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What Does Asp Mean?

ASP is analogous to different types of scripting platforms, such as PHP and JSP, which support all the multiple programming languages across existing business platforms. With existing and default ASP languages operating across the VBScript, ASP webpages can easily embrace different types of programming languages, such as C# and JavaScript system. With different types of programming languages should operating across the ASP system, all the functional outlines operate even before setting up the scripting code for subsequent operations.

ASP pages are a part of the ASP.NET internet application framework which are developed by for the Microsoft platform. The critical ASP pages are handled most frequently across the Windows-based internet servers which operate across the Microsoft internet information services, or IIS, where you can easily access the ASP pages across the system browser with the URL functions having ".asp" or ".aspx" suffix for better business operations.

ASP has got two different meanings in the IT-internet technology world:

·         Application Service Provider

·         Active Server Page

1) Application Service supplier: An Application Service provider can be a company/firm/organisation, which gives the code applications to its business customers across the internet platform. These Internet-based applications also usually referred as "software as a service"- SaaS, and typically operate on the regular subscription basis. This suggests that ASP features typically end up paying regular monthly fees for code usage code, Inspite of spending money on the conventional code licenses on regular basis. The SaaS applications are accessed across the internet and web browser, and others operate across the secured system port.


2) Active Server Page: Across the Server Page, unremarkably you have the "ASP webpage," which contains the system script having normal mark-up languages for operation. The system script operations have processed data through the ASP interpreter on the servers. The pages have best accessed and system functions which operate across the dynamically operating websites. As the content of Asp pages are generated on remarkably critical functions which are used for handling dynamic websites.



The application service provider usually abbreviated as ASP, platform which offers enterprises/firms to have better access across the Internet applications and related services which are otherwise located on personal or enterprise computers. These are sometimes referred, to as the "apps-on-tap," ASP servers are handled and expected to become an important alternative of business not only for smaller companies/firms but also for the lower budget organisation for handling information technology-IT operations, simultaneously for larger companies as a form of outsourcing and handling various services for individual organisations and businesses.

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