What is Automatic Online Backup?

In the cloud storage technology, automatic online backup means copying and storing of data from a business’s computer hard drive on to another remote server or computer via the internet. Backup can also refer to archiving and making copies for long term records and retention. It is a vast improvement upon the unstructured backup system where one uses several types of devices like floppy disks, CDs or external drives, DVDs etc. This unstructured backup is not reliable and there is no guarantee of seamless data recovery. These external devices are also prone to wear and tear and may need maintenance.

There are more types of backup services. One is the full and incremental backup where the entire business data is first backed up and then on a regular basis, new and modified data is backed up.

This means if restoration of data at any point of time is required it will mean the full backup plus the incremental backup that is being done. Another type of backup is differential backup where all the modified data and files are copied but this does not retain any records or archiving as to when the edits are done. The third type of automatic online backup is the full system backup. This system allows the organization to restore back to the original form at any given point of time.

The backup process involves taking a complete image of the computer and allows the users to make changes at any time with incremental backup. Automatic online backup is synchronized to all the computers and mobile devices that the user may want and it allows accessibility from any location at any time and on any of the devices. It is an easy to install process and safe and secure.

How do you use an online backup service?

Using online backup service is easy. You download software called client to your computer and either manually upload files through the client or schedule a backup. Setting up the client initially requires you to login to your account. All the files moved are linked to your account and while retrieving the same later, you will need the login credentials to verify authenticity.

Do you use online sites for automatic online backup?

No. the automatic online backup will take place only through a client installed locally on your computer. Though, the backup you have created can be accessed from any computer and anytime, regardless of whether you have the client installed or not, through the backup service’s website. The web will have similar interface as the client and after you have logged in to your account, you can view or download files you have uploaded.

Is online backup safe?

Yes. Online backups are very safe and secure. Having an external hard drive for backups can jeopardize safety of your data. Think it this way, if something goes wrong with your computer, both your data and the hard drive containing backup will fail. Having an online backup in a remote location can actually save you from such fiascos.

What is the easiest way to backup files?

Automatic online backups are the easiest way to backup data stored in your computer. You can set a schedule for backup and set it on repeat. The files will be moved to the backup server frequently, depending upon what schedule you have set for creating backups. To perform automatic online backup, you need an appropriate client and cloud storage to move files.

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