Revolutionizing Data Storage With Molecular Technology

Jul 27,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Recently European researchers have devised novel molecules which have the capacity to improve flash memory capacities. With this revolutionizing technology, storage limits will reach new heights which will allow the recording of massive amounts of data.

This fete has been possible because of metal-oxide clusters. Such masses retain electrical charge. As a result they act as RAM which forms a brand new fundamental of data cells. These cells are used in flash memory for integration into hand-held devices.

POM or polyoxometalate molecules are storage nodes which behave as MOS flash memory. Tungsten is used in them to synthesize POM metal-oxide clusters. Selenium is further added to the inner core through the process of doping. As a result, a new type of memory known as write-once-erase gets created. This technology caters to limitations of data cell sizes with in a flash memory. These memory cards are used within smartphones, mobile devices, memory sticks and cameras.

The idea of using individual molecules in place of traditional flash memory components for data storage was already present. But low thermal stability and short electrical conductivity were the hurdles in the path of this technology. That is why the application of molecular models to MOS technologies was tough before.

Thankfully, researchers behind this novel technological fete have guaranteed users that the finding is realistic. After all, it can cater to industry-standard devices because enterprise-grade simulations have been used for the validation of the technological finding to prove successful in a nano-meter scale.

Objects whose dimensions are measured in nano-meters were tested under the experiment. It was further added that such POMs can be used as in a realistic flash memory with nano scale.

Hence, such POMs can be fabricated with the aid of devices which are already prevalent inside the industry. These molecules have lately adopted brand new forms of flash memory which do not entail for fabrication lines to be expensively renovated.

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