What is Born in the Cloud?

Born in the cloud in simple terms means that it is a newly created product and not something that is an improvised latest version of an existing technology. Companies that are born in the cloud have the advantage over traditional enterprises as they are not bound to accept any of the existing technologies as they lack legacy. They are free to adopt any of the new technologies that they need, have the flexibility to deploy new services and pose a challenge to the existing established businesses.

These new generations born in the cloud businesses adopt the cloud computing technology and not the on-premises hardware infrastructure or licensed software. They offer cloud benefits like scalability and elasticity. They leverage technology stacks to deliver an issueless and seamless experience to the end-user as well as the back-end provider. They are adept to the new technologies and up to date with innovation, releases, amendments and upgrades. Born in the cloud companies use the pay-as-you-go model and their dealing are only on recurring revenue while the traditional users rely on making one-time sale. Their approach also is directly based on the cloud solution technology while discussing with their clients while the traditional hosts may try to use the cloud as a last resort after trying to offer their traditional solutions.

The born on the cloud vendors have several opportunities. They are more affordable and elastic and provide better choices to the small and medium businesses and those business fields like real estate, legal or retail markets that do not require much of technical knowhow. The cloud technology is still growing and there is plenty of scope even for an established business to transform their business and find solutions in the latest technologies that these born in the cloud partners offer.

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