Seamless Music with Online Cloud Storage

May 19,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Did you know that music streaming platforms deliberately place ads before your favorite tracks?

Honestly speaking, they’re only stream advertisements these days, and even more so if you aren’t paying the monthly subscription.

Their advertisements are pretty boring too, and unusual, and given their placement, also pretty annoying.

Online streaming is teeming with issues

Intermittent ads and promotions and low latency of the platform are among key issues that music fanatics face, and despite their much-touted convenience, the experience isn’t anywhere near as convenient.

Further, the quality of songs allowed to be streamed is limited based on your subscription, so a free user is bound to play low-quality 64kbps or 128kbps streams, which is ridiculous given that most songs are licensed as ‘free to distribute’. I mean, it just doesn’t cut it that you are asked to pay for something which has been distributed for free.

Subscriptions for a month could be as high as $20, which in my opinion is a fee you pay to only avoid ads. Sure though that a premium user can listen to songs at a higher bit rate but the number of streams allowed is limited in most case.

The sound cloud service just doesn’t cut it. There’s bound to be a better solution online.

Cloud storage – the alternative

Did you know that for the amount you’d shell out in a sound cloud, you can buy up to 1 TB of cloud storage?

To give you an idea of how colossal that much space is, an mp3 song typically occupies 6MB in your memory. Aggregating that much space over the whole lot of 1 TB, you can listen to more than 150,000 songs non-stop and that is around 300 days of uninterrupted stream, assuming that a track lasts 3 minutes on an average.

How to move songs to a cloud?

Streaming songs directly from the raw cloud under normal circumstances is not achievable. What you would need is an API and a front-end interface that will fetch bytes from the cloud and send it over the Bluetooth, directly to the earpiece. It isn’t as intimidating nonetheless as the API needed is available in Git for free, and so is the app that plays music non-stop through the wireless.

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Perquisites of moving to the cloud

With clouds, you are in absolute control of your tracks, that you can listen to without interruptions of any sort.

External applications and databases can be hosted in the same environment without disrupting the performance of your streams.

Photos, videos and items from your gallery can be moved online and stored in the repository for ages without loss.

All your gadgets can be synchronized from one cloud DB. This means you can scratch your playlist on any device, by allowing it access to your cloud account.


While moving to the cloud may sound intriguing, there are hurdles along the path and cloud migration is not without challenges. First, as a newbie, there are over 2 dozen technical terms to deal with before you make your first cloud purchase. For a music enthusiast who only wants to dabble with soundtracks, that could be frightening. Second, even if you’ve gone through the technical jargons, there’s no way for you to estimate how much RAM, cores and bandwidth you should purchase and how much of these each you will actually consume.

We at Go4hosting understand that more than 20% of consumers are first-time customers. So to ease things up, we let you buy cloud hosting plans not just based on technical specifications but also end-use. Fascinating much? Give us a call now and get your very first ever sound streaming from the cloud.

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