SSL Certificates Pave Way to Secure Client Data

Jul 26,2021 by Manoj Yadav

Security of website data is an extremely sensitive issue in view of growing instances of cyber attacks that can severely compromise security and integrity of data. SSL certificate play an important role in website data protection due to greater privacy and seamless verification procedures. Website owners and IT professionals need to understand significance of SSL certificates for securing data.

SSL certificates- brief insights

Secure Sockets Layer is the full form of an acronym SSL. SSL certificates relate to cryptographic protocols that assign encryption layers to data that is being exchanged over Internet to make sure that it is protected from intrusion or hacking attempts.

SSL certificates not only secure sensitive information such as credit card details, online transactions, personal information, health records, and email addresses but also establish legitimacy of the business. This provides much needed confidence to clients that they are transacting with reliable business entity.

It easy to recognize presence of an SSL certificate by simply looking at the website’s URL. It the address of website begins with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ you can conclude that the site is using SSL certificate for data safety.

Encryption process

It would be easy to understand the process of data encryption by imagining a parcel that is being sent through a currier to a remote destination. Sender of the parcel is supposed to make sure that the contents are properly packed and sealed to prevent damage in transit or attempts of pilferage.

Working of SSL certificates is more or less the same. Submission of information or accessing any website involves data transfer over Internet. The data has to travel across multiple servers before it reaches the destination. This journey exposes the data to possibility of interception and hacking if it is not secured.

SSL certificates are designed to encrypt the data prior to its transmission making it impossible for anyone to break the encryption layer. Once the data has reached desired destination, the same is un-encrypted after completion of validation process.

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Build confidence and trust

SSL certificates are vital for establishment of trust while carrying out transactions. Your clients will enjoy dealing with you, if they are confident of authenticity of your online presence. Secured connections play vital role in boosting consumer confidence and result in enhancement of business. Online transactions have become order of the day with extensive proliferation of ecommerce stores.

Customers need to be provided with a seal of trust while they are submitting their credit card information to your website. An SSL certificate is nothing but a visible seal of trust that offers guarantee of secured online transactions. It is not surprising that as high as 84 percent customers expressed their desire to abandon purchase on sites that do not offer security, according to a GlobalSign survey of 2014.

Confidence and trust play significant roles across many scenarios in addition to transactions that involve online payments. Many websites ask users to submit personal information or create username and passwords for log in. These are examples of vital information that needs to be protected from being intercepted by unauthorized elements in cyber space.

Presence of an SSL certificate in URL of an organization is also a proof that the concerned website is an official web presence of that enterprise and not an illegitimate phishing site. SSL certificates boost conversions and enhance your business prospects in an ethical manner. This way, an SSL certificate can play for itself in the longer run.

Search engine ranking

Higher search engine ranking is the most vital objective of SEO strategies. Businesses spend millions of dollars to ensure that their websites are able to climb up in terms of higher SERPs. Inclusion of an SSL certificate can certainly brighten your website’s prospects of getting higher search engine ranking.

It has been projected that the leading search engine, Google aims to encourage all websites to procure SSL certificate. This is evident from the fact that beginning 2014, Google has commenced giving preference to SSL powered sites as far as search rankings are concerned.

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This implies that irrespective of any obvious reason such as presence of online transactions or login details, your website would be required to possess an SSL certificate.

Understanding SSL types

Different types of SSL certificates are used by websites in accidence with level of security. There are SSL certificates with more advanced features to accord security to specific types of websites.

The most basic version of an SSL certificate is known as DV or Domain Validated certificate that is easy to purchase and setup. These are ideal for simple sites such as blogs.

If you are running site that handles forms or login credentials, then your website needs OV or Organization Validation certificate that offers a visible seal of security to your site that would be clearly displayed in URL.

The highest level of security can be obtained by procuring EV or Extended Validation certificate. This certificate is most commonly required for securing online transactions such as ecommerce sites. You can confirm the presence of EV certificate with a green bar in URL.

In conclusion

SSL certificates are extremely important from multiple perspectives in addition to securing online transactions. It is now more affordable than ever to purchase an SSL certificate. You can convey your commitment to clients’ security with help of an SSL certificate.

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