions are:

Resource Management: With Cloud computing, the staffing teams acquire skills for forecasting the need of staff within the organization.

Incentive Management: Manages the capability of workers to have the best compensation and benefits within their organization.

Career Management: It focusses on the personal growth of employees, their career opportunities, along with financial security.

Training Management: It focusses on development by training and orientations.

Organizational Change Management: It studies the impacts of business and cultural changes along with the amazon cloud adoption framework.

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3. Governance Perspective: Prioritization and Control: It focuses on the skills which are required for the alignment of IT strategy and goals along with your company’s business strategy and goals. It ensures to have the maximum business value for IT investment. It has reduced business risks involved.

All the factors which define AWS CAF Governance Perspective Descriptions are:

Portfolio Management: It helps in managing and prioritizing IT investments, programs with projects for business enhancement.

Program and Project Management: It manages several projects for improving organizational growth.

Business Performance Measurement: Cloud computing offers newer means of process automation and AWS cost optimization for better business growth. 

License Management: It defines the ability to save and manage the licenses for the IT services and software.

4. Platform Perspective: Applications and Infrastructure.

IT architects easily use the working model for understanding the complete IT systems and their applications. Organizations are using the Platform Perspective effectively for describing the structural design of all cloud applications. With this Perspective in mind, the design of the business environment can be described in detail. It includes the principles and patterns for working solutions on the cloud system.

All the factors which define AWS CAF Governance Perspective Descriptions are:

Compute Provisioning: It ensures the processing and memory is in support with the enterprise applications.

Network Provisioning:  It offers enterprise solutions. It migrates the hardware components to cloud services for network provisioning.

Storage Provisioning: It manages the storage system with the support of enterprise applications.

Database Provisioning: It manages hardware and software both systems together.

Application Development: It offers the customization of applications for supporting the organization’s business goals.

5. Security Perspective: Risk and Compliance Security: With the AWS the security concern is almost zero and should not be worried about. The Security Perspective helps you in structuring the implementation of security controls that can easily meet your business needs. 

AWS customers can be benefitted from a data center and network architecture for the ease of doing business. AWS with its partners gets better security, visibility, control, manageability, and agility. This perspective helps in the transformation of your organization’s security.

All the factors which define AWS CAF security Perspective Descriptions are:

Identity and Access Management: It provides the benefit to having multiple access control mechanisms by managing the permissions.

Detective Control: Moreover, by integrating the AWS features into a centralized platform, it offers holistic control and enhanced security.

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Infrastructure Security: It has an adjusted security for managing the workload and business requirements.

Data Protection: It offers complete visibility maintenance and control over data for meeting business requirements.

Incident Response: It manages security and restores business operations with the help of cloud computing.

6. Operations Perspective: Manage and Scale:  The Operations Perspective has complete focus on areas which are used for enabling, using, operating, and recovering IT. Every organization has groups which define daily, quarterly, and yearly business conduct. IT operations should align and support business operations. With the help of Operations Perspective, you can define the current procedures and identify the process changes along with appropriate for successful cloud implementation.

All the factors which define Amazon Cloud Adoption Framework Operations Perspective Descriptions are:

Service Monitoring: With the help of cloud computing, both the detection and response of operational service and applications which can be managed effectively.

Application Performance Monitoring: It manages the company’s application performance is completely meeting the business defined requirements.

Resource Inventory Management: The cloud computing along with the “Amazon Cloud Adoption Framework” helps in updating skills for ensuring the best and managed cloud assets.

Reporting and Analytics: It completely analyzes and reports the performance parameters against the key KPIs mapped.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR): It helps in operating the complete events of any failure within IT services. It works well for recovery from failures within the stipulated time defined. 

IT Service Catalog: It helps your organization in selecting, maintaining and then delivering of the SLA for IT services.


This fully managed AWS Cloud Ado Framework assists in comprehending an organization’s cloud strategies and business objectives. Furthermore, it aids in identifying gaps within the organization, thereby devising workflows to bridge these differences. The AWS CAF is built on the experience garnered by companies to effectively leverage an AWS Cloud environment.

AWS CAF is used by every organization in order to benefit the stakeholders in all functional areas. They should seamlessly understand the process of updating their working skills and adapt easily to the methodologies of cloud computing.

Moreover, the Amazon Cloud Adoption Framework coupled with Go4hosting delivers an exceptional business experience, fostering increased market share while ensuring robust security for your confidential data.

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