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What is Appliance Commuting?

Appliance Computing can also be known as the hybrid cloud computing or Internet computing architecture that offers the core software services to the users. This computing platform plays a significant role as it provides all the software resources to the client workstations over the Internet. In this type of computing architecture, the applications remain on the web server and not on the end users computing device, which means it is very restrictive.  

How to Access the Services

The appliance Commuting services can be executed and accessed online through a web server and the software services are then provided to the end users. Under this architecture the computers are known as the thin clients or the appliances as the client workstations just comprises of a web browser and an operating system. With this kind of setup the remote management of the web server becomes easier and cheaper for the client.

More about Appliance Computing

In appliance computing the client is known as a thin, or dumb and has modest or no processing power attached it may just have a web browser and a connectivity program. The client here can make use of the software applications hosted and installed on the server and gets access to the server over the Internet. This is basically an inexpensive machine and has very limited functionality. This feature makes it efficient and cheaper for the business purpose. This hybrid cloud computing is implemented in the stock exchange where a super computer offers software services or appliances to the thousands of dumb/client nodes. 

Some of the experts of the field of technology argue that this internet computing architecture can be a management issue in the future, as it lacks flexibility, which results in work restrictions. 

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